Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Incessant Jabberin’

Not everyone has great eye/hand coordination. That’s fine. Not everyone can walk and chew gum. If you suffer from either of the above afflictions you have my sympathy. Now here is another thought, not everyone can drive a car and talk and their cell phone. NO sympathy for those of you who try and make driving hazardous for the rest of us.

Today I observed people that were multitasking beyond the simple Drive and Talk.

What are people thinking? I swear all of this was true. I was on the side of a middle aged ball guy with a paunch – yes I could see into his car clearly and what is he doing when the light turned green – intently picking his nose and jabberin’ I almost rolled down my window and said dude don’t even think about flickin’ that boogie.

I continued on my way down Jeff Hwy. There is a car in front of me going like a turtle, 20 miles in a 35 zone. No school zone, I looked for the signs. I tried to pass her and she kept going over the lane no matter what side I took (3 lanes) she was hogging the center. I thought what the – well I wondered what she was doing. Applying makeup and jabberin’ I almost rolled down my window and told her that she shouldn’t bother with the makeup – it was never going to help her be good lookin’.

The next guy looked like my 5th grade teacher Mr. Baldock who was a truly intelligent man with a propensity for bad breath. This guy is weaving. I thought – utoh a drunk at 8:00 am in the morning. But no, he is shoving that Mcydees breakfast sandwich down his face and jabberin’. I almost rolled down my window and told him to wipe the dribbln’ off his shirt – but thought better of it as it would create yet another multi task distraction.

Finally I am in the middle lane when out of no where this person takes a right directly in front of me. I would be okay if they had turned into their lane – but why do that when you can turn into my lane in the middle. The person then slows to a crawl in front of me. It does not look like anyone is even driving the car. I could not see a head above the headrest. So I sped up and got on the side of the car. It’s a short teenager listing to music with a lot of base and jabberin’. I’ve had enough so I rolled down the window and told him what I was thinkin'

this is a review and maybe it is a lame ending - so what???

Monday, May 29, 2006

close up

When looking at the small version it occured to me that it is hard, if not impossible to read the writing on the piece - here it is!

Saturday Evening

Saturday Evening

When I first saw this piece I was not sure if I really understood all the nuances. So I sat and stared at it. I have a lot of time on my hands at my gallery… This is what I think is going on. I would like your opinions as to what you see. I will be honest by saying that I asked the artist, Saint Bradford Brooks, what he was thinking when he painted it. He really did not have an answer for me. It was my deduction that it could possibly mean many things to different people. This is my take:

We have a weird alien guy with a weird alien woman. I reflected back to the last time I was out late on a Saturday night. If there is a whole room filled with normal people, it will be the one weirdo that wants to sit by me and make mindless chatter. “My Uncle died the same year my nephew was born” This is symptomatic of the intense conversations that I have late at night in a bar; discussion of a seemingly meaningful concept that actually has no bearing on anything at all. The pitch fork in the alien guys hand speaks to the subject of do you really know who you are talking to? And if things become more intense – should you chance inviting the devil into your home?

The house with the space craft crashing into it directed from the eye in the sky makes me think of two things. The first is the tendency in some people’s relationships to throw in a hand grenade when everything is going well – the two aliens are looking like they are having a pretty good time. Is their relationship destined through the eye in the sky to implode? The other imagery of course could simply be “crash and burn” at the end of a long Saturday night.

The red horse with the halo – could he possibly represent the force of good over evil – the protector that is waiting on the side in case something bad happens at the end of Saturday evening?

May all of our Saturday Evenings be so interesting!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Welcome to Saturday Knights

This is my first post on Saturday Knights. I would like to start with a mission statement: Everyone has an opinion and I want you to express yours on my blog. As I add writers to the site hopefully we will be able to get something going that will allow us all to educate, excite, expound, enjoy and express ourselves.

I was writing on another blog and was kicked off for not writing what the owner, Jack wanted. Besides the fact that I had no idea what he wanted for me to write, I don’t think that the purpose of a blog should be to write what you think someone wants you to write. The purpose hopefully is to share and communicate.

I am toying with copying the unceremonious post that the owner Black Jack the Jaded Jerk wrote to let his writers know what he was feeling when he dumped us – as much as I hate to even give him the space in my post – here it is:

Alright fuckers, you’re getting on my nerves with this shit. There isn’t a funny piece of writing on here. This is some mundane shit. The last thing I thought was funny was…well the fact that I let you flunkies write on my site at all was kinda funny. It’s embarrassing. I’m taking the site back – I WILL NOT LET THE MONKEY DIE A DEATH BY STUPIDS!! Fuck, I leave you guys alone to take care of this shit for me and I come back to a whole series of how Raspootin spends her week nights, shit about abortion, and Gerald managed to take a trip to Mexico that wasn’t funny. How the hell did you do that?? The last time I was in Mexico I passed out under a bush and got picked up by Border Patrol – ask Lazlo. Since I’m not a complete bastard, I’ll create you blogtards a sister site that you can yabber on if you want. I even have a name for ya: I’ll work on it after I Memorial Day weekend.And if there’s anyone out there who actually reads this dribble, please comment on the site so I don’t feel like I’m completely wasting $10 a year for yet another ridiculous url.Fuck, what the hell were you people thinking??

Black Jack had an opinion and he certainly expressed it!
His loss is my gain because it has given me the push to start my own blog.

Thanks Jack

Thursday, May 25, 2006


A Saturday night coming soon.....