Thursday, August 30, 2007

leggin's and such shit

Leggings are the insinuated factor that made thin women in the 90’s fat in the year 2000. All I can say is that they were very comfortable and hid a multitude of sins.

I was thinking about this with a conversation with 4 women who said the same thing – so now it must be bonafide!

Hello Madonna, we hate you for the fashion influences that with out money allowed us to expand.

Glad that Guy Ritchie made ya reach your border line.

I had every hew of leggings out there and am assured said leggings with the elastic contributed to a LARGER than life waist line in 2000.

My favorite Madonna song is one where she is the best looking ever – in fact it inspired me off those legging’s.

When this song came out I purchased a Madonna dress then understood about the leggings; burning them all in a bonfire in the back yard (that would be another story) I still have the little black dress but still hold resentment, ( got arrested for the burning leggin's and gained 40 lbs)

Love the song.

Madonna is so hot in this video that it questions my: not sexuality; but therein the lack of it on a regular basis.

It definately questions my hair dresser and my personal trainer,

The more I watch it I wonder no longer about the Guy Ritchie thing. Who could not give up credibitiy for a woman like that?

HMMMM a pondering question with out doubt

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In memory of the 2nd anniversary

I had never seen the following 3 videos before. They are all very different in perspective with one perhaps going at bit over board racially.

None the less they are all very interesting and worth the time it takes to watch them.

The first video is: well it is quite self explanatory

The second video makes good points about the Bush Administration’s response to Katrina, perhaps the slow response was due to the fact that 80% of the people at the Superdome and Convention Center were Black.

The third video is taken in Chalmette, which is just outside of Orleans Parish, and shows what a family that decided to ride out the storm went though.

As a long time New Orleans resident nothing really surprises me anymore. I stayed during Katrina and had no problem getting out of the city 3 days after the storm. This makes me very surprised that the American Military could not get in and help out all the folks stranded at the Superdome and Convention center; not even get them water for 6 days. How hard could that have been to do? None of the area around the Convention Center was even flooded.

We wonder why federalists are stock piling weapons and canned foods; they probably have a good idea. If a nuclear weapon goes off do not expect the government to help you. You are basically going to be on your own as they will hope the causality rate is 100 %. That way they can simply send in the National Guard to recover your body, which is apparently easier than air dropping MRE’s and Water.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Year of the cat 2008

The 2008 presidential race is expected to be the first in decades that won't include a sitting president or vice president in the field of candidates vying for the White House. A large group of contenders are already putting together campaign operations and visiting the early primary states.'s Presidential Field database will include full coverage of the candidates as the election season unfolds.

Hometown: New Castle, Del.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/31/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Current Job/Position: Senator from New York
Hometown: Park Ridge, Ill.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/22/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Chris Dodd
Current Job/Position: Senator from Connecticut
Hometown: East Haddam, Conn.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/11/07
Profile Finance Tracker
John Edwards
Current Job/Position: Director for Center on Poverty; Trial Lawyer
Hometown: Robbins, N.C.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/3/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Mike Gravel
Current Job/Position: Lecturer
Hometown: Springfield, Mass.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 4/14/06
Profile Finance Tracker
Dennis Kucinich
Current Job/Position: Representative from Ohio
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Status: Statement of Candidacy 12/29/06
Profile Finance Tracker
Barack Obama
Current Job/Position: Senator from Illinois
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia; Honolulu, Hawaii
Status: Statement of Candidacy 2/12/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Bill Richardson
Current Job/Position: Governor of New Mexico
Hometown: Pasadena, Calif.; Mexico City, Mexico
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/22/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Republican Candidates
Sam Brownback
Current Job/Position: Senator from Kansas
Hometown: Parker, Kan.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/22/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Rudy Giuliani
Current Job/Position: Lawyer
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 2/5/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Mike Huckabee
Current Job/Position: Candidate
Hometown: Hope, Ark.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/29/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Duncan Hunter
Current Job/Position: Representative from California
Hometown: Alpine, Calif.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/25/07
Profile Finance Tracker
John McCain
Current Job/Position: Senator from Arizona
Hometown: Alexandria, Va.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 11/16/06
Profile Finance Tracker
Ron Paul
Current Job/Position: Representative from Texas
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 3/12/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Mitt Romney
Current Job/Position: Candidate
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/3/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Tom Tancredo
Current Job/Position: Representative from Colorado
Hometown: Broomfield, Colo.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 4/12/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Fred Thompson
Current Job/Position: Actor
Hometown: Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
Status: Unofficial
Profile Finance Tracker

I forgot about Biden - so look him up on your own. He got cut of of the "list" As I cut and pasted from a source that I can not now find~

Anyway I think Mrs. Clinton has it in the bag.

This was the song that I kept hearing over and over in my mind when I was 19, it made no sense outside of drugs then, but makes quite a bit now. In fact there is a sense of wonder of why I never listened to it the first place.

