Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Devil is all around us?

I was sitting at the Mayfair, which is a fairly common event for me – but this evening as I sat I started making note of how the bartender was chopping the limes. Her face was so intent, the look in her eyes so evil that one might think that she was possessed; if you believe that such things are possible…

Any way as she chopped chop chopped I had a weird feeling that something was crawling on my leg. Now a cockroach or mouse would not be out of the realm of possibility at the Mayfair so I jumped out of my chair and backed away from the bar.

Directly underneath where the bartending was executing the limes and directly in front of my barstool I saw this deterioration on the bar.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think it has an uncanny resemblance to my imagining of what the Devil looks like when he’s not trying to fool you by looking like George Bush :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jesus is all around us?

MEMPHIS, TN -- Members of a church in west Tennessee believe the image of Jesus has appeared in a tree trunk.

A member of Saint Michael's church in Memphis said she noticed the image a few days ago.

The tree is in a garden located not far from the church, planted between two other trees.

The overall scene is reminiscent to Christians of the three crosses on Calvary.

And, as on Calvary, the image appears to be on the middle tree

I found another one when I was looking for the most recent: and must say I do not see it at all? Do you? or is it just moi? In fact it kinda looks like my ex-husband's knees after his motorcyle accident.

I came home from work and was not paying attention as I was planning to capture a picture of the mouse that I thought I saw and this is what I took a picture of: Jesus on my coffee table: Now mind you I was a bit freaked about the mouse at the time so it was kind of a bit blurry. Right - so it was blurry...

This is what it actually was - now to be very honest I did not bring the Jesus thing with Mary or whoever it may be, into my house, so at first it was a bit of an oddity. However, this is just an example of man made weirdness.

see how clear this one is? if i was a a bad person I might have thought there was a sexual content to this "very clear" "very definate"; "very believable" jesus sighting ... yeah whatever... nasty business this too

I am very glad that there was a rational explanation for my Jesus shot - and frankly with the above documented it is all mind over matter... especially if there is a subjective thought therein. I want to see what I want to see. Maybe as my boss said Ya could see Ozzie Osbourne instead of Jesus if that is what/who you are looking for.

I shall continue to post the Jesus sightings, and I "swear" - my Jesus only came to light when I turned said lights on. It kind of gave me a start at first. I still have no idea what it was doing on my coffee table.

But, it did give good credence to my post.

Ps I would not mind having Johnny Depp show up on my bed room ceiling - it would bother me at first, but I could definately learn to live with it. :)

Monday, June 18, 2007


I have to take these off after a bit - as they are rather over encompassing!

What happens to food from McDonalds after 10 weeks?

I am not happy with how this site takes over mine, but none the less: this is for
Woozie and his Mcydee post. It’s not about the fat, but the fact it probably does not break down in your system.

There in is my faith and god thought.

Chemicals are killing us and one can have all the faith in the world that they are not, but they are. Be aware of stupid people and fast food. Both will eventually end your life as you know it: and mr. god is not going to stop it happening.

Imagine how many French fries are sitting in the tummy of the young boy featured on your site: FRENCH FRY BOY - yuck - grease junkie parents? I am sure he does not make enough $$$ to pay for a diet of Mcydees. I am “lifting” his picture from Tome of Communism as an example of the whole thing.

Happy meals: Hamburgers are making me feel reflective and sad. Everything is good in moderation, but this is beyond moderation and after watching the experiment I still have to say: I love McDonalds french fries, but best to eat them with a coke which will act like battery acid in your stomach and disolve them immediately.

All in all I just feel sad for the young boy as he will never survive grade school unless he stops storing non - bio degradable food fed to him by his parents: not Mc Donalds - the escape goat on the obesity problem.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quite impressive

The video is well worth the watch and short.

Monday, June 11, 2007

God Farce

My next post is going to be about Faith and God. Today’s post is about those that use it to a political advantage, or therein to pander to the stupid.

My thoughts, personally, on the subject of God, have undergone great changes in the past two years.

I am going to save those thoughts for another time, but want to point out the pathetic process of convenient God believers – which has basically soured me not only on God, but on them too.

