Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Modigliani & Verdun

Amedeo Modigliani

"During the early 1900s in Paris, the Italian painter and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani, b. July 12, 1884, d. Jan. 24, 1920, developed a unique style. Today his graceful portraits and lush nudes at once evoke his name, but during his brief career few apart from his fellow artists were aware of his gifts. Modigliani had to struggle against poverty and chronic ill health, dying of tuberculosis and excesses of drink and drugs at the age of 35. "

A quote from Modigliani’s writings…

“ ....The man that cannot leave behind everything that is old and rotten is not a man, but a bourgeois. You suffer, you are right, but can't suffering serve to find yourself and to make your dream stronger than your desire?......always let your aesthetic needs prevail over your social obligations.”

This is an insight to the artist that some claim is unquestionably the finest painter of nudes that ever lived.

I represent Artist, Quincy Verdun, who I have had quite a few disagreements with gallery sight seers about. The sight seers and I call them that, as they have no intention of purchasing, they would prefer to just criticize, say that Quincy’s work is almost copy cattish. I contend that Quincy is an extremely talented artist whose work is influenced by Modigliani. I am going to include several of Quincy’s pieces and several of Modigliani’s for your review.

I personally think that Quincy captures the “lusciousness” of the female form better than Modigliani. Of course, I don’t think that was Amedeo’s focus when painting nudes, so there again is a factor that separates the two artists. The difficulty as a gallery owner with such critisizm is that the sight seers are basically accusing me of selling knock –off pieces which definitely would then make them not fine art and not collectable. The reputation thing could be a potential problem; however I stand by all the Artists I represent; these are all fine original pieces of art. Yes I do see a simularity, but that is a good thing not something bad.

Now I just need to find someone who wants to purchase beautiful nudes. An interesting aside; I usually send out post cards announcing upcoming shows; I did not even think about it, but Quincy was questioned whether the postal service would deliver postcards with a Nude on the front. I asked the postman, he asked the Postmaster and No the US Postal System will not deliver them. I need to ascertain exactly why as I am sure if I purchased a bunch of Ruben's or Modigliani postcards from a museum that they would allow me to post them... Maybe it's an odd Louisiana thing, but I do intend to find out.



Monday, December 29, 2008

Odd numbers rule @ SW

This shows the different dates

This shows the same number

My pictures of the airline boarding passes are less than good; so I think I will avoid posting pictures, but as I alluded to them I shall say the following: ( hello who am I kidding I am going to post them so you don’t think Im loony toony)

On Southwest you do a crap shoot for seating. You get on line and the number on your boarding pass appears based on the folks who did it first or the slowness of your computer; it's a worse crap shoot than being in a bidding war of 360 people on Ebay. One just has to try and get there first.

On Southwest one must get into boarding group A. If one does not, it means torture of having no place to place carry on luggage and then the worst: OMG sitting in the middle. So when I went to Houston for Christmas I tried really hard to remember to check in on line as soon as it was 24 hours before.

I was working and forgot: 2 hours later I checked in and got 39A – not bad but not good as that is the second boarding party. So on my way back Iam like:" yeah" I am at my brother and his wife’s house and I am so going to go for 1A because I knew it was a connecting flight, meaning those bastards on the plane already had my baggage thought process screwed because theirs was where mine wanted to be, but I was focused so I had a plan to get in early.

Well, because my priorities are so great, when the 24 hour prime time:" lets get on line and be first in line" came around, I was so much more interested in watching “Dark Knight” with surround sound and 70” monitor that I forgot. My sister in law reminded me; as I don’t quite think it was her type of movie… anyway she said let’s pause you go downstairs and do it now; get that boarding pass!!!

I went down to the Haunty Kitty cat room and printed my boarding pass and low and behold: 39 A again. I think I might have mentioned that I have a thing about numbers. But I have been doing this SW on line boarding for years and I can say; with certainty that I have never, not even once in 25 years; got the same boarding number 2 xs.

This may be a bit boring. But it leads towards Kitty story tomorrow.

All is feeling grand in Raspootin land tonight! I have not slept the night for like 2 weeks and unless there is a natural disaster, tonight is all mine”

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Beatles Day

Happy Boxing Day to all!!!

Enjoy my favorite Beatles song.

