Saturday, August 06, 2011


Rasputin was sleeping the slumber of Kings and Queens. Airy fairies, flying high in a midsummer sky and crashing back to earth woke with a jump.

To be honest Rasputin is probably a bit on the blind side without contacts and as you can see from the pictures glasses are laying in the bed prone to be grabbed in case Rasputin needs to see a blood sucking pervert enter the bedroom.

To Rasputin’s dismay it is not a pervert but some sort of monster that stares with demonic terror into Rasputin’s admittedly iffy eyes. Knowing that the baseball bat, the iron crow bar and even the taser are not going to work against the dastardly devil staring in defiance Rasputin grabs the iphone sitting next to the bed and begins clicking pictures. Rasputin is also a bit afraid of tasering Rasputin which would not be a good defense against the evil monsters.

Of course Rasputin has a compromised I phone that has no flash so the pictures were off set with the light of the ever constant glowing lava lamp, another light defense aiding in seeing any marauding murderous intruders.

Rasputin knows if it had been an I PHONE 4 with a flash the terrifying moment would be much easier for the reader to see. However as the subject of why Rasputin does not have an I phone 4 gets Rasputin more pissed off than the devils sharing the bed at 3:15, we shall move on.

The following are the pictures taken by the brave Rasputin.

Holy crap it is either and devil or ET looking at Rasputin see the nose and the almond shaped eyes ? Maybe Rasputin needs the taser after all. No experimentation on Raspootin, a fight to the bitter end.

a side look at the alien
but oh no now what does Rasputin see ?

see the out line of the face with a ear, nose , eyes and lips (oh my )

oh no there is a K does that stand for Kill Rasputin??? OMG there looks like there is a dead lady to the upper right of the picture. She looks like some one put a gag over her mouth.

There is that dead lady again

there is the alien again or could it be a demon with a hood over his head. how dare it smile at Raspootin.

To make short order of the whole situation Rasputin leaps from the bed with the skill of an Olympian and beats the blankets with crowbar in right hand and baseball bat in left.

Rasputin casts the devils and dead lady out and lives on to fight the powers of the unknown another day.

Moral of the story do not consume certain foods before sleep.