Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union's good point

I have a long list of thoughts about The State of the Union address, but this one was easy, because I actually agree with President Bush – this man is a national hero that deserved recognition for his act of selfless bravery.

I grew up in London and always found Tube Stations rather scary after seeing a woman jump in front of a train – and therein the aftermath.

Three weeks ago, Wesley Autrey was waiting at a Harlem subway station with his two little girls, when he saw a man fall into the path of a train. With seconds to act, Wesley jumped onto the tracks ... pulled the man into a space between the rails ... and held him as the train passed right above their heads. He insists he's not a hero. Wesley says: "We got guys and girls overseas dying for us to have our freedoms. We got to show each other some love." There is something wonderful about a country that produces a brave and humble man like Wesley Autrey

as said by President Bush

What Mr. Autrey did on the behalf of a fellow human is remarkable and is most praiseworthy as I can say without any lack of confidence on being a bad person that I would never have had his courage or his concern for a fellow human. To make that comment sound slightly better, I would have had the compassion, but never the charisma or guts to put my life in jeopardy for that of a stranger. I would like to think I am better than how I present, but honesty prevails.

I suppose one never knows what one will do until presented with the situation, but I still don't think I would have done what Mr. Autrey did excepting my hero fanstasy land that I occasionaly zone into.

Tomorrow I will take apart the address and comment very fully – hope you will give me your thoughts too.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I wish the fairy god moms were @soldier field

I am sad, but still happy for the season.

It looks very much like a New England vs., Chicago Super bowl.

But my last thought on the SAINTS is Reggie’s summersault into the end zone- it allowed me not only to whistle loudly but to feel certain that next year is ours.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cold in the Big Easy


The central heater is out and it is rather cold.

In fact I could probably pitch a tent outside and be warmer.

Geaux Saints in Chicago - if I can take the cold so can you.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Coming to get me?

I woke up in the middle of the night and could not sleep so I went outside on my front porch. I looked across the street and saw this on top of the house across the street.

At 3:00am it sure looked like an Armageddon Soldier with his troops.

So much for taking Melatonin – ever since I have been taking it I either have nightmares or imagine nightmares.

What do you think it looks like? Yes – the darker picture was taken at 3:00am and I know that is a bit odd in of itself.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

JACK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are not watching 24, then you are really missing out on the best
TV show of the season.

I do not know if they are going to let the un- religious watcher re-view on line, but it is still not too late to take in the series for this season!

The first 2 hours were tonight, with hours 3 and 4 Monday at 7:00 Central!

I think this all ranks up with the Saints, and that is saying quite a bit!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Payton & Cinderella

This is my last word on the subject of THE SAINTS YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HOOOOOW!!

We won We won We really did

Just a sharing of random photos from tonight.

everyone looks red, but that is normal under pressure

Newly weds happy to cheer

The Owner Ms /gertie met her /saints match

A great couple who will challenge you to pool any day


GAUX anutter game -SAINTS!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

eXpectaions make you bite nails

Scoops and Puffs along with dip are my culinary expertise. This is all for the Saints playoff game for NFC championship Saturday night.

I realize that some of the people who read my blog are not into football, and could give a crap. Let me fill you with an insight to what this game really means.

This game means New Orleans matters
This game is going to have white and black people dancing in the streets
This game is going to have our city pull together

If the Saints win this game, the momentum, the joy and the feeling of pride will pull the people who are murdering into the mindset of making our city a better place: because maybe then they will have pride in home. Stats show that the only time the crime rate slows with 911 calls is during a Saints Game.

I think that much more is riding on this game than a win. We can be proud of the Saints for achieving the first NFC championship playoff with home field advantage ever, but more we must look to the city and hope that it and we as residents can achieve the same amount of pride in where we live, regardless of win or loss…

Personally I will go into a deep depression if The Saints lose, as my hopes are for a win and a community unity.

A lot to place on a football team, but these guys have big shoulders and even bigger hearts. As should the residents of New Orleans.

GAW SAINTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I see stupid people

Well last night I had to deal with the woman I call the evil one at my daughter’s meeting. This woman is such a bitch with a capital B. I am officially the evil one’s helper which is why I can’t stand her even more. If you know me you have heard the things she does. Let me share a few stories with you.