I’m going to be posting about the Haunted “kitty” the cat room I am staying in while in Houston this weekend.

Kitty + the possessed shredder make for an interesting sleeping situation. Add the sounds of , no doubt surrounding neighbors and it is actually quite chilling :)

I have an odd number coincidence to share, but anyone who has ever flown South West and got their boarding tickets on line will not believe me unless I take a picture of them…

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Coincidence or angel ?

Whether it was an angel of a trick of the light; what I like about this interview is the discussion of being Open to things unseen. Is it about coincidence or actuality? I doubt this would have been news worthy story if there the mother said: I think I saw an angel who saved my child; as opposed to a mother who said look you can see the image of the angel who saved my child. I am a big one for saying; “Seeing is believing”. Is it the child’s smile that made you feel happy or is it in the realm of possibility that a supernatural occurrence happened and the child was merely a catalyst; for an angelic act.

A friend of mine and I both agree that coincidence is maybe more than just that; especially if the coincidences are abundant; odd and tangible. Of course some might just call us paranoid; personally I embrace the hope that there is something out there interacting with me.

Being just paranoid is hardly a thing of epic proportion to ones ego, so much better to believe in angels :)

Monday, December 22, 2008


Iam so not motivated that I can't even think of a good title for this post.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Check my Fluids Please?

Has this ever happened to you at the oil change place?

This morning I went to get my oil changed in my car. I have been avoiding getting it changed like the plague; I don’t know why, because usually it is a painless process and does not take that long. So I got up early and decided to go to C Car Care. This was a questionable call, given the area, but on my way to work so it was convenient.

As I was on the other side of the street I made a U turn when I saw CCC was basically empty. They have a large sign that says OIL CHANGE, WAX and cleaning then in smaller print a bunch of other crap that they do. So I pull around the back and get out. The guys all take one look at my truck and say “wanta a wax?” I replied no I want an oil change. No problem, pull your truck in and don’t get your tire stuck in the hole. So after three attempts at a perfect pull in I park and once again get out.

This place is rather odd. There are like 6 black guys 6 Mexicans and 4 questionable looking white guys all wandering around, all doing absolutely nothing. The place is the size of a Speedy Oil Change so it seemed weird to have all these guys wandering around.
The inside was really small and I noted the only bathroom said “Women Only” one had to wonder where the men went. I bet you that they used the Women’s – I did not go in and check if the toilet seat was up or not.

Back to the oil change, the guy told me that it would only take 10 to 15 minutes, so I walked out to the front of the place and sat on the wall and smoked a cigarette. One of the other guys came out and said that maybe I might want to sit inside as he had turned the news on. I said I was okay and he said No I really think you should sit inside. So I put my cig out and went inside.

I was watching the news and the oil change guy comes in and says can I wait longer please? I’m like well how much longer and why. He replies that they don’t have any oil or oil filters. I am considering leaving at this point but he assures me that another guy was on his way with them and it would be just a bit longer. Around about this time 4 cars pull up in front of the place facing towards my car and the drivers get out and lift up the hoods of their cars and all 19 odd employees emerge forward and gather around them in a huddle. So given my exit is block I decided that I probably would just wait on the Oil and the Oil Filter.

So while I am waiting I am talking the Oil change guy (who has no oil or filters) and asking him about window washer fluid as mine was empty. He was like “we don’t have that here.” Okay… Then I was shooting the breeze some more trying not to look at the 4 cars and the employees as I thought, perhaps I should not see what they were actually doing, and was asking oil change guy to check my other fluids. He noted that I was completely out of Anti-freeze which is why steam was coming out of the radiator. So I asked him to fill it up, once again he replied, ”we don’t have that but you can go to the Napa Auto Place down by where the projects used to be and get the 50/50 and come back and I will put it for you.” Great, I just really wanted to leave at this point…

Finally the oil and filter arrived. I never did see him get under the truck and change the filter, but was not going to point it out to him. While he was doing his thing all 4 car owners closed their hoods and backed out of the front of the building. The 19 odd workers all dispersed, some going over to Wendy’s the others over to Popeye’s. It was really quite surreal. The oil change guy, that evidently did not stock any fluids, told me I should come back soon because they had a really good guy that could fix anything on old cars and trucks. He basically said what they lacked in fluids they made up for in parts. Yeah!!!