Listening would have saved me a ton of heart break ? Maybe at 19 you can not be spared, but hopefully 20 years later one might have learned at bit? Time Passages pretty much defined my life in the 80' & early 90's.

To be honest I think I still live in Time Passages - OMG what a real waste. (Good Tune - even if it dates who cares if I am now a "Time Lord"?) Thank you Dr. Who.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

hOw do they get them Believers???

Jesus Drinks, Smokes and Claims to He's the Second Coming

I was not going to post about De Jesus, but the subject was too compelling to let go.

I never heard of this guy, Jose De Jesus until I watched Prime Time last night.

How in the world can an ex- heroin addict from Puerto Rico establish a ministry where thousands of rich Miami socialites follow his every word? At first he was the reincarnation of Apostle Paul (my least favorite of all if ever he did exist) and then emancipated into Jesus then God.

This guy drinks, Smokes and has many women. His thought was ,well Jesus made wine because he is like me – why drink water? The other odd contention is that well Dewar’s had not yet been invented so wine was the next best thing. Jose hangs at the local corner bar as habitual spiritual place because Jesus hung out at taverns. He then tours communities from Miami to Houston where there is a rich Hispanic populist to help his mission.

He hopes that soon he will have a “big white following” in these areas too.

Disturbing is what he calls all the children of his followers: The children are called the “Super Raza” and have to salute with a 2 finger nudge to the head when he walks by.

The Super Race of children spawned from a want to be who claims he is anti Christ as well as Jesus and god Incarnate is very Scary. Oh as a devote follower it is appropriate to tattoo 666 on your arm.

Precepts of the Religious teachings, by De Jesus, are that you are absolutely guilt free on any thing you do in this life. God does not punish you for murder, adultery, chopping off the head of the family pet then force feeding it to your children. Then lets proceed further with chopping off the heads of your kids and eating said heads and saying YUMMY yummy I have dog and kid in my tummy.

No Jose De Jesus died 2000 years ago for your sins so you will never again be judged at a higher level in god's system you have a 10-4. Now the criminal element does come into play as you are then allowed to be judged by secular court systems for your sins. This of course is only for the short time you live on earth. All is well in Heaven.

Anyway I thought the whole thing was hideous and scary. Not a few followers, but many. Not a few children Raza (The super race in translation) but a million folks buying into the good life based on a false story – BIBLICAL IN PROPORTION.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who let the dogs out?

I was listening to WWL today and they devoted quite a bit of the show to Dog Fighting and Michael Vick. The host Garland was saying that when he heard about it his first reaction was that Michael Vick must be sick. (Like sick in the head).

So Garland gets a psychiatrist on the show with the premise that the shrink it going to agree with him. He started the interview out with saying that as a society would we not think that there was something wrong with a kid (9-12) who tortured animals. Would that not be an indicator that the child was going to turn out to be a mass murderer / pervert? The Shrink said well that is what one would typically think, but in the case of dog fighting or cock fighting that was not necessarily so.

He contended that Dog and Cock Fighting are cultural. If a child is brought up in an environment where this is common place that they do not see anything wrong with it as an adult. A caller brought up Bull Fighting in Spain, which is definitely cruel to the bull, yet accepted as a cultural tradition.

After taking a look at the Michael Vick situation from a different perspective Garland agreed that perhaps Vick is not a cruel and sadistic person. They also talked about kids that grow up on farms and think nothing of wringing a chicken’s neck and watching the body run around – laughing the whole time.

I certainly think Michael Vic should have found a better "hobby" to spend his $100 million on. I personally find any sort of cruelty to animals repulsive. So much so that I find it very difficult to eat meat that is prepared for me and certainly will not prepare it for me or anyone else.

I just thought this was an interesting perspective on things; of course based on a strictly visual opinion, Michael Vick does look rather cruel and sadistic, but what do I know?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pardon Moi :) ???

As I am a fan of “potty” humor I found this to be tooooooo tempting not to have a bit of fun with.

Potty humor ; that does not say much about me I guess. However better to laugh than to cry in most situations: no one likes to attend funerals but especially me as the pressure mounts (no I don’t have gas) I start to giggle. The more serious and horrible the situation the more I laugh. Definitely something I should discuss with my shrink.

I am glad to see I have one thing in common with Prince Harry!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


OMG! another Jesus sighting; this time in Connecticut on The Smith family’s kitchen cabinet.

I don’t know about Jesus, but it sure looks like a Dead, Jerry Garcia to me. Let the creative juices flow...

I wonder if The Smiths are fans.

Anyone else see the resemblance?


Monday, August 13, 2007

blame it on the rain?

I was just thinking about yesterday at the gallery. I know that I should leave the door locked, but unlocked seems so much more inviting to the few who browse during a 112 heat index.

Anyway, yesterday I was sitting at my computer doing somewhat intense accounting work and not paying attention to anything that was more that 5 inches from my nose – meaning the computer screen.

