Saturday, September 30, 2006


Skeet Ulrich
( is a part of my fascination with the series!)

Jericho is a recent CBS series that I think really works. Of course this is all purely subjective so I will list my ten favorite TV shows. Maybe if you like any of the things that I have found entertaining, you too will like Jericho.

Top Ten going in order of lest to best (as I did like them all)

10. The New Avengers
09. Femme Nakita
08. West Wing
07. Malcolm in The middle
06. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
05. Grey’s Anatomy
04. The X files
03. Northern Exposure
02. Medium

Tie for first: see below

Well I do not know if Jericho rates with my Number 1 Favorite show, but happily they let you watch it on line after the episode airs on regular TV.

This is the only season new show that has brokered any interest to me.


You can follow the above link to the first 2 episodes

Please give it a once over!

A lot of my favorites have stood ground against the opposition of the Nielson Rating system, However many more good shows have been lost.

I would like to know your top 5 and especially your recommendations for this season’s notable series.

How do you get picked to be a Nielson “rater?” If I watch “Jericho every week on line, does that mean that I am some how not contributing to the census of who is watching; Or does it mean I am a countable census? I guess what I am asking, is how do they track how many people are watching a program and if you are watching it on line, does that make you not count? Maybe 25 million people watch it on line and only 5 million on the tube, so does the fact that it has a large on line viewer ship keep it safe from cancellation?

My favorite programs end in a tie

The Simpson’s, Absolutely Fabulous and 24

No title needed..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wafa Sultan

A co worker sent this video to me, writing:

The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles. Watch it ASAP because it is not known how long the link will be active. There likely is already strong pressure to remove it.”

My co -worker and I do not not share the same political thought process. In fact, he typically emails me the sappy “proud to be an American” missives that are written by the mother’s of American Troops expounding on how glad they are to have their 18 year old sons and daughters fighting for our rights. Why in the world would you be happy to have your 18 year old fighting in Baghdad is beyond me. Anyway, so I typically do not take the time to look at what my co- worker sends.

I am not sure if the co- worker really understood the full depth and merit of Ms. Sultan" interview or fowarded it becasue:

“This is definitely a must see. Click on site below, sit back and watch this lady kick Muslim butt!!!!!!!”

Wafa Sultan gives an intelligent and educated slap at fundamental Jihad Islamic teachings. Stating that is a not clash of religions that we are seeing but that of opposite mentalities; one placed in the Middle Ages and one placed in the 21st century.

“Brother you can believe in stones as long as you don’t throw them at me” Is one of my favorite quotes from her interview with al-Jazeera.

I also do not think that my co-worker knew that Wafa Sultan is a prominant advocate for Muslim Women's rights...but I will definately give him the benefit of the doubt:)

I highly recommend taking the time to view the video.

This is a link to a Time Magazine Article that is also VERY informative.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Cheers and Fears Overcome!

"The Superdome got a new roof after Hurricane Katrina. The New Orleans Saints did their best to blow it off again. In an earsplitting return to their rebuilt stadium, the Saints gave the Big Easy something to cheer about - an undefeated football team that made it look easy with a 23-3 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night. This one couldn't have been scripted any better for a team that spent all of last season on the road, and it couldn't have come at a better time for a city that is still struggling to overcome the devastation of Katrina."

Not my words, but the sentiment is all there. This win meant more to this city than anyone can ever know. I think that it started to come down to, if the Saints lose, we will all lose.

The Saints won well! We feel great. Once again of Mayors and the sentiment made by fans of football players; does not restore a city, but helps to restore the pride therein. Please come and visit New Orleans, and be sure to buy some art while you are here!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Of Mayors and Football Players.

I recently wrote about New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. To this end, to a certain point, I was unable to defend my opinions. I have thought about this quite a bit, some from the back lash from Butchieboy’s site but most from my own lack of certainty on the subject. Butchie’s this it not a bad on you, with out doubt the comment I left on your site was ill advised and actually not meant for you at all.

