Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy is as Crazy Does

Ashley Todd showed up the College Station police station sporting a black eye and a B “carved” into her cheek. She claims an Obama supporter robbed and attacked her due to the McCain bumper Sticker on her car.

Last night some people I know were talking about the incident and saying how horrible it was that a “crazy” Obama supporter would do something like this to a nice young woman. It was sort of like they were implying that a McCain Supporter would never be crazy enough to “carve” a “J” in an Obama support’s cheek. I was like; listen why in the world would a crazy supporter carve a “B” a really a big fat O would have been much easier! This was my tongue and check (excuse the pun) response to their obvious stupidity. The story sounded made up, yet they were more than willing to accept it at face value (sorry for the pun thing again I can’t help myself) because they can not stand Obama nor his supporters even though that would be moi as I have always been the lone liberal in my peer group.

Bottom line I thought they were stupid to simply assume, given their distaste for Obama that yup one of the fucking crazy left liberal socialist must have done it.

Turns out MS Todd, who took off a year from school to actively support McCain’s campaign, now can not remember how she got a black eye and a “B” scratched not carved into her cheek. It definitely was not the 6’ 4” Black male Obama supporter that she initially conjured, so the conjecture is that she did to herself.

So now I throw back to my peers, who is the crazy person in this story? Yup it is wrong to judge a book by its cover and definitely wrong to make generalized assumptions that can easily then reflect back upon oneself. These “peers” are the same people that put GW in office for 2 terms and think Obama Nation is a brilliant work of journalism. I will not get started on Obama Nation, I have read about ½ of it thus far and it is a big pile of shit stirring crap and is poorly written at that. How imaginative to start a book by trashing a person’s father then when done with him their mother.

Ms Todd is being charged and undergoing psychological analysis.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Space Between ? I dunno.

Love Acts

Rifles and Weenies

Bourbon Street Boogie

Space Between : DOCs Gallery New Orleans


Digital printmaker

Okay. I am an art dealer. I deal in art. In New Orleans we only have one art critic Doug MacCash. These are the shows that he constantly likes to review. He never reviews anyone on Magazine Street and rarely reviews anything that is not so contemporary as to make it a really hard sell for those of us who can not afford to just have questionable, cool but questionable see art on our gallery walls.

I am not a fan of Digital printmaking. I guess it’s because I feel that it is so conceptual that I am not really sure that the artist is a talented artist or is just a talented photo shopper. When I listen to the “justification” of Space Between yeah I get it, but it seems like a lot of bull shit. Blah- de- blah- blah -blah.

I also wonder if the art critic did not give the favorable push, would anyone buy this type of work. I guess I am asking would you put this up on a wall at your home. At your office? I am speaking more of the Space Between show than the digital prints that I have put up as pictures.

Perhaps I need to reconsider being in the art business, I have enough of a hard time selling realistic fine contemporary art, all done without the aid of a computer. Yet it would seem that Derek Cracco is well collected so I would assume that means people are buying his work.

I am feeling very discouraged right about now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mail Goggles

“Mail Goggles is only active late night on the weekend as that is the time you're most likely to need it…”

Dear Folks @ Google, will you please install something like this for Blogger?



"The name is derived from the slang term "beer goggles," or the curious effect of alcohol on one's ability to see the true nature of that "cutie" at the other end of the bar."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Art for Arts Sake New Orleans

This is the recent event that I hosted at my gallery.

mike darby band @ galerie royale

people mingling and slopping wine inside gallery

nudes by Quincy Verdun, Totally hot artist from Cajun Land

Artist Joe Derr in front of his installation. I think he liked the wine.

Artist St Bradford in front of his pieces

The Harley Bikers showed up to support the evnt.

nice color ensemble with the purple leggings!

Would some one just buy something?

and a smokin' time was had by all

Friday, October 10, 2008

Une Deux Trois

What do Rednecks have in common with the Stock Market?

The Treasury Department has issued a new dollar bill:

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Evil Shadow Market

yes I know it say copyrighted on it...

The more I read or in this case listen to with regard to the Financial Collapse of the market the more disgusted I become.

This is a very interesting expose by 60 minutes on the subject of Wall Street’s Shadow Market. How is the small person investor supposed to know about things like this? The bail out plan does not have any regulation clauses as far as I can tell. The Market is still falling and now we know why.

In a nut shell, should you not want to take 12 well worth your while minutes to look at the video the following happened.

Large investment banks brought up the risky of risky bad debt mortgages from Banks. They then reinvented these bad debt mortgage packages into “cool investment packages” by using complex instruments, created by physics and Mathematicians to back the investment potential.

