Wednesday, October 01, 2008

glass half empty or full? Bail me PLEASE

where there is one woolley

likely there is a herd.

A button fastens. A band aid sticks, is hard to get off then eventually hurts.
by moi Raspootin

Well so the Senate did it anyway? Who figures, that “they would take the high road down to the low one?

Bottom line, I have really looked at this “Bail Bah Bahh Black out Shee"t"(p)”
and I can not see the huge differences to the original plan. The exception is that the greedy bastards in Washington seemed to find the “special” something that made it OK in the Senate to vote this through. I will quote the deal that sweetened it: Said Sweet deal makes no more sense than the original objections to the first plan that I can see.

"The Senate passed its version of a mammoth plan to rescue the financial services industry Wednesday night, saying changes designed to protect individual investors and small business owners could be enough to persuade reluctant House members to go along with the plan.
Senators agreed to the plan 74-25 as an amendment to an unrelated bill, which was passed shortly thereafter. "

WTF is the “unrelated bill”?

Hullo was it just that Senate who stayed ( for their own purposes) or the Congress that wanted to get out of dodge for Rosh Hashanah or is it because something changed? Why did they vote Yey and not explain the "unrelated bill" ?

I think that the “good bad and ugly” are involved,
I think these are the “best of times and the worst of times”
I think “make my day” so I can vote against you.

Why can we not be explained to? We are the American populous that votes for these jerks in Washington, we must know what it all really means; but we don't this is not partisan nor bi. It is with out conscious that those we vote for to protect our interests, dumb down the intelligent when they have already made their money doing that to the “___________” not so intelligent.

I thought we lived in a democracy. That is Bull Sheep Shit we live in a Republic that is soon to be a Socialist Domain. So Maybe I would do better if we were socialistic because then at least I would know what is going on; the government just owns your woolly mammoth , jackass butt and there is nothing you can do about it.

Maybe I will understand better tomorrow when some political or financial analyst explains, but I can say now, I don’t get it and if I don’t there are many more that don’t too.


yellowdog granny said...

it doesn't even matter if we understand it...want it to happen or revise it...we're fucked...

Raspootin said...

I think you are correct YDgrand, but if Im getting fucked I would like to know why and by who.
That does not seem so much to ask for.

billy pilgrim said...

i don't think it took a rocket scientist to figure out the govt strategy of increasing spending while reducing taxes was not a good long term idea.

usually the general population makes a few sacrifices when a country goes to war. rather than making sacrifices, people were spending their brains out.

Raspootin said...


Any idea what the "unrelated" bill was BP?