This experience taught me two things, not to blog when drinking and anonymous is always better when drinking and venting. My emotions run high on occasion, yet I must say my posts and comments are always with heart and always delivered by Raspootin.

Someone just stated as anonymous " dude. we watch tv too. why the nightly recaps? "

His/her comment gave me a cause to pause and think. I try to post things that are light or political. No everyone is a gifted 15 year old Tome of Communism Most of us have to think quite a bit, or if nothing comes to mind fall back on pictures or YouTube.

I can tell you why I voted for Nagin. Mitch Landrieu is and still is part of a political dynasty that prevails in New Orleans and has elected not only his sister to senate but has supported our entire political arena for decades. New Orleans residents simply did not want to see the flaws and historic corruptness that has typically followed this machine repeated. Our Mayor before Nagin, Marc Morial, was placed by this machine which resulted in an entitlement, contract gifting, school fund and housing embezzling lot of putrid political potential with a lack of prowess for any recognition by the press as anything but New Orleans is Pathetically Corrupt.

I do not think it was a majority black vote that reelected Nagin as much as some white people who would rather have him for 4 more years than the questionable Landrieu backers for 8. Mitch Landrieu seems like a very honest, very nice guy. He is well placed as Lieutenant Governor. In a city where billions of dollars are going to start to roll in, I wanted a mayor who has always proven his honesty and integrity.

Nagin came in 4.5 years ago as a wealthy business man who wanted to effect a change for New Orleans. He certainly did not need the job. He wanted to make a difference. If you are not from here I can certainly understand why your first glimpse of the man was after Katrina. I am here to say that in his first 8 months in office as Mayor he received death threats. He cleaned up City Hall, got them on line and did enact a change for the better.

He may not have done a tremendous amount since Katrina, and you may feel he did not do enough during the event. I can not justify his attempt post Katrina, but I can say that pre Katrina there was not one Governmental Agency that did not recognize, not one Weather Station that did not recognize and not One citizen of New Orleans who did not recognize that if the city were to be hit by a major hurricane that thousands of people would drown.

In many respects I think that because of Mayor Nagin we only had 1200 deaths as compared to the 60,000 body bags that were brought into the state for Hurricane Georges and Ivan.

The US, LA State and City Governments were working on the PAM hurricane project just a couple of months before Katrina. As stated, they all knew that New Orleans was a potential catastrophe.

I digress in a long topic

I defended Nagin, because I have pride in my city. I love living in one of the oldest and most culturally significant places in the US. When you dist Nagin, you dist the city. I have to take up for both as that is what I do when I care about something.

The Saint’s have always been beloved by the residents of New Orleans – Saints. Aints, double baggers whatever. Yet, we still have shown up for games for over 25 years. Cheering and supporting them as our team. Why? They represent something that is intrinsically special in our hearts; something that far bypasses a win/ loss record.

I wish everyone good luck with their Mayors and Football teams. All you can do is vote with the thought for the greater good and live with that wisdom such as it is. Football takes idealism and a couple Hail Mary’s. Come to think of it, that is not much different than the Mayor who inspires a greater thought, but both, none the less, are important to how the Nation and you feel about your home town.

Please watch The Saints upcoming game Monday night. This is the first played in the Superdome since the 2004 season. I am proud of my city and want it to succeed. I do not think The Saints will make it to the Super Bowl, nor do I think Ray Nagin would be voted in if his election was coming up in January. However, I do believe in pride and I do believe in New Orleans.

The dirty birds are favored, but we will certainly have the 12th man on the field! The city needs to have this victory. No pressure Coach Payton…

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Politicians and Reverends

I did not write it, but thought is was amusing...

Jesse Jackson, while visiting a primary school class, found himself in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings.

The teacher asks the Rev. Jackson if he would like to lead the discussion on the word "tragedy."
The illustrious leader asks the class for an example of a "tragedy."

