Monday, August 24, 2009


Whenever you feel dissatisfied with your job; consider this lady's job and consider yourself lucky.

Wonder how much she got paid to do this in 1952? I don't think there would be enough money ever for Raspootin to even consider the job. In fact Raspootin would probably end up getting shot in the head...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"what have we done"

Well as the person who sent this to me said:

"Kinda racist" (but reverse racism)

"Kinda funny" (in a Dave Chappelle way)

Monday, August 17, 2009

so what is the answer ?

We already have too many Americans in this country to additionally bear the brunt of supporting illegal immigrants. I don’t think there is a quick fix for the healthcare crisis in this country; but I might suggest that there is a starting point for everything and starting with a crack down on illegal immigration is a good start point as any I can think of.

The argument that we need illegal labor to keep certain industries profitable is fine; so let the employers who are hiring illegal labor be forced to foot the healthcare bills for illegal immigrant’s medical care. I don’t care if the sick person actually works for the companies in question; the companies in question should be levied a mandated fine that in a percentage of what hospitals are paying for illegal aliens. The companies that encourage unlawful entry into the US are obviously not paying social security, Medicare or unemployment tax but benefiting bottom line from cheap labor – so they should be made to pay.

Obviously I am not advocating letting illegal immigrants die because they do not have healthcare; but I am also tired as a tax payer and employer of having the costs to keep these people; who are in the county illegally on sustained life support. Pull the Plug on illegal immigrants. We have enough people that are living in the US legally to worry about.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Typical Raspootin timing




No hurricanes all season and as soon as Raspootin buys a new car (first new car in 14 years) Tres hurricanes look like they are going to enter the gulf. Who figures...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hombres del cine

Raspootin things the adjective "yummy" is well placed... enjoy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cowering spectators

Raspootin approves this message from Thomas Paine :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I fucking read it on the internet or heard Rush say it so it must be so....

I know they are Democrats - not their plan

It is his administration' s plan and it is not based on GB or Canada...

This is not Hillary's plan, this is not Bill's plan, it's Obama's plan and you should listen before making knee jerk decisions based on main stream media thought biases.

I thank Woozie for giving me the information that I needed to make an informed opinion and encourage regardless of party affiliation or simple governmental mistrust, that you at least listen to what the president has to say when answering AARP member's questions.

The purpose of this post is to get you to listen to President Obama, not to try and explain what I learned from listening. I heard, I understood - and for me that is a good thing. I was tired of all the bull shit crap that I was experiencing with talk show hosts and various media. I do not have the time nor the expertize to read the draft of the bill so I felt listening as stated by the President was the best way to understand with out partisan influence. I have no reason to think it would in his interest to lie about the Health Reform Plan.

I listened attentively, the president’s tele- meeting with the AARP; whose members are as seniors most concerned with the Health Care Reform. He took on this group of disbelivers and I think won them over.

I do not think that the IMAC is to screw, but to regulate. For Christ’s sake have we not learned from history that big business not regulated; pollutes, corrupts and steals from the American people? (Site managed care for health – banks and investment firms – and publicly held corporations. Example oil gas, Enron, Ponti Schemes)

I think Obama laid out a succinct plan that could define his administration and radically improve, by taking the competition out of just the major health insurance carriers and paring that with subsidize private and public health care and the overall health care deprivation in this country is then improved.

As President Obama stated, we are already being penalized by managed care and big insurance companies. This is a plan to let that not happen in the future where premiums and deductibles will be so great that basically no one past retirement or not reliant on employer based compensation of health insurance will be able to rely on anything but Medicare.

