Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Not while I am eating.

You may ask why a picture of children, well that just means you don't know my ex's and mine emotional ages when interacting.

I am the acting CFO for ex husband’s computer business. Though we do not run into each other very much we do occasionally cross over at the office.

While I was attempting to each my lunch this afternoon, he came into my office and insisted that I watch THIS video.

Is there a name for people who like to kiss Sharks besides umm STUPID?

I then said, Jim I am eating I don’t want to watch this stuff and he laughed and said well THIS one is really good. Come on you have to watch it.

Is there a name for someone whose mouth is so large they swallow a microphone? I cannot think of a name besides umm DEEP THROAT?

I gave up eating my lunch and said to Jim, well maybe you should watch THIS one, because I am not sure what that lady is saying, but I definitely know how she feels.


Anonymous said...


Sanchez said...

Dude -that last link is to an anal sex video. Get it together or step aside.

Raspootin said...

Do even know what anal sex is?

Raspootin said...


What does that mean? Are you a Troll or are you a man?


Lacks finesse.

Try harder little man.

wishin said...

Haha too funny! I can just picture it.

Anonymous said...

i would divorce you too

Raspootin said...

He did not divorce me. I divorced him.