Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy is as Crazy Does

Ashley Todd showed up the College Station police station sporting a black eye and a B “carved” into her cheek. She claims an Obama supporter robbed and attacked her due to the McCain bumper Sticker on her car.

Last night some people I know were talking about the incident and saying how horrible it was that a “crazy” Obama supporter would do something like this to a nice young woman. It was sort of like they were implying that a McCain Supporter would never be crazy enough to “carve” a “J” in an Obama support’s cheek. I was like; listen why in the world would a crazy supporter carve a “B” a really a big fat O would have been much easier! This was my tongue and check (excuse the pun) response to their obvious stupidity. The story sounded made up, yet they were more than willing to accept it at face value (sorry for the pun thing again I can’t help myself) because they can not stand Obama nor his supporters even though that would be moi as I have always been the lone liberal in my peer group.

Bottom line I thought they were stupid to simply assume, given their distaste for Obama that yup one of the fucking crazy left liberal socialist must have done it.

Turns out MS Todd, who took off a year from school to actively support McCain’s campaign, now can not remember how she got a black eye and a “B” scratched not carved into her cheek. It definitely was not the 6’ 4” Black male Obama supporter that she initially conjured, so the conjecture is that she did to herself.

So now I throw back to my peers, who is the crazy person in this story? Yup it is wrong to judge a book by its cover and definitely wrong to make generalized assumptions that can easily then reflect back upon oneself. These “peers” are the same people that put GW in office for 2 terms and think Obama Nation is a brilliant work of journalism. I will not get started on Obama Nation, I have read about ½ of it thus far and it is a big pile of shit stirring crap and is poorly written at that. How imaginative to start a book by trashing a person’s father then when done with him their mother.

Ms Todd is being charged and undergoing psychological analysis.


yellowdog granny said...

notice that the B is it would have been seen in a mirror...????

billy pilgrim said...

if there was any anal probing involved, i'd guess she was abducted by aliens and examined on their space ship.

Woozie said...

Of course thee assailant was a big black dude. Just like "some Puerto Rican guy" that abducted all those kids a few years ago. Gooble gabble gooble gabble!

Raspootin said...

Ydgrand, exactly - kind of hard for someone else to do that. Much easier to do to oneself in a mirror.

BP - That's right blame it on the aliens:)

Woozie poop poo de poo poop poo Its always some big black guy when a white woman goes insane...

unokhan said...

Scottsboro Boys

second verse same as thuh first