One little boy stood up and offered: "If my best friend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field and a runaway tractor comes along and knocks him dead, that would be a tragedy."

"No," says the great Jesse Jackson, "that would be an accident."

A little girl raised her hand: "If a school bus carrying 50 children drove over a cliff, killing everyone inside, that would be a tragedy."
"I'm afraid not," explains the exalted spiritual leader.
"That's what we would call a great loss."

The room goes silent.

No other children volunteer.

Rev. Jackson searches the room.

"Isn't there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?"Finally at the back of the room a small boy raises his hand.

In a quiet voice he says: "If a plane carrying the Rev. Jackson were struck by a missile and blown to smithereens that would be a tragedy."

"Fantastic!" exclaims Jackson , "That's right. And can you tell me why that would be a tragedy?"

"Well," says the boy, "it sure as hell wouldn't be a great loss, and it probably wouldn't be an accident either."

oh ya out of the mouths of babes!

One has to wonder why Rush refers to Nagin as “School Bus" when it was actually Jesse that bussed in 200 folks who were homeless, jobless and had never stepped foot in New Orleans before. This was Jesse’s helpful gesture to bring back displaced New Orleans residents. Yup thanks Jesse! Great Move!

I know why Rush calls Nagin 'School bus', I am just wondering why he does not have a nick name for Jesse?

Ps thanks wishin' for supplying the material and here is to wishing you will do the next post.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

“Talk of the devil, and his horns appear”

I listen to the Rush Limbaugh show everyday; not out of respect for his views, nor any real interest in his opinions that are always stated as fact, but more because I am too lazy to get up and change the radio station.

Today he dedicated most of the show to Chavez’ address to the United Nations.
Rush worked himself into a tizzy over Chavez’ remarks. He then said that the democrats are to blame for the lack of world respect for President Bush.

Whatever Rush…

This is an excerpt from Chavez’s speech:

I think that the first people who should read this book('Hegemony or Survival: The Imperialist Strategy of the United States.)'" are our brothers and sisters in the United States, because their threat is right in their own house.

The devil is right at home. The devil, the devil himself, is right in the house. "And the devil came here yesterday.

Yesterday the devil came here. Right here." [crosses himself]"

And it smells of sulfur still today."

Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world.

I think we could call a psychiatrist to analyze yesterday's statement made by the president of the United States. As the spokesman of imperialism, he came to share his nostrums, to try to preserve the current pattern of domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples of the world.

An Alfred Hitchcock movie could use it as a scenario. I would even propose a title: "The Devil's Recipe."

As Chomsky says here, clearly and in depth, the American empire is doing all it can to consolidate its system of domination. And we cannot allow them to do that. We cannot allow world dictatorship to be consolidated.

CHAVEZ (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): The world parent's statement -- cynical, hypocritical, full of this imperial hypocrisy from the need they have to control everything. They say they want to impose a democratic model. But that's their democratic model. It's the false democracy of elites, and, I would say, a very original democracy that's imposed by weapons and bombs and firing weapons.

What a strange democracy. Aristotle might not recognize it or others who are at the root of democracy. What type of democracy do you impose with marines and bombs?

Is Bush the devil? Highly doubtful, but what a wonderful tongue and cheek response to Bush’s sanctimonious address to the UN yesterday. Clearly when the United States invaded Iraq they were in conflict with the United Nations. Yet, because the US intelligence with regard to “weapons of mass destruction” was so much better than 80% of the UN, they did it anyway.

Why would the world respect The United States at this period in time? The arrogance shown by the Bush administration is embarrassing. In light of no weapons of mass destruction being discovered in Iraq, you would like to think that Bush could have humbled himself when addressing the UN. But I guess that is simply not done. Better to keep lying to oneself by trying to keep up the appearance of being the Savior of the Middle East. I guess Bush has told himself that what he did was correct so many times that he now actually believes it.