To further their wealth the Investment Banks then set up Credit Default Swaps to give “insurance” to the investors of the “cool investment packages. The problem was that the CDS were not termed ”insurance” rather “swap” so they were not regulated, meaning that there was absolutely no capital backing them up.

So when people started defaulting on their home notes and foreclosing the “cool investments” went south. When investors who purchased the CDS went to cash in with the Investment Banks, there was no money to pay and Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and the rest of the greedy bastards had to declare bankruptcy or be bailed out by the Feds.

The greed of the investment banks is staggering. The CEO’s should go to jail. Basically they repackaged shit sold it as gold and then defaulted on the backup to the shit investment. That has to be fraudulent? The Credit Default Swaps are ultimately what screwed our economy. These guys knew that this financial collapse could happen and basically just did not care. If the money that they are talking about in the video is correct, saying “staggering” does not even cover the half of it. Trillions of dollars have been lost out of people’s retirement plans, and nothing is going to be done about it.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Monday, October 06, 2008

Of Bail Outs, Stock Crashes, Politicians & Gods

Is it tina or sarah OMG what should I believe someone tell me what to do :)

Ok I apologize for saying Palin won. (Like I really care) To make up for my momentary lapse of reason I have found the perfect analogy to the days and times we live in that is not stuffy, boring or preachy. In fact it is rather entertaining with the exception that it is so true. The truism is rather scary. But so is the world we live in.

Over and out


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin Wins OMG?

my photoshop is crap: the paint tool the everything tool is not functioning.
Ahh maybe I will pay for a legal copy not the one I got a million trillon years ago.

I can not deny: Sarah Palin did this to Biden:

Good Lord the woman literally ate his:

I still have no common ground with Sarah Palin, but I will declare her with the victory in this debate. She out talked, out shined and basically did everything Biden did not.

What a shame Hillary was not there, but then again I know she is way too smart to have ever put herself in that situation. That meaning second to Obama, she would have nawed the crap out of Palin, Joe Biden Failed IMHO.

So those that think I am bias, not fair and too liberal, know now what that really means; It means I am intelligent enough to know and state who does the best job, regardless of a personal opinion of the content.

More of us should strive to be JUST LIKE ME! heheheee

Damn Joe needed some makeup or something tonight whats up with this thang? He almost looked like he was flirting with her.

He smiled his white smiley smile and she just ate his nuts. Ya kind of have to respect that on many different levels.

Hello? that respect would be on Sarah's part not Joe's. Joe was a Jerk tonight.

I'm so confused about America that I would love to leave.

If I am confused, imagine what they rest of people are feelin' ? Nevermind let us not go there as then I would not be confused, but terrified.

and bingo was his name-o

McCain looks a tad constipated in this photo

Biden looks well pretty much like Biden



Courtesy of Mother Jones, who would have figured ?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

glass half empty or full? Bail me PLEASE

where there is one woolley

likely there is a herd.

A button fastens. A band aid sticks, is hard to get off then eventually hurts.
by moi Raspootin

Well so the Senate did it anyway? Who figures, that “they would take the high road down to the low one?

Bottom line, I have really looked at this “Bail Bah Bahh Black out Shee"t"(p)”
and I can not see the huge differences to the original plan. The exception is that the greedy bastards in Washington seemed to find the “special” something that made it OK in the Senate to vote this through. I will quote the deal that sweetened it: Said Sweet deal makes no more sense than the original objections to the first plan that I can see.

"The Senate passed its version of a mammoth plan to rescue the financial services industry Wednesday night, saying changes designed to protect individual investors and small business owners could be enough to persuade reluctant House members to go along with the plan.
Senators agreed to the plan 74-25 as an amendment to an unrelated bill, which was passed shortly thereafter. "

WTF is the “unrelated bill”?

Hullo was it just that Senate who stayed ( for their own purposes) or the Congress that wanted to get out of dodge for Rosh Hashanah or is it because something changed? Why did they vote Yey and not explain the "unrelated bill" ?

I think that the “good bad and ugly” are involved,
I think these are the “best of times and the worst of times”
I think “make my day” so I can vote against you.

Why can we not be explained to? We are the American populous that votes for these jerks in Washington, we must know what it all really means; but we don't this is not partisan nor bi. It is with out conscious that those we vote for to protect our interests, dumb down the intelligent when they have already made their money doing that to the “___________” not so intelligent.

I thought we lived in a democracy. That is Bull Sheep Shit we live in a Republic that is soon to be a Socialist Domain. So Maybe I would do better if we were socialistic because then at least I would know what is going on; the government just owns your woolly mammoth , jackass butt and there is nothing you can do about it.

Maybe I will understand better tomorrow when some political or financial analyst explains, but I can say now, I don’t get it and if I don’t there are many more that don’t too.