Story 1
Let’s start with me overspending my personal money for food that wasn’t even eaten because she doesn’t know how to get an accurate count for the occasion not to mention some people canceled but she didn’t bother to tell me. Then the evil one has the nerve to ask me why I thought we need so much food! Hello… you are the stupid one that gave me the head count. I told her we should have done potluck and everyone bring something in the first place but did she listen.. HELL NO! Oh, and she planned this the day before my other daughter was going on a school trip which her older daughter was also attending but she didn’t care that we had a million things to do that day to get ready.

Story 2
I had the flu a few weeks ago and missed the monthly meeting for the girls. Now I was so sick I could not get my head off of the pillow and had to get my husband to come home to take care of me b/c I couldn’t physically move myself. So when I recover I email the evil one to apologize for not being there and not calling. Her response was that she was supposed to cancel the meeting b/c there were not enough adults for the amount of kids we have. Hello… I had the fucking flu and was dead to the world for about 3 days. I was so medicated that I couldn’t even tell you what day or what was going on around me. Yeah, let me get in my car and drive over there so I can 1) infect all the kids with the flu and 2) die in a car accident b/c I was so high on medication. Yeah, that sounds logical. So I polity email her back apologizing again that I would have called if I could have and that I was really sick. What does she do? She tells me that I need to give her advance notice next time. Ok, I’ll make sure I schedule the days and time I get the flu next time.

Story 3
Now since she is the “leader” and I am only the “co-leader” she planned out the activities and dates. Just for your information when I went to the training sessions I was told that we were supposed to work together to plan activities and that the girls were supposed to pick some of the things they want to do. Let’s just say she made sure everything was convenient to her schedule. Too bad if everyone else has to work a full-time job and can’t be there. So during Christmas the evil one plans this trip and the troop Christmas party in the middle of a Friday the weekend before the holiday. Needless to say I could not attend. Why? Because I actually have a job that I’m supposed to be at during the week. I call the evil one to tell her this and to let her know that I will drop off the stuff at her house during the week after work since I won’t be there. (This time she decided to have everyone bring a food item so it wouldn’t cost so much) Well I tell her the time and day I’m coming and guess what? Yep, she wasn’t home. Her daughter just kept looking at me standing at the door with the stuff in my hand. She finally opened the door and told me that her mom said I would be stopping by. Hmmm….. she’s obviously as stupid as her mom.

Story 4
Last night at the meeting I ask about the outing we had planned for next month and what time it was for since again she scheduled it in the middle of the week. She then informs me that she was canceling that outing because she was going on vacation. Do you see my point? When SHE has something to do then we just cancel. We sure do not want to interrupt her schedule or personal plans. So that just topped it off for me.

Moral of the stories: Don’t volunteer unless you are in complete charge b/c you will end up having to work with the dumbest person out there and it will take all you have not to tell her she is stupid. I thought about quitting but then the kids will lose out so I will suck it up until the end of the school year then I’m outta there…..

Raspootin: Now leave me alone about posting. I did a long post so I'm good for a few months :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It could always be worse, I guess...

A couple of years ago my boss decided to buy me 2 chairs (one pictured) to put in my office so he would have a proper place to sit when talking to me. As you can see the chair is really quite nice – what good taste he has…

Today he decided to get the contractors who are working on the building to “touch up” the paint job in my office. The two painters did not speak English, but we did not need any Spanish to English translation to interpret: “This paint smells like ass!!! What wrong with it?” Fresh paint should make you feel good, like – everything is clean and “brand new” – not like you are going to pass out. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing the particular toxic fumes emitted by this particular brand of paint before. ( maybe my boss got a deal on it?)

As the Mexican guys were moving my delightfully attractive circa 70’s furniture I think I caught the other not lost in translation of “The furniture looks like ass”. The furniture was another office improvement idea of my boss. I think that he should stick to chairs.

Personally, I think I should get some type of good sport, best employee award for sitting in an office with piss green walls, a smell of over ammonized piss and furniture that should have been delivered to the junk yard 2 decades ago.

I must say, the chairs are no doubt my reward for the other things that are lacking, and at least I have my own, office with a door…

Friday, January 05, 2007

Utena:Can't Change Me

This was the “song” that my ex-husband and I “danced” to at our wedding reception. In reflection it was an odd song to pick. The song, by Chris Cornell, played as a back drop to Revolutionary Girl Utena makes the choice seem even odder.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The eskimo is running to Florida

This looks like a little Eskimo running across the South to escape the cold.

