Thursday, August 23, 2007

hOw do they get them Believers???

Jesus Drinks, Smokes and Claims to He's the Second Coming

I was not going to post about De Jesus, but the subject was too compelling to let go.

I never heard of this guy, Jose De Jesus until I watched Prime Time last night.

How in the world can an ex- heroin addict from Puerto Rico establish a ministry where thousands of rich Miami socialites follow his every word? At first he was the reincarnation of Apostle Paul (my least favorite of all if ever he did exist) and then emancipated into Jesus then God.

This guy drinks, Smokes and has many women. His thought was ,well Jesus made wine because he is like me – why drink water? The other odd contention is that well Dewar’s had not yet been invented so wine was the next best thing. Jose hangs at the local corner bar as habitual spiritual place because Jesus hung out at taverns. He then tours communities from Miami to Houston where there is a rich Hispanic populist to help his mission.

He hopes that soon he will have a “big white following” in these areas too.

Disturbing is what he calls all the children of his followers: The children are called the “Super Raza” and have to salute with a 2 finger nudge to the head when he walks by.

The Super Race of children spawned from a want to be who claims he is anti Christ as well as Jesus and god Incarnate is very Scary. Oh as a devote follower it is appropriate to tattoo 666 on your arm.

Precepts of the Religious teachings, by De Jesus, are that you are absolutely guilt free on any thing you do in this life. God does not punish you for murder, adultery, chopping off the head of the family pet then force feeding it to your children. Then lets proceed further with chopping off the heads of your kids and eating said heads and saying YUMMY yummy I have dog and kid in my tummy.

No Jose De Jesus died 2000 years ago for your sins so you will never again be judged at a higher level in god's system you have a 10-4. Now the criminal element does come into play as you are then allowed to be judged by secular court systems for your sins. This of course is only for the short time you live on earth. All is well in Heaven.

Anyway I thought the whole thing was hideous and scary. Not a few followers, but many. Not a few children Raza (The super race in translation) but a million folks buying into the good life based on a false story – BIBLICAL IN PROPORTION.


Kønig Hasemörder said...

It's the inevitable consequence of belief in the supernatural. Catholics drink the blood of Jesus, not a symbol but a transubstantiation. In accordance with the SI units, Metre, Kilogram, Second, Ampm, Kelvin, and Candela there is on called Mole. A Mole is an amount of a substance. The catholics believe that the blessed eucharist has a 100% Mole ratio of Jesus flesh. That's why the microscope and church do not mix.

And you think this guy is weird? He's par for the course, just eccentric. He is 100% Supermole.

Raspootin said...

I almost don't think he is weird.
He actually might be clever for being able to scam all these people into believing his rhetoric.

The believers are who I can not wrap my mind around. WHY???? How could they possibly buy into his shit???

I don't get it; they are definitely weird and a LOT poorer.

wishin said...

Well he obviously is missing something upstairs.. I don't understand the people who follow him either but I'm sure it's the same mind concept of the people who blow themselves up thinking they are doing a good deed. Speaking of Primetime did you catch the beginning with the brother sister couple. Ewww....

Raspootin said...

the brother sister thing was nasty business. yakkkkk. the fact that they were even considering children was really Ewww...

the rube said...

i guess it's better to follow him than jim jones or david koresh.

or even the pope when he's in the mood for a crusade.

Woozie said...

Hahaha, crazy Mexicans.