Medicare as a government run health plan for seniors is successful; cutting out the excesses of the Major Parasitical/ hehee a Freudian spell check error Pharmaceutical Companies will also aid in cutting costs to health care by advocating preventive medicine and care which is an absolute to cutting extraordinary costs based on those who are so sick when entering the emergency room that they are basically dead when they came in because the lack of money to pay the premiums or the doctor bills that would have diagnosed said disease earlier

I also agree that the “death panel” is needed; as explained it simply affords seniors who have not made a Living Will the option to do so; with the knowledge of what they are signing off on. Thousands a year are put on million dollar life support without ever having said, brain dead, if they would rather just be let go. I think – everyone should have a living will; and if it is your choice to waste away so be it; but do not let it be a tax payer problem if you just neglected to state before a catastrophic health event that that would not be your choice.

All in all I have to say thanks to Woozie as I would have never thought to go to The White House website to hear the full explanation from let’s say “the horse’s mouth”.

I think the plan is as sound as any plan that can be put forth at this time. Nothing ventured; nothing gained – and I really do not see where anyone has anything to lose.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

half worm; na this is grosser

I know that my Kentwood dispenser is very, very old. I know I should occasionally bleach it. – SEE I said I know all of these things.

Tonight I was pressing the little blue button for “clean” water and what did I notice? OMG an alien life form is growing in my water bottle. I could not get a close up because it would not let me :) or maybe because I was so startled that I had been drinking this alien life form for about two weeks without noticing its growth that my hand shook.

How disgusting is what I am showing you. Look at the bottle it is almost empty – GAG.

So I did flush the intrusion and pour bleach. If you want to know what is even more disgusting? It is looking at all the ICKY BIT horrible alien parts that were in the flushed water those would have been icky bits Raspootin has ingested… Christ All Mighty Save Raspootin from Icky Bits please! Amen

I have been drinking Crystal Light – mixed with SCHMEGE nasty bits for the past 2 weeks and I never knew -

I swear that I have never seen such a growth in my water bottle and all I can do is hope that the Kentwood Water People (home of Brit Spears) will explain to me tomorrow when I call them; for I shall call them and ask if the extreme heat could spawn an alien growth or is it because they do not clean their bottles properly? Hello Law suit :)

Needless to say Raspootin now feels ill and will have to lie down and effect same feeing tomorrow when discussing the growth with Kentwood.

Some how I do not think that justice will be served the same way as if Raspootin had found a finger in her bottle; I just hope the government is not alien chemical testing in Uptown New Orleans; ‘Cause Raspootin and you know that would be like spitting in a down wind; and the only thing worse than drinking alien schmege icky bits is getting your own spit in between the eyes.

do you see it ? kind of hard not too unless you are me...

Omg I am now just freaking

I don't even know if the picture is upside down; just that my stomach was at this point

Close as I could get without it attacking

yeah a big bowl to douche it out

yeah yeah yeah a big bottle of bleach to douche and kill everything ( ha knew that would be of use)

New bottle - ready to roll

Bring it on Obama

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

night out against crime

So it was the night of crime and all were about

The cops were shining; spinning their grout

Then all of a sudden without a spark or a bing

The neighbors realized there were left with no bling.

They looked in wonder and thought of the grinch,

All they could wonder if there was not a glitch.

Tonight was the night where the bravest would fight

But left in the dark there was only good night,

Good night to the pictures

Good night to the song

Good night to the jewleary

Perv – good night to the thong

All about them were prancing and happy

All forgetting that things here are lapsing

Such is the culture that cuts off my gate

Such it the culture that I tend to hate.

Such is the thing that takes a cord

Such is the thing to make it my board

Electric is great I even love my heater

It is hot so sweat but get off my f- meter

Spend your money

Have your fun

Be weary be done

Go home and wonder what was said

And hope to god your dog is not dead.

Night against Crime is gone once again

Full Moon shinning with hopes of a sin

The sin is on they who have not been true

That is people who represent you.

Night against Crime

Does not need to Rhyme

But is the hypocrisy of

The absolute atrocity

In la Belle Nouvelle Orleans

Makes it all seem more Obscene

by raspootin ... who has thought about night out against crime a lot...

first table blocking

the wire to my outlet

Again the wire