I went to the Napa Auto Parts store by the projects and purchased the Anti Freeze and Cleaning Solution, I might add that like the C Car Care I was somewhat out of place, but at least I had accomplished my mission.

The oil change guy gave me detailed instructions about pouring in the anti freeze and washer stuff (I think he thought that I was a bit retarded or stupid) (Gee I wonder why)
So I was able to fill my own fluids under the supervision of my boss when I got to work. I think he might, perhaps, think I am a bit stupid too…especially when I called him from CCC and explained I was going to be late because they did not have any oil or oil filters…

Moral of this story: Always Go to Speedy Oil Change and when in doubt pretend to be dumb. I can not recommend CCC for oil changes, but I am sure they are able to get any, absolutely any part that you might require.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the battle within

Tummy talk the video explains the picture, or at least I think it does.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I came across an article on MSNBC about cell phones, blackberries, other devices and how people are now demanding to be buried with them, or at least the family is requesting it. I do not know if that is a something I would put in my will: please bury me with my cell phone, I might need it…

One woman apparently had her husband buried with his cell phone, put in a new battery, still pays the phone bill 3 years later, as she likes to make a nightly call to his voice mail.

Another woman had her husband in the casket at the funeral with his iPod plugged into earphones and playing while the service was going on. She buried him that way too.

Another couple had their 12 year old son buried with his game boy.

Apparently this all gives comfort to the living, thank God the article did not say it gave comfort to the dead or I would have thought the author was as crazy as the people burying communication or gaming devices with their loved ones.

“A lot of people say the phone represents the person, that it is part of their legacy,” says Potvin of Hollywood Forever. “It’s an extension of them, like their class ring.”

I hope I am not remembered as and extension of my cell phone.

“Others do it as a way to provide comfort — both to themselves and the departed.”

Oops I guess I spoke to soon on the comfort for the departed…

“It’s comforting to the family to think mom’s playing her iPod or dad’s still got the cell phone that was attached to his ear all the time,” she said. “It’s comforting to think those things are still with them.”

They think dead Mom is playing her iPod? And people think I am crazy?

Monday, December 15, 2008

truth in advertising Finally...

Fuzzie rat for thimscool...

But more to say on the fuzzie rat subject, Thims, I am an independent voter, but more than that I have a good mind, Today, I had complete agreement with Union and bail out thoughts with my republican friends. They are excited that perhaps I am changing parties. I am not changing anything, I am not changing party affiliation without thinking with my brain, and if you can't get what is happening now then maybe you will get it later. You are stuck in a rut and that is sad.

I have always expounded the most liberal ideals, and to that extent on certain subjects that we will not even cross over on and, still do.

The bail out, along with the Unions that are self interest groups need to go, and with that we will have a work group that is able to take the next step to freedom from Union oppression.
The Proletariat will rise to the means of capitalism with out the oppression of the governing force.

Sorry to LE and Ydgranad both of you might be put off with my revison with your comments before said revision. To that extent, I am sorry and will make sure to say, their comments were just on the bail out press sarcasim.
It really pisses me off that collective bargining makes bail outs happen, due to political influence. No One would bail out my small business, if needed, so why should we bail out big business that has done nothing to help itself?
7:05 PM

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Liz and Thomas wedding reception nOLa

liz & thomas: yup this is the real deal

liz and uncle freddy: I am tired of having my picture taken and my feet hurt

wedding cake: I was never notified of the cutting; oh well

Beau and Susan: "Beau sit up and smile pretty just like me"

Thomas and Claire " F- off I really dont want my picture taken"

What the F did I tell you before?

Thomas and his mom: "Awe thats a sweet pic if I don't say so myself"

Capt'in Scott - "hawai in new orleans ARahhh"

Cat, Catherine, Liz & Steven
How come Catherine looks so great 4 months prego?
Some women have all the luck - and look at her hubby

Jeffrey and sig other: Cheers boys!

Tony and Miranda Yup open up your eyes thats right...

Cala ??? and dave. Sorry Cala this was an unfortunate angle, now you know how I feel about having my picture taken.

