Friday, February 11, 2011


AH well what do you suppose Raspootin has now discovered? Could it be a bird could it be a plane or could it be JESUS?

Raspootin was casually standing outside enjoying the delightful smell of dead fish guts when all of a sudden it was a miracle. There right in view of the entire group was a thing of such amazing no not just amazing but astonishing, no not astonishing; BUT - EPIC -biblical proportions.

Immediately the group (not Raspootin as Raspootin would not do such a thing) bent down and started to pray. They did not even care about the fish guts; which was definitely a point of great consideration to Raspootin. The group of fisher-people was crying salty sea fishy tears of joy and wonderment.

There in front of them; was Jesus. In the skull of a Cat fish Jesus had returned. Raspootin warily looked closer and was disappointed to find that it was not Jesus (because Jesus would be much more exotic) but indeed it had to be Pope John Paul II beatified in splendorous beauty…

There was an ensuing commotion as the fisher-people and Raspootin argued the point of identification. Raspootin stuck to the story that POPE JOHN was visiting because he was slowly turning over in his heavenly grave with regards to Pope Ratzinger’s recent departures from traditional Catholicism. Imagine practicing your holy confession on an IPhone app. Appalling.

Luckily a more knowledgeable fisher man person, BILLY, showed up to save the day (and the faces of Raspootin and the Fisher- people) explaining that all Cat Fish Skulls look like Jesus and the pope.

Next time you visit LONG JOHN Silvers or any other fine dining, fish serving, establishment REMEMBER that you are in the company of Jesus and the pope so don’t pick your teeth, don’t talk with your mouth full, don’t belch or fart and definitely turn that IPhone off cause Jesus and the Pope will think you are rude, which will lead to EPIC badness in the world :)

This message is approved by Raspootin!