I hope that The United States will be able to overcome the mistakes and miscalculations of The Bush Administration in 2008. It is time for the changing of the guard. The guard that we have now is surely our jailer.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ms. Gertie

Gertie at the poker machines

This is where I spend quite a few Saturday Knights. Pictured are the bartenders and the owner. The owner is a very interesting woman. She is 76 and dresses in leopard skin tights, is tough as nails, an amazing business woman and drives a Mercedes.

I have never met someone who worked a crowd better. 1:00 am and Ms. Gertie is out there pouring her signature shot “ partially shaved bush” to the 20 something crowd and putting them to shame with her dancing.

This is an article that was written about GERTIE. She is a friend and an inspiration to me as a business woman.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Bait the Line...

I was watching the Prime Time expose last night on children who have taken school yard bullying to a new level with the internet. The story was based around a mentally fragile boy who killed himself after being taunted by girl classmates and encouraged by a blogger friend.

This is a video that condenses the story.

Part of the story focused on an “in” group of girls who were challenged to create personas and then interact on line with some college guys and then with another group of “nerd” teenage girls who were acting under the same instruction.

What I found interesting is that under the cloak of anonymity these girls were so mean to each other that they ended up shocking themselves. This went for the “in” and “out” crowd equally. The college guys were really surprised with the adult proactive nature of interaction with these girls who were all around 13-15 years old. In fact I think you might call their reaction unnerved. You simply never know who you are interacting with.

Also interestingly the boy who killed himself I believe he was only 12 or so, knew the identity of his tormenters. When interviewed one of the girls who taunted him admitted that she really did not know that what she was doing was having such a detrimental effect as in many ways it seemed like it was all make believe as nothing was tangible but the words.

The girls given the challenge to create personas were not told to be mean. There was almost a mob mentality created. All it took was for one group to step over the line to set the standard for the ensuing cruelty.

When I have anonymous commentators on this site who feel the need to get a rise out of me, I actually find it quite amusing. I assume that they are amused as well, or why spend the time doing it?

Not as a lecturing point, simply a point in principal, please remember that the adage of sticks and stones does not apply to everyone. There are people who take this seriously and who then can be seriously damaged.

Ya also just never know when what goes around is coming for you...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Foul Play at the Hospital?

This is no doubt going to be one of those perplexing things that we all want to have a conspiracy theory about. What are the odds that a 38 year old mother gives birth to a daughter, her 21 year old son flies in to visit then mysteriously dies in her hospital room?

Well I guess that tragic things happen daily, but you still have to wonder why after a c-section her son, her lawyer( maybe the baby’s Dad?) the baby and Anna Nicole were all staying in the hospital room together all night. I understand the concept of a visit, but surely a sleep over in a hotel room is odd.

Then I read this news clip and thought hmmm maybe I smell something here. Yes – a conspiracy theory is brewing: something really odd must have happened in the hospital room that night.

"A lawyer for the 38-year old former model says that Anna Nicole Smith was so distraught after her son's death that she had to be sedated and suffered memory loss and didn't remember her son Daniel had died in her hospital room. (Sept. 13)"

Does this sound fishy to you, or is it just me?

I guess we will all find out when the coroner’s office releases their findings. We probably will never find out the facts unless Anna decides to do a reality show based around the event. This of course would be in very poor taste, and we all know she is the icon of tasteful living so I guess if there are not criminal charges, we will have to concoct our own theories to make up for the lack of reality.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006



After waiting for over a year to find a contractor that would give me the time of day I have finally started my bathroom renovation. I realize that this would be slightly more interesting in I had taken a picture of the room before they started gutting. None the less – here are some of the gutted pictures.

I have an 1850’s Victorian. The contractor decided that no one had touched the bathroom since 1961 as they found a bunch of old newspapers wadded up in the walls. He also asserted that putting 4 inches thick of cement 6 foot up all the walls was also a 60’s thing. When they pulled out the bath tub it was galvanized steel and weighed half a ton.

If I only had known that I had my own little private bomb shelter in the house, I might have just left it alone.

