Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reality Brain Check

If a person is stupid enough to call the police department and inquire about this:

Dude, where's my weed?
Dude, where's my weed?

then they are probably likely to try this too:

Fake $1 million bill
Fake $1 million bill

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Arnold is having a brain movement...

What is going on inside of Arnie's head?

You fill in the blank:


"George is even dumber than I am, WOW"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

big fat turkey

I wish I could explain why I think this commercial is so funny. It's beyond words. I just watch it and laugh; I guess it some how strokes my mental funny bone.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Vissarion: Jesus of Siberia

“A Russian ex-policeman turned self-proclaimed messiah leads thousands of ardent followers in a remote religious community. He is known variously as Vissarion, The Teacher, and Jesus of Siberia and his followers believe that he really is the Messiah.”

When I first heard about “Vissarion” I thought well here is another Jesus want to be. Now I do not think he is the second coming of Christ, but if you have some time take a look at the following videos that explain the community of The Vissarion. In many ways it really is Utopian. The people are all highly intelligent and skilled with a common vision.

I doubt, that as the community grows, the harmony will be kept, but then again I tend to lean towards cynicism. Perhaps these people’s strong beliefs will sustain them? I don’t know. It is really hard for me to buy into the whole Messiah thing, but I guess that is why I don’t buy into Christianity, the Bible as fact etc.

The videos start off a bit slow, but the concept of the community and the fact that they have actually made the community is fascinating.



Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Wing Man

Even though I occasionally have trouble walking and chewing gum, I thought this might be something I should try before I die.

I saw this one and decided maybe not.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holy Pancake!

Once again, I do not see Jesus and Mary in this pancake. Frankly I don't think granny who made it saw the image either. Her religious EBay oriented daughter saw a way to profit though. Someone paid $338 for it.

I despair about the stupidity of people. At least on the survey "A sign from God" most people thought it was just a pancake; Holy Pancake my arse, mind you it will not stop me from scrutinizing my food before I eat it, just IN CASE I have a chance to profit off of some "weirdo" as quoted by granny.

I think it kind of looks like Hansel and Gretel?


or look HERE

Friday, November 09, 2007

I will fix you: promised.

I wish Chris would play New Orleans. He certainly allowed very liberal rights with this song to the Katrina effort.

What a brilliant musician and lyricist? None better than Chris Martin in my opinion.

Art in destruction

I think the watermelon is the best! Thank goodness that they did not show someone's head or I could not have posted it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Biological does not equate to Bio-Best


"A wandering toddler was taken to foster care Tuesday night after his mother didn't pick him up from New Orleans officials.
The owner of a Chevron station on Crowder Boulevard called officers at about 1 p.m. after the 3-year-old the boy wandered alone, shirtless, in the store.
His mother called police after seeing him on the news, but she never showed up to get him back.
Officials said they're not sure if the boy's mother would be given custody again."

This is a very disturbing story. Toddler runs around in, yes it is in the 50’s here, no shirt and shows up at a gas station. Mom calls and says yes it is my kid, but never picks him up.

Okay I get the fact that given the neighborhood that she might be a drug user and feel afraid of getting tested and arrested. I also get the fact that she is scared of being a non-fit mom.

Bottom line, she is a non – fit mom if she can not be bothered to take whatever rap social services is going to give her for calling, but not picking up.

This is a cute little guy and I truly hope that they take him away from his mom and give him a better chance at life.

If I was in a different place in life, I would Foster, Adopt and make a life for a child that has no chance whatsoever, given his/ her fucked up parents.

The fact that the write up even says “MAY NOT” be given back to the mom makes me want to vomit. Of course he should not be given back to a Mom that only noticed his absence after seeing it on the news, and then did not even bother to show up to collect him.

Biological is not best, no matter what the court system wants to make of it. I think why the court system tries so hard to make biological better is that ( found this out recently) it they take a child out of a family they are responsible for payments and health insurance, even if the child is adopted, until said child is 18. The child removed from a family becomes a ward of the State and is thus treated as a child in a custody agreement with the State being the parent paying child support.

At any rate, “Maybe " is not good enough for his cute little boy. “NO WAY IN HELL” is better.

Even in the system, given his age and looks, I think he will stand a better chance than with a MOM that could not even pick him up after seeing him on TV.

Maybe there is an errant Dad all involved with why Mom did not know he was missing. I will give her credit for that ignorance, but not for neglecting picking him up.

Some people need to be sterilized. Simple and True.