Please feel free to share your interpretations.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

night shirts and nasty doctors

Let me explain the picture first. My Sister in Law gave this to me as a Christmas Present. She had no idea about the story below. I wore the shirt for 2 nights – washed it then was wearing it the night before my test. All of a sudden I woke up in the middle of the night and wondered what was on the left hand side of the shirt. I get up and turn on the light – and see what it is. (Very obvious from the picture) I have done posts about talisman and ghosts, but this really freaked me out. I really did not notice what the whole nightshirt was about until that very second. The significance lays in the following rather long winded story.

On Thursday before Christmas I missed work because the streets in New Orleans were flooding. I was also suffering from a mild case of anxiety.

I would not say that I am a hypochondriac just highly suggestible with a vivid imagination. A headache could be a tumor. A stomach ache an ulcer and an anxiety attack definitely the big stroke or heart attack.

I went for an annual mammogram 1 month earlier and had not heard anything back from my doctor or from the Diagnostic Clinic, so I assumed that everything was fine. As I observed the flooding outside my house and was thinking about moving my car I decided to go through my mail. Low and behold, 4 weeks after the mammogram there sitting in a pile of bills was a letter from the Diagnostic Clinic. I briefly thought about waiting until after Christmas to open it as I was flying to Houston the next morning and could not do anything about the results if they were bad until after the holidays.

I opened it and there was the letter dated 4 weeks earlier (thanks New Orleans postal service) indicating that I needed further imaging. This was not exactly the best news before Christmas. I immediately called my Doctors office and nurse on duty said she simply could not imagine why Dr. Ryan had not called me earlier. She assured me he would call me back immediately.

Whatever, no phone call and when I tried to call the office from my parent’s house they were closed for the Holidays. I sort of thought well, it is not the doctor’s breast so I guess that he is not worried. The whole thing (remember I have the active imagination thing going) ruined my holiday.

When I got back into town on Tuesday I called the Office again – still closed. Finally on Wednesday I get the Doctors nurse. She says – okay I will pull the chart and tell you what the results of the mammogram are. There is a long pause and she says well I can not tell you because somehow the results were placed in your chart and the doctor has not seen them yet. I promise to show them to him after he gets out of surgery and he will call you back. My stomach is churning and I am thinking about the ulcer thing along with the breast cancer thing.

When he calls he says that I have a mass in my left breast, (please make note of the above picture) but it doesn’t look like anything bad to him – so not to worry. Not to worry? I am now bordering on Neurotic. He informs me he will fax the orders over to the Diagnostic Clinic and that I need to make an appointment ASAP.

Good news the clinic can take me at 8:00 AM January 2, 2007. So I am still going to have to go through New Year’s Eve and my Birthday with this edge of unease. If the doctor would have looked at the test results earlier I could have taken care of this before the holidays.

First two things I learn when I get to the Imaging Center is that A. The Doctor has not faxed the orders over and B. Because it is now January 2, 2007 not December 2006 that I have to meet my deductible for insurance and before they will do any testing I have to give them a check for $475.00. Though I have been a patient of Dr. Ryan for many years I am now having a bad attitude about him.

This is becoming a rather long story so I will rush to the point:

Another Mammogram – mass still there – so an ultra sound is needed. After 1 hour of doing the Ultra sound the tech goes outside to get the Radiologist because she can not seem to find the mass with the Ultra Sound. The Radiologist informs me that just because they can’t find it does not mean its not there. Then asks me if I can feel it; NO I can’t feel it – how can I feel it if you can’t even find it with an Ultra sound?

2 hours later my doctor’s Nurse calls me and says – well no need for Dr. Ryan to call you. Just go back in 3 months and see if it gets bigger. By the time I opened my mouth to tell her that I wanted to talk to the doctor she had already hung up the phone.

I am assuming that there is nothing cancerous about this “ mass “ as everyone in the medical field seems to be very cavalier and unconcerned. For the time being I am going to put the whole thing out of my mind. I must say, I really feel for any woman who has gone through this. I always thought that doctors, nurses etc. would employ a better bedside ethic.