As the project progresses I will post more pictures!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's getting crowded out there

Depression 8 - good name for it; looks like it will follow Florence and Gordon.

However, you just never really know, so keep an eye on it, especially if you live on the east cost.

Down south we are expecting a "cool front" to come through tonight! Yeah is going to be low humidity and in the mid 80's.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


So it was not a blow out, but it was a great game. New head Coach Sean Payton has given us a chance of a dream team! Maybe not this year, but next year – Saints, all the way!

Reggie Bush is not only a gifted player (hello running back and wide receiver) but has also done a lot for the New Orleans Community.

I can not tell you what a pleasure it is to watch Drew Brees over Aaron Brooks. When Brooks would throw an interception or get sacked (which was quite frequently) He never would look upset – he would actually have a big shit eating grin on his face. I don’t think we got a full look at Brees’ talent today. I think the plays were called more to give Bush a chance to integrate and shine in his first NFL season game.

The team played like well a team! Given that they have not been together long it is a sign of good things to come! I am happy Duce McAlister is back and healthy and Joe Horn looks really good too!

The Defense played a good game. Especially at the end when they made the interception. So like the Saint to shut down the opponent then get a penalty in the last couple of seconds. It is always a nail biter!

I hope that I am not giving the Saints bad Karma with my enthusiasm, but enthusiastic I am.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ooh La La...

Thank god it’s Saturday Knight!

This is rather long. However it is worth a look. The person who sent it to me said that the show took place on a Canadian Cruise ship.

Evidently the Canadian's are far more evolved that us Americans as I doubt that Aunt Ethel from BFE middle armpit USA would approve.

How did she do this? Any ideas?

Naked Magician

Friday, September 08, 2006

My "tween-age" adventure

So do you know who this is in the picture?? Unless you're a "tween" or have a teen I sure you could care less. I had the pleasure of taking my daughter and her friend to see this "hottie" as they put it at the mall for the free concert. We arrive a little early to ensure they could see him. The radio station said to be there for 3pm, needless to say it didn't start til 4pm. They could have told you that. I learned that he is the love of every teenage girl that was there. There was the crying and screaming among all the girls. There were the girls with their signs and yelling marry me! What do they know about marriage?? Just one of those things I was thinking about. Anyway, when we arrived there was a woman there who thought she owned the whole area where she was standing because she informed me that she had been waiting there since 1pm and that we could not stand there. I just gave her that get a life look and moved over. Well there were others who she gave the same line too. Very pushy woman. I can't believe how anal some of these mothers are. I thought this was for the kids not the parents but guess I was wrong. Oh well! Next the show starts and all the kids are screaming and jumping up and down. It was crazy! My daughter's other friend showed up so she came to stand by them since they were in the front. This other woman proceeds to tap me on the shoulder to tell me how it's not fair for her to stand there because her girls were there first and she was there before me. Needless to say I couldn't keep my mouth shut so I told her she wasn't there before me and that the girl was with me and could stand by me. The woman didn't say anything else and we all watched the show. She did proceed to give me one of those looks.. I just want to point out that the girls that were with me were in front of me and not blocking her kids view. I think she just need to complain. I have decided that I do not like other mothers or I do not like the ones who think they have the only special kids on the planet. Hell, I was even taking pictures for people who were behind us because they asked me too. The concert ended~ a whole 4 songs he sang~ and he ran off the stage. There was this mass exodus to follow him with all these girls screaming once again. I found a place to stand and told them to come find me when done. They waited around for another 1/2 hour to see if he would come back out to sign autographs but he didn't. They all said he left so we left. On the drive home they come on the radio that he is signing autographs. Of course the girls wanted me to turn around and go back. I didn't because I wanted to go home. I was tired. I stood there for 3 hours for him to sing 4 songs. I had enough. They were happy though. They got to see him up close, so close you could see the sweat dripping on him. Overall it was nice, the girls were happy so I was happy.

