Thursday, January 11, 2007

I see stupid people

Well last night I had to deal with the woman I call the evil one at my daughter’s meeting. This woman is such a bitch with a capital B. I am officially the evil one’s helper which is why I can’t stand her even more. If you know me you have heard the things she does. Let me share a few stories with you.

Story 1
Let’s start with me overspending my personal money for food that wasn’t even eaten because she doesn’t know how to get an accurate count for the occasion not to mention some people canceled but she didn’t bother to tell me. Then the evil one has the nerve to ask me why I thought we need so much food! Hello… you are the stupid one that gave me the head count. I told her we should have done potluck and everyone bring something in the first place but did she listen.. HELL NO! Oh, and she planned this the day before my other daughter was going on a school trip which her older daughter was also attending but she didn’t care that we had a million things to do that day to get ready.

Story 2
I had the flu a few weeks ago and missed the monthly meeting for the girls. Now I was so sick I could not get my head off of the pillow and had to get my husband to come home to take care of me b/c I couldn’t physically move myself. So when I recover I email the evil one to apologize for not being there and not calling. Her response was that she was supposed to cancel the meeting b/c there were not enough adults for the amount of kids we have. Hello… I had the fucking flu and was dead to the world for about 3 days. I was so medicated that I couldn’t even tell you what day or what was going on around me. Yeah, let me get in my car and drive over there so I can 1) infect all the kids with the flu and 2) die in a car accident b/c I was so high on medication. Yeah, that sounds logical. So I polity email her back apologizing again that I would have called if I could have and that I was really sick. What does she do? She tells me that I need to give her advance notice next time. Ok, I’ll make sure I schedule the days and time I get the flu next time.

Story 3
Now since she is the “leader” and I am only the “co-leader” she planned out the activities and dates. Just for your information when I went to the training sessions I was told that we were supposed to work together to plan activities and that the girls were supposed to pick some of the things they want to do. Let’s just say she made sure everything was convenient to her schedule. Too bad if everyone else has to work a full-time job and can’t be there. So during Christmas the evil one plans this trip and the troop Christmas party in the middle of a Friday the weekend before the holiday. Needless to say I could not attend. Why? Because I actually have a job that I’m supposed to be at during the week. I call the evil one to tell her this and to let her know that I will drop off the stuff at her house during the week after work since I won’t be there. (This time she decided to have everyone bring a food item so it wouldn’t cost so much) Well I tell her the time and day I’m coming and guess what? Yep, she wasn’t home. Her daughter just kept looking at me standing at the door with the stuff in my hand. She finally opened the door and told me that her mom said I would be stopping by. Hmmm….. she’s obviously as stupid as her mom.

Story 4
Last night at the meeting I ask about the outing we had planned for next month and what time it was for since again she scheduled it in the middle of the week. She then informs me that she was canceling that outing because she was going on vacation. Do you see my point? When SHE has something to do then we just cancel. We sure do not want to interrupt her schedule or personal plans. So that just topped it off for me.

Moral of the stories: Don’t volunteer unless you are in complete charge b/c you will end up having to work with the dumbest person out there and it will take all you have not to tell her she is stupid. I thought about quitting but then the kids will lose out so I will suck it up until the end of the school year then I’m outta there…..

Raspootin: Now leave me alone about posting. I did a long post so I'm good for a few months :)


Raspootin said...

You did do a long post, and don't you feel better for "getting it off your chest" about the "evil one"?

No wonder you were feeling stressed out - writing this would stress me out; I can not stand dealing with hypocritical stupid people who attempt to make me feel stupid.

You are a better person than I am, as I think I would have quit or gotten into a fight then quit.

wishin said...

Well physical violence is not the right thing nor is verbal violence especially in front of sixteen 5 year olds. Needless to say I am a better person as I think I prove daily by dealing w/ the other stupid person that was thrown in my life by way of marriage.

Raspootin said...

Ah - the other evil woman forced on you by marriage. I sense another post?

I would not have been confrontational in front of 5 year olds. I was thinking more like an email or phone conversation saying how "I really felt" about the situation...

bwcubed said...

there is a nice shop in the quarter you can get a voodo doll. a few well placed pins here and there works wonders.

moontrails said...

Good idea to get out of there. I'm sorry you're stuck because of the girls.