Brenda and Cal "back in the saddle again"

Group shot, I dunno - Mackin in the middle

Raspootin should not have drank as much; dressed with her authentic aviator hat - ummm....

dead rat outside the mayfair, I dunno this kind of made me think of Thimscool so I took a picture of it:)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Odd about numbers

The title of the video was appropriately named: The Bail Out Explained. Besides the humor factor tied into the bail out I liked the video for a different reason. For years I have had an odd love affair with numbers. When I was around 8 I became obsessive compulsive about Odd numbers being good luck and Even numbers bad luck.

The extent of this compulsion started with how many I would eat of something, one cookie not two; if I had peas on my plate I would have to count them so I would know when I reached an odd number. The obsession then escalated to how many bites I would take; I remember almost choking when I realized that I could not get something down in one bite, but it was too small to take 3 bites… just weird stuff.

Then I started counting how many steps I would take. If there was pavement I would either have to take a big step just to touch each square once, or take really tiny steps so that I touched 3 times.

With jewelry if I took off a ring I would then have to put it back on take it of put it on –a number of 3 always.

I finally grew out of the odd number thing and then went into a phase of fascination about coincidence with numbers; ah let me explain. Taking a stack of envelops out and then stuffing invoices in. If the envelops, picked at random, matched exactly the number of invoices then that was good, if it did not match; it was not bad; just not good. Random sequences of numbers are also something that caught my attention. 3366: because 3+3 = 6 so that would be 666; or even when invoicing being the one to get to the even number first 10599 yeah mine is 10600.

Well I could go on and on but that might get a bit boring. I never realized that the sequence of 25 and 14 could be pondered with such entertainment.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

snow in the big easy

radar snow


more snow

snow on magazine street

raspootin and snow

more snow

more snow on magazine st

snow on car

raspootin in snow

raspootin's house with snow

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

of corpses and botox and such

Over the past 2 months two of my best friend’s mothers have passed away. Both were Catholic and both had open casket funerals.

When I went to Al’s mom, Mickey’s, funeral I started to cry when I saw a picture of her from oh I guess when she was in her 30’s. When I paid my respects to the casket, it really did not bother me much as well, she looked dead. (Sorry Al if you read this post) but she looked how I thought a dead person should look.

The month after Mickey died my friend Denise’s mom, Jane passed away. Al and I went to the funeral together and walked up to the casket together to pay our respects. When I looked at Jane I just about passed out. Al sort of held my arm and said: “Do you need to sit down? Don’t pass out it will be embarrassing” I agreed it would be horribly embarrassing so we walked away.

Al asked me why I was so freaked by Jane and not Mickey. He said that in his opinion he thought they” did a better job” on Jane than his mom. I responded that is the problem; she did not look dead she looked like (sorry Denise if you read this post) not dead; and it was really creepy crazy to see her lying in a casket.

I know the people running Funeral Homes must make a lot of money; if not, why would anyone do it for a living? I dunno if the Funeral Director does the actual embalming and make up or if that is out sourced to some brave schmuck making minimum wage.

I came across this video and it made me think of my conversation with Al. This company’s catch phrase of “We make you look better dead than alive” is enough to turn my stomach. There is just something that really bothers me about putting Botox in a corpse then applying make up??

Cremation is definitely my preferred choice.

Of course these folks promise to make you have the best looking ashes ever too; one has to wonder how they deliver on that promise, anyway please enjoy the video :)


Monday, December 08, 2008

Cheri Cowen show

oops this is Quincy Verdun, but now I have your attention...

Robert getting ready for a trip to the South pole

Child wishing like hell her parents had left her at home : Boring

talk talk talk please stop talking and buy buy buy

uptown Al does not think he like the republican slight in the painting "WTF"

Wow it does not look like anyone came, but they did, really they did come!

Robert and Mavis sharing a secret? Ah maybe he is trying to sell his art at cheri's show?

Cheri and a friend, no sales here. No I take it back, Robert was making friends with this woman's child, so perhaps a non Cheri sale? A sale is a sale is a sale

Johnathan: whats the pelican got to do with it please?

Cheri next to her painting of the Golden Girl, think they might have something in common?

see a few more people in this pic... talk talk talk lets drink more free wine
All in all it was a good show, but I did not sell anything; don't think it's the art, so I will just blame it on GW Bush :)
GalerieRoyale website for more in depth pictures of cheri's work