Oh.. to make things even better I entered a drawing they were doing and they told me today that I won a $100 gift card for the mall. That just makes it all okay! Who can resist free money to shop with? Not me.

(by the way, that is Jesse McCartney for those who don't know. The other guy is in the band)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Viny, Vince... VINCENT!!!

Marinello charged with murder

Local radio personality: New Orleans, LA

See we are not racist – we have white crime conspiracy here too.

When I first heard about this case and was apprised that Vince and his wife were going through a divorce. My immediate thought was “HE DID IT”

A couple of weeks ago we heard that he made a restraining order after she attacked him. Mrs. Marinello was charged and arrested. Now, I have heard from friends of the family that this was but a scratch on the cheek. So, She got arrested, not him, were is the motive? I would be pissed if got arrested and publically embarrassed - but then again, this happened to the wife, not the husband/

Apparently, Vince Marinello disgused himself, got on a bike and then shot his wife Elizabeth not once but twice in the face. It was at that time assumed a robbery attempt went wrong.

Then, it came out that Vince had hired a hit man to do the job on his wife. Now, for what ever Robert Blake thought process that runs through the mind, I can believe that.

Today Harry Lee, JP Sheriff comes out with a statement after saying he would like to “castrate” the journalist that leaked the story, that yes they have issued a warrant for Vince Marinello.

Now this is all good until I hear that apparently there was no hit. “Vince Marinello” how connected does that sound to you? No hit, He did it all on his own.

Now comes into the strangeness, at least I think it is strange. Supposedly Vince details the site in front of where there are bank security cameras. He then buys a moustache. He then drives his obvious white Taurus ford car 1 block from the murder sceen. He must be in costume as all witnesses describe a shabby white man on bike. This is not done at midnight, but at 4:00 pm – bright day light.

He circles the bank strip mall (supposedly) – which I must say is all very upscale white for 30 minutes- getting caught as a “ dark figure” in the back on the bank video tapes.

His wife finally comes to her car. He shoots her 2 times in the face. He takes nothing. He then bikes back to his car, where witnesses do not have a licencse plate, but place a person that is scruffy putting a bike in the back on of a white car. No one places Vince nor the Taurus just an off thing in a very wealthy white neighborhood.

Well, then Vince says that he was not in town at the time of the murder. He was in Jacskon, MS visiting friends and watching the Saints game. The friends cover for the story, then later recant. Saying that maybe he was not there until 7:00pm.

Now this is were the conspiracy theory comes in. Vince is a connected man. If he wanted to take his wife out, I am sure it would be easy. The police go to his trailer (his house is gone because of Katrina and he is in his FEMA outside) they ransack the house and find: No Gun, No Bike, No disguise – BUT they do find an entire list of what he needed to do to orchestrate his wife’s death all checked off.

Now, I am not a policeman, nor an FBI guy, but does this not sound like a set up? I have watched Vince on TV and listened to him on the radio for years. Robert Blake? Perhaps, but I really think if Vince did this, he would have done it better. Maybe someone was shaking him down with regards to his sports picks, I have no idea, but I know that if I was connected and going to kill my spouse I would have done a much better job.

I think – Vince might have been framed.
I think I am glad to not be married.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Close Call part II

Last labor day I was depressed and displaced.

Back to part II of Katrina 2005- should have evacuated…

When Denise and I walked out of the condo we were traumatized, yet overjoyed to be alive. We made it. Surrealism set in as we went to our “gang’s apartment down stairs. Three gay guys, one very uptight straight guy and they were all drinking pressed coffee out of Royal Dalton cups – saucers and all. The complete lack of normalacy made it seem normal.

We all had coffee and bragged about who had prayed the loudest. We then decided to go take a look around the neighborhood. Half a block up to ST Charles the Methodist church had lost all its stain glass and steeple. Looking down the street car lines on St. Charles was looking into a nuclear bomb explosion. All the lines – gone, all the trees down. We continued around the neighborhood looking at friend’s homes and painfully avoiding the down power lines. Finally I said – I have to go to my house, I have to see what happened. There was a pause as I had actually assumed a leader role in this whole situation and my gang was afraid that if the “news” was not good I would lose it all together.

