Friday, July 24, 2009

Artless in the art of not answering a simple question

If I answered the questions as Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman answered, or did not answer, I do believe that I would be fired.

I am with Congressman Grayson on this – shocked. Elizabeth Coleman should step down or be replaced.

The Inspector General of the Federal Reserve in the video below acknowledges that trillions of dollars cannot be accounted for. The astonishing five-minute clip is taken from a Congressional hearing where Federal Reserve Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman is questioned by Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida on May 6th about huge amounts of money for which the Federal Reserve is responsible.

Friday, July 17, 2009

you are what you eat

Most people, who are fortunate enough to know Raspootin well, know that Raspootin has a name for anything that is deemed unfortunate with food or found in food and this term is ICKYBIT. So when I came across this site I found it quite mesmerizing as not only are there tons of gross looking food concoctions but tons of ICKYBITS making up the food.

I have picked out a few select dishes for your approval. The descriptions would be those of Raspootin – so if you are delighted by the picture and really want to know what it is for your consumption pleasures please browse this site.

Knicky ickybit of yucky shit between two glazed donuts

Repulsive nasty ickybit retch jello crap ( really that is jello ) how gross is that?

oozy ickybit eggs with regurgitated bean base

diarrhea ickybit poop ball pie

and for the one that particularly disgusts Raspootin

fried ickybit logs of lard coverd with pig guts

Hope you have enjoyed this culinary critique...