Jail term was a message from God, says Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton believes her jail sentence was a message from God to change her party-loving lifestyle and become a positive role model for women who look up to her.

I know now that I can make a difference, that I have the power to do that. I have been thinking that I want to do different things when I am out of here," she said. "I have become much more spiritual. God has given me this new chance."

Hilton said her new-found spirituality had led her to believe that her jail stint was meant to be.

"I feel that the purpose of my life is to be where I am," Hilton told Walters. "My spirit or soul did not like the way I was being seen and that is why I was sent to jail. God has released me."

I can sort of get Paris Hilton, but Hillary Clinton? Please... ggms

WASHINGTON — In a rare public discussion of her husband's infidelity, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that she probably could not have gotten through her marital troubles without relying on her faith in God.

"At those moments in time when you are tested, it is absolutely essential that you be grounded in your faith," she said.

ggms - again: figure out what I am saying as it is an oxymoron in the regard of this whole post…

Bs – that’s my best opinion on all of the above. Bull terds – I am so unhappy about this usage of god and faith therein to undo wrongs committed in avoidance of taking blame for human action.

I do not want to be accountable for all of my actions over the past 40 years, but if I were made to be, I would fess up under the belief of free choice and never think to ask for forgiveness from an entity that I clearly never believed in; Just because my agent told me this was a popular out and demanded that I did so

What do Hillary and Paris have in common with “the bible belt”? Nothing. It is all false and a farce; manufactured by publicists who want them to be who they are not; in order to garner the backing of those who are too stupid to get it.

Stupid is harsh – ignorant is better.

Paris and Hillary are who they are – nothing wrong with who they are until they start pretending to be some one who they are not.

It is wrong to try and bamboozle the populist therein that they are god fearing people; when clearly they are not, and never have been.

If I made such a bold face lie I would consider it a loss of integrity.

Perhaps the lack of integrity is what all this god fearing stuff is about.

None of it sits well with me.

God Farce - at its best in America, sounds like a song?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

All about Ray:

I am assured that the band was not talking about our senator, sorry Mayor - but listen if you will; for no other reason than it’s a great indie band out of the UK.

Hoosiers? Thought that was a Nebraska team – at any rate: give it a go and they will make a million should the next big hurricane hit New Orleans.

We are already “worried about Ray” and there is nothing like a tune to define it therein:

Monday, June 04, 2007

Conspiracy theory: Jefferson, Bill

So as they call him in the press here; “bugged eyed Bill” has finally been indicted on 16 counts of bribery.

I will admit to being a constituent of his for over 15 years and voting for him, he always ran with out competition and seemed to be doing a decent job in DC for New Orleans residents.

I did not vote for him during re- election for obvious reasons…

But I now have a personal, non founded, I think; interesting conspiracy theory on this whole thing.

Nagin did not want to run again for re-election as he was burnt out by the hopelessness of the whole situation. Bill Jefferson said, “Listen man, I am going to go down on all federal counts, run for Mayor, but back me when you are Mayor and I will give all my paid for votes to you should you want to step down and be Senator”

Nagin thought about it and said: OKAY – sounds good to me!

Mitch Landrieu’s camp said well if you are going to step down half way through the whole mayor thing, we will not bring out all the shit that we can on you, Ray and will run a very clean campaign. However, when you step down to take Dirty Bill’s seat; Ray, you need to endorse me for the job.

Hands were shaken, and I bet the deal was made.

I live here and understand that, other than all candidates dropping out when they should have, which would have been honest, that there is more than meets the eye.

Nagin backed Jefferson without regard, no thought for those of us who voted for him hoping he would make a difference to our city. There were a lot of dummies that re- elected Bill Jefferson. I was very upset and confused by said backing of Nagin at the time.

Mitch Landrieu could have cruicified Nagin for all the “hindsight is 20/20“ that I am hearing.

Louisiana Politics have always been sordid, but I wonder if I am not correct with regard to this debacle.

So, Nagin, Landrieu and Jefferson all made a deal where Nagin agrees to run for Mayor, backed by Jefferson then Bill’s people pay Nagin to endorse him back to his senate seat before he gets indited.