Before I could react a very good looking and very f***up Latino man with shirt wide open had opened the door to the gallery. He immediately got on his knees and started to do the catholic thing umm jeflix (don’t know how to spell it): the crossing thing? He then moved his way bowing to me as he moved toward the desk.

I understand that I must put myself between the door and the odd person at all times, so I got up and walked towards him.

He said “no speak anglesish I nee moneeeee to go to floriiiiiiiida i no wer to liva har” I’m like well that’s fine you must move backwards out of my gallery.

Before I could do anything this guy shirt open and brown eyes fluttering is licking my toes. I had taken my shoes off while working.

Gross if you have ever seen my lack of pedicure. So I tell him he should really stop licking my toes if he wants money.

He then says: “Goddess my love my goddess “and takes my hand and starts licking it.

Hmmm the sword, knife and phone are at the desk or in the bathroom.

I tell him you are a lovely man but if you want a dollar you must back out of the gallery.

He’s all odd and looking even odder when he says: Lic palm for luc and cum back you I come back for”


“queen ya”


“I come back for you – you my queen”

On his knees he backed out of the gallery, but would not let go of my hand. When we got right by the door I told him he had to let go of me. Another licking episode –but he let go and backed outside, still on his knees.

I blame it on the 115 degree heat index, but maybe the lack of rain had something to do with it too

I immediately locked the door.

Call me stupid, but I did hand him $5 out the mail slot. He was not happy with that, but took it and bumped on his butt down the stairs.

He never came back so I guess I did the correct thing? What would you done?

Friday, August 10, 2007

South Park and Scientology

I thought this would make an interesting 200th post. Actors and Religious groups have too much power. Why should people with money or spiritual pull or even worse both ruin things for the rest of us?

South Park is an equal opportunity offender regardless of race, religion or rehabilitation status; that is what makes the show so funny.

See the South Park episode on Scientology here!See the amazing episode that has been stopped by Tom Cruise! Episode available online here (RealMedia) and here (web streaming) and here (AVI).

rolling stone


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Margie - for making me laugh today

Benny John Woody

My mom (Margie) has Parkinson’s and sometimes it is hard for her to hold the telephone up to her ear. After 3 minutes of are you there? Are you REALLY there - is someone else on the line? Whats up with the NSA why can't we talk - oh ya have to talk a bit about GW...

We started to laugh which is a very good sign with the disease that slowly destroys her.

After a “Bush Bash” We started to talk about things in film/TV that made us actually laugh out loud: the following are the top picks.

I must say – I am so lucky to have a pro choice left, left ,left wing Mom, because nothing has ever come between us with politics or thought process. She also shares my sense of humor and at 93 lbs fighting a horrible disease is still always up beat and as smart as the Rhodes scholarship she got 55 years ago: here is to you Margie:

we think this one is the funniest...

our favorite bit was when they were boiling the lobsters... I could not find it on youtube - this is good enough though...

not really this one in particular - but up there on our list as Benny Hill has always "benny" a Favorite

Thursday, August 02, 2007

West Side Gorey ?

The over eager sometimes find the grime reaper?

I was thinking about this song for some odd reason. It just kept going through my brain like a rope tied around the neck of a man in the Westerns where the Noose is all there and you are just waiting for the good/bad guys to shoot the rope.; but they don't and he just hangs there.

The West Side Story is wonderful, but I don't think I ever got past the:" Pretty and spiffy and have spine" - Not sound like the correct lyrics?
You are correct.
Before, I had an un-abashed look at the lyrics I thought that is what they said .
Good grief (that's kind of hokey poky language too) sorry - Good God might be better?
Nat sounds so hokey with a death wish based on being over confident that I can hardley stand it. (We all know better to be less pretty and more shitty...)
Considering they both die as in Romeo and Juliet – how could the song be more uplifting as to predicate a fall?
Natalie Wood was definitely in her prime: best in this movie, but alas she died too - in fact I think all the named actors in this movie are dead (bad omen) ( too positive and hokey poky lending to shitty gritty voodoo nonsense going on with the outcome of the actors)

Be afraid of the wish you wish for ; because it just may happen outside of your wishes. Bringing everything to fruition without a conclusion is Raspootin’s style, so…

“If wishes were like Fishes: we’d all be Kings”


Off to Florida tomorrow:
Ann Van den Broeck - I feel pretty

She has a wonderful voice so I leave you with this:

MARIA sings in the musical:

" I feel pretty
Oh, so pretty, feel pretty, and witty and gay, And I pity Any girl who isn’t me today.

I feel charming, Oh, so charming-- It’s alarming how charming I feel, And so pretty That I hardly can believe I’m real.

See the pretty girl in that mirror there: Who can that attractive girl be?
Such a pretty face, Such a pretty dress, Such a pretty smile, Such a pretty me!

I feel stunning And entrancing-- Feel like running and dancing for joy,

For I’m loved By a pretty wonderful boy! "