Thursday, December 20, 2007

Of potty training and men?

I was watching a video on immigration which then led as an odd thread to Japanese potty training. I felt compelled to view the video as I have heard in great detail about my friend’s efforts to potty train their children. I have a friend who is now questioning if he wants to procreate – well this is for you dear :)

Now if I had a child, I would definitely like him to be like this little kid. I would have to return a child that just stood there and did nothing…

Sometimes I wonder if I missed out by not having children. I guess I could adopt, but think it would be cheaper and just a rewarding to marry a wealthy older man with grandchildren – and I can then be the doting young granny. Yup I am liking this case scenario quite a lot.

So if anyone knows a guy in his 40 - 50's with children that are all out of college who is:

Smart & Sarcastic
Well Read
Well Off Financially
and relatively handsome please send him my way.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hallmark Interrupters.

My boss sent this video to all of us. I thought it was really sweet, almost bringing a tear to the eye.

So I am watching it in the spirit of the guy that always was a team player finally got a shot and did well – Happy Ending and all that Hallmark stuff.

My co workers who are all male made fun of the video questioning why our boss would want them to watch a “retarded kid” shoot hoops?

I told them that retarded was a politically incorrect term and they should shut up in case they offended someone.

They responded that the only person that could possibly be offended was standing in the room with them. I am still wondering what they were trying to say to me.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fun Friday

Last year my sister gave my Dad a book on home remedies. We all thought it was kind of an odd gift, but he really embraced the whole concept.

When he got a toe-nail fungus he looked in the book and it said if you soak your feet nightly in Listerine that the fungus would go away. Well as much as my mother tried to tell him to use the clear Listerine, he would only use the green.

My dad is a really good sport!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What next in NOLA? updated


This is an update on the situation.

The lady that says HUD and HANO do not have a right to make decisions for her needs to have a reality check. By virture of trapping herself and her family in the public housing system she has given up her rights to choice with regard to free housing. If she has a problem, why not get out of the system so she can make her own choices about where to live?

I know this is easier said than done, but like the white guy was saying, the residents of the housing developments are never going to get ahead until they are encouraged, forced whatever you want to call it, out of the present system.

Perhaps this is an example of growing pains at its worst. I don't know, but this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Terrorism in New Orleans?

It seems that this city is caught up in a never ending racial socio-economic struggle. An un-named group is circulating posters saying that for every unit in the housing developments that is torn down, they will destroy a condo.

I understand that the people who spent generations of entitlement oriented living in the projects feel that these public housing units are in fact their homes. Bottom line is that they were never owned, cared for or even maintained by the residents. Typically the developments that are being torn down need from a structural sense to be demolished; the city does not have the funds to fix them up and HANO and HUD are not going to come up with the money.

If people are so concerned, why not come back to New Orleans and get Jessie and Al to pitch in with a bunch of Churches to help the people rebuild their rental units in the projects? No, they do not want to have to play a part in the rebuild effort; they just want to complain about it. Section 8 housing is going to replace the developments, but that too will require the home owner to actually have to maintain and pay rent on said property. So – evidently whoever is distributing these posters wants to get their housing, utilities and lawn care for free.

I would like to get my housing, utilities and lawn care for free, and I would really LOVE not to have to pay outrageous property taxes to support the folks that would prefer to be reactive not proactive.

Destroy a Condo for every unit that is demolished, because why should Rich people be able to live here, but not the poor? What type of fucked up logic is that? The Condo owners and Home owners are the tax base that allows the city to support the poor.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the first development goes down. I am somewhat concerned about the rodents that now call the projects home descending in to Up Town New Orleans and taking up residence with me. However, I guess the rodents like the former housing residents will feel that they are entitled if they have no place else to go.

I am going get a cat and a tazer!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Jesus is in him, praise the lord!

Yeah another Jesus sighting! I really do not see it this time. I would be afraid that I had a malignant growth, not Jesus inside my chest.

People are just getting stranger and stranger…

Man sees Jesus in chest X-ray
Man sees Jesus in chest X-ray

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Make It Happen?

I am trying very hard to think that Brad Pitt is the best guy out there. However, as dissenting as it may sound, I can not get away from the term “Self Serving”.

Project MIH (9)


Steve Bing who is co authoring the $5,000,000 backup is a rich ass; what do these guys really knows about the lower ninth?

They know nothing.

I am not being hateful. But why build “green homes” in an area that is just going to flood again? Secondary, why build said “ULTRA MODERN GREEN HOMES” in a self proclaimed historic neighborhood? The home owners in the lower 9th are by and large working class stoop sitters with great community process. The “Pink Project” and green does not represent their nature or their means of culture nor communication.

Brad & Bing are creating a community that is probably well intended, but not going to stand the test of time. Why not try to bring it back on stilts with a historic process, not green? Well then, Mr. Pitt and Bing could not write it off.

I applauded the efforts, but just think it is not going to work, and the money could have been better spent, just making “green space”.

I think that Brad is missing the point of what made the 9th ward what is was, and that was the simple, god loving, hardworking people that were born, bread and loved in the homes that no one can bring back.

Trying to re- manufacture a community that was based on love is hard. I am certain if my house was destroyed I would be overjoyed to get a new one, but somehow, it just would not make it the same.

Hey maybe I am all wrong: the test of time and nature will tell.

Monday, December 03, 2007

A word to the wise

This is what makes dating quite terrifying: you just never know what(who) you are going to get.

Excuse me waiter, where is the restroom? Then make a hasty exit out the back of the establishment and hope the guy can’t find your address on line. I never really thought about it, but the availability of looking someone’s address on line is a good reason never to give a person your last name on a first date.