Bill pays Landrieu with ill gotten gains to step away from the Mayor’s race at the end so Nagin will win and endorse him for the senate seat that he plans to hand back over. Bill along with Nagin will endorse Mitch with the votes that "they" have paid for Mitch in the interim mayorial race, backed by Nagin, funded by Jefferson when Nagin droppes out as mayor to run for the Senate...

All a bit confusing, I agree.

Bill ends up with more “bills” in The Caymond Islands, Nagin is Senator and Mitch is Mayor, not for 8 years, but as re-elected under this plan: 2 years then 2 terms of 4 = ten years. I know why the " horrid uptown white sliver by MY river" did not vote for Mitch, we knew he would be here forever, making his political legion what guides New Orleans with out regard for the city, but with all political thoughts based on him and his backers and the money. This is especially scary in a post Katrina environment where federal dollars can be taken advantage of; lets be honest: lost in poor paperwork.(Hey guys who called us Up Towners all names for voting for Ray VS Mitch, may you see what comes around go around to bite your sorry asses)

I voted for Nagin, not based on race- white or black, but because I have no desire to have a political legacy rule me for years, purchased by shady politicians and the votes of people who do not even live here anymore.

I have no doubt that when Mitch takes over from Ray, which is why Mitch declined to run against Bobby Jindal for Governor, that he will be here to stay for years.


When Bill gets out of prison: Mitch and Ray will back him, for his run for governor and he will win…

Friday, June 01, 2007

MAY -TAGS THE KID? ( not funny)

I have given this story (PLEASE SCROLL DOWN SHOULD YOU WANT TO READ IT FIRST) a long hard thought, and it still makes no sense to me. Who would manufacture a dishwasher that would turn on only when closed? I have a dish washer and am in the firm belief that terminology therein suggests that I should not have to wash dishes before I put them in.

So you would have dirty dishes in a dishwasher and leave it open?

Or is it so small that you can only put 2 plates and 2 coffee cups along with some cutlery?

That small would indicate a small child would not fit unless you cut him in little pieces.

During the flooding with Katrina, anyone smart enough to put valuables in a dish washer found them safe even after 10' of water. They all bragged about it. I can not think of any incident where one turned on after the electric came on and washed the shit all by itself.

Anyway, I am not a parent, but how in anyone’s imagination could a small child crawl into a dishwasher, close it and turn it on?

As I said, I do not have children, but why would the little guy leave his “blanky” in front of the machine? When I was very fond of little bear and freddy the dog we never parted company. I still have little bear and freddy the "now decaying dog".

Foul Play by the brother; perhaps, but I would say the ultimate responsibility lies on the parents.

If you have young children, I am not going to go on more, but even if a dishwasher exists where it turns on when you close it; well why would you have it in your home?

I will follow this odd story as it unfolds.

Cops: Toddler Dies After Climbing Into Dishwasher, Starting CycleAuthorities are still investigating, but said it appeared the boy's death was accidental.

"This is probably the hardest, most emotional scene that these investigators will ever work," said Chief Deputy Jeremy Clark of the White County sheriff's office.

Blake Kurck was found dead in his home near the White County town of Romance at about 1 p.m. Wednesday, the sheriff's office said. The boy's 13-year-old brother found him inside the appliance, which was running, authorities said.

"The baby's blanket was lying in front of the dishwasher, so (the brother) opened it," Clark said.

Police have not released how the boy died, but said cause of death would likely be heat exposure. A preliminary report showed no prior trauma on the boy, the sheriff's office said.

"What we have found out so far would suggest that this is a tragic accident; however the case is still open and we're still looking," Clark said.

The dishwasher was empty when the child got inside, police said. Investigators said the dishwasher was a Maytag model that automatically started when the door closed.

"The death of any child is tragic," said Monica Teague, a spokeswoman for Whirlpool Corp., which makes Maytag dishwashers.

Teague said Whirlpool's appliances are certified for child safety through an independent product testing corporation.

"All our appliances go through rigorous testing," Teague said.