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Who Dat Nawlins ? We Dat

Garland’s letter to the Who Dat Nation – a cool BREES a comin’!

WWL/Garland Robinette Reporting

I feel a COOL BREES a comin’! And, it doesn’t look like pigskin. When mother nature burns a forest she seems the devil. Animals are killed, treasures are destroyed and what was, is no more. But, she understands that in order to evolve to new and better, often times all present must become the past.

We celebrate today like never before. We have worked and sacrificed in nightmare visions in order to see this joy. But one day, this too will be a wonderful but distant memory. What we don’t celebrate today is something of which we are not aware.

There has been a change in our DNA. Our tremors, our tears, our fears have been replaced with steel. While the rest of the country runs from mudslides, urban flash fires and a world stopped by snow. While the world reels from sunamis, earthquakes and fear of war, we celebrate. We have little fear.

Why would we? What is mother nature going to do? Flood us? Destroy our homes? Kill large numbers of us? So what? We’ll just rebuild, cook better food, make our educational system the country’s best! We will always finish strong. We know, unlike the rest of the world, that we can replace horror with joy. We have proof that we can move from world sympathy to WORLD CHAMPIONS! We can make pigs fly and ice skate in hell!

And, a word for those who will still insist on holding us to the past. Without whites’ help, President Obama would not be in office. Without blacks’ help, Mitch Landrieu would not be in office. Our Vietnamese congressman watched the Who-Dats in the oval office with a black President…and our Indian Governor celebrated in Miami. For those who talk of shadow governments in order to tear us apart…you lose. You cannot tear steel!

For years we have been different for many of the wrong reasons. But now look for the rest of the world to hope to be different, just like us. We have been to war. They have not. We have not only survived but thrived. Whatever lies ahead, we know from experience that we will finish strong. There is a cool Brees a comin’....and WE DAT!

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YEAH I was Katrina but i was superbowl too




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610 Buddy D

This will need an explanation for any of you who are not from New Orleans. There was a parade on Sunday in memorial to a local radio Sport Caster, Buddy D who was an icon for many, many years before his death. He said at the beginning of each football season that should The Saints ever make it to the Super Bowl he would parade down Bourbon Street wearing a dress.

Well not to let him down Bobby Hebert, a former Saints and Atlanta quarter back ( think the 80’s & early 90’s) decided to pay tribute to Buddy D by arranging a parade of Men Wearing dresses :) 80,000 people showed up in attendance with dresses in place.

The 610 Stompers are a takeoff on the young girls who dance and twirl batons during our traditional Mardi Gras parades – Have to say the 610 are without doubt more amusing to watch ! Now if they would have worn skimpy sequined body suits with fishnet tights – well that would have been priceless