Friday, February 27, 2009

AWeeeee :)

This is not a Raspootin type of video, but Raspootin admits it is ummm rather sweet...

Monday, February 16, 2009

post 400

HA I would have just executed it the first time around. Ya can't let them get the best of you by crawling up your leg. Heeehee

This video reminds me of an interview I had with Ned @ Pastiche. I was sitting there talking to this charming, very refined, gay interior decorator and he kept having this uncomfortable look on his face. I thought, well maybe it’s just me? Then with a shriek he pulls off his pants and runs to the bathroom - still screaming. I was like ummm Ned can I help you? I mean evidently something was wrong.

Needless to say it was a very special sort of first interview; luckily he was sporting boxers with little fish on them.

He came back minutes later and explained that one of our "special" New Orleans caterpillars had crawled up his pants leg and proceeded to bite him for all the little caterpillar was worth. I did not crack a smile, as I did not want bad karma. The caterpillars here make the flying cock roaches look like pussy cats. The frickin 'pillars will continue to sting and not die; though you feel like you might. I have been stung by wasps, yellow jackets and can find no comparison to the NOLA caterpillar bite.

Friday, February 13, 2009


A couple of weeks ago a pregnant cat fell through the bathroom ceiling of my local bar; greatly surprising Uriah the bartender who just happened to be using the facilities at the time of said fall.

Anyway the cat ran under the beer cooler and refused to come out. She gave birth to 1 kitten and pushed it out away from her; then retired back to under the cooler, of course where no one could reach her.

Another Bartender, Brenda, picked up the little kitten and bottle fed him every 15 minutes for 4 days, saving its life. Brenda is a special person who has a way with animals. I was telling UNO that Brenda once saved little sparrows and would place them in her bra to keep them warm. He inquired about the bird poop; a question that I had never really thought about, but one that made me laugh.

Any how the sort of fuzzy pictures are of Smokey the miracle kitten. Brenda is teaching him how to walk with a leash…

She says that she can not keep Smokey as she already has a house full of animals including her boyfriend Cal. So hopefully I will be adopting Smokey when she is fully weaned from Brenda’s bottle.

I don’t know how I feel about the name Smokey as I’m trying to quit; I am partial to the name pit or little twit.

Just kidding, anyway the pictures were taken by my friend Stephanie so I will try to get some better ones during Mardi Gras.
Oh the mother cat finally ran out from the cooler, startling another bartender - guess she did not want to leave anyone out and made her escape through the door.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Don’t know about you, but I needed a good laugh!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Good to know we still have sensitive children...


Cal(my 7 yr old) has been viewing this clip on and off for the past few months. He always wants me to watch it with him and tell him what it means, but I usually tell him he has to figure it out by himself. Well, last night he finally figured it out and was almost inconsolable.

I spent an hour trying to cheer him up last night. Just wanted to share. The video's not too sad - or maybe I just don't have the same level of empathy

I think it is sad; but in a happy way because it showed that through diligence and hard work Kiwi was able to achieve his dream; even though it was some what of an illusion. If I win the lottery, I would help him have surgery to repair these little deformed wings. You know how I feel about my arms… so perhaps I read into it more than you; and side with your son’s level of empathy. The little tear of happiness or was it sadness was very touching.

See now you have to figure out if I am being empathic or down right sarcastic; I shall never tell :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nasty business...

Speaking from the vantage point of someone who gets completely grossed out over a grisly bit or an icky unidentified bit in my food; this video is absolutely disgusting. Its only redemption was that they did not show the judges sampling the final results. I can not even bring myself to call it food.

I am surprised that PETA does not take offense at culinary competitions of this type.

Speaking of finding nasty bits in food; bar none I can order the same dish as everyone else at the table, they will all think their food is wonderful and I will find something that revolts me in mine. My friend Denise used to say when we ordered the same dish, just switch your plate with mine before you start, because I don’t want you ruining my meal when you find what you perceive to be an icky bit in your food.

Even with the exchange I still would be the blessed receiver of a bit of iron, a band-aid, a finger nail, a hair, a BUG; you name it and it has shown up in my food. Now I have to say that at least I have never found the food itself to be alive; so for that I can be thankful.