Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nasty business...

Speaking from the vantage point of someone who gets completely grossed out over a grisly bit or an icky unidentified bit in my food; this video is absolutely disgusting. Its only redemption was that they did not show the judges sampling the final results. I can not even bring myself to call it food.

I am surprised that PETA does not take offense at culinary competitions of this type.

Speaking of finding nasty bits in food; bar none I can order the same dish as everyone else at the table, they will all think their food is wonderful and I will find something that revolts me in mine. My friend Denise used to say when we ordered the same dish, just switch your plate with mine before you start, because I don’t want you ruining my meal when you find what you perceive to be an icky bit in your food.

Even with the exchange I still would be the blessed receiver of a bit of iron, a band-aid, a finger nail, a hair, a BUG; you name it and it has shown up in my food. Now I have to say that at least I have never found the food itself to be alive; so for that I can be thankful.


billy pilgrim said...

imagine trying to eat a piece of moving snake with chopsticks.

it makes macdonalds seem palatable.

Raspootin said...

ha yes it does.

Not to mention the last time I had Macdonalds I wondered if the piece of meat was not so old that it could no longer be call such as thing as hamburger.

Too dead, not dead enough I guess im am hard to make happy.

yellowdog granny said...

no thank you..I just had a bar of soap.

Raspootin said...

ydgrand: given the choice soap it would be.