As we walked the tension rose to an alarming level. One of the 3 gay guys John G looked at John K and said, My God, what if we have to start to eat each other? John K reflected on his wonderful but very Nelly partner T and said well we will have to eat T first! John G, Denise and I looked at him in a sort of profound horror and said – “why he is the thinnest and the most finicky”

The response was a fake T voice saying” Oh my god I could not possibly eat Denise’s leg or Raspootin’s arm, I would rather die”

So we all laughed hysterically as we observed the destruction, but there was still a tension that conveyed that all was not right with the world. There were still no sounds of birds or bugs and we started to become very nervous.

My house seemed okay with the exception of my fence, my orange tree and 3 huge bricks from my chimney that broke through the ceiling. I put a bucket under the hole and some towels down to mop up the water. I thought that I would be able to clean everything up the next day.

It was starting to get dark out so we began our ½ mile walk back to the gang’s house. On the way back we started to see some rather upsetting and disturbing behavior.

No one’s cell phone worked, and our only tie to the media was a crank radio. No electricity or phone lines. How could it get much worse?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Goodbye Andre!

21 years of an unmitigated crush!

I remember going to Wimbledon to see Andre Agassi play. I am not talking the seats that we see on TV, but the standing room where it is filthy hot. It was always worth it though.

It is sad to see an icon of my time period retire. Not only will I miss watching Agassi’s matches, but realize that I am getting old and probably will not be able to retire until I am 100 and that is a depressing thought.

Well, here is to Andre! Congratulations on 21 years well played.

I guess I can only hope that the genetic mix of Andre Agassi and Stephie Graff will continue in their children and they too will give us 21 years of tennis! Of course by then I will be a 100 years old and will probably have forgotten who Andre Agassi is.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Writing about Daniel Edwards’ new piece is not behind the times.

This probably is, but I thought it was quite amusing.

A Louisiana Katrina evacuee walks into the local Texas welfare office for his monthly check. He marches straight up to the counter and says, "Hi. You know, I just HATE coming in here drawing welfare month after month, since I left New Orleans . I'd really much rather have a job".

The Texas social worker behind the counter says, "Your timing is excellent. We just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a chauffeur-bodyguard for his nymphomaniac daughter. You'll have to drive around in his Mercedes, but he'll supply all of your clothes. Because of the long hours, meals will be provided. You'll be expected to escort her on her overseas holiday trips. You'll have a two-bedroom apartment above the garage. The starting salary is $200,000 a year."

The Louisiana guy says, "You're bullshitting me!"

The Texas social worker replies, "Yeah, well, you started it."

See, I can have a sense of humor that is riddled with poor taste too!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Art for Arts Sake?

Daniel Edwards SURI CRUISE’S BABY POOP BRONZED FOR CHARITY - August 30 - September 9

This is an example of tasteless marketing at its very best. Tom and Katie can’t get mad as it is for charity. The gallery gets free publicity.

This is a real gallery

"Turning "fine art" into what may be the most subjective term in the world" - Natalie Finn - E! Online
"More doodoo than Dada" - The Australian
"This Guy is fast becoming our favorite artist" - Insider Online"pop-culture-obsession skewering/exploiting artist" -

This all reminds me of a 10cc song:

"Art for arts sake
Money for Gods sake
Art for Arts sake
Money for Gods sake
Gimme the readys
Gimme the cash
Gimme a bullet
Gimme a smash
Gimme a silver gimme a gold
Make it a million for when I get old"

Suri Cruise’s poop is art? The comment by the artist on today’s society is duly noted. However, when it comes down to the bottom line this piece is what it is and that is: poop. If I am missing something like the image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary miraculously appearing in the bronzed poop sculpture, please feel free to let me know.