Sunday, October 29, 2006

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

Michael Hutchinson - Another: HOTTY!!

How could I have forgotten him? He is so much more profound than the Pilot guy or the one from Bay City Rollers...

No Mullet either... this is where my taste starts to improve.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hypocrisy Rules in the US

I have mentioned that I listen to Rush everyday. Typically I find him obnoxious but not really offensive. This week he transformed into the “Talent on Loan from God” to the “Tactless Fool on Loan from the Looney Bin.

His comments about Michael J Fox’s commercials for Democratic candidates supporting Steam Cell research were insufferable. In some ways it reminded me of Tom Cruise spouting his rhetoric with regards to Brooke Shields taking Paxil to overcome post partum depression.

How completely irresponsible and insensitive Rush Limbaugh’s comments were on the subject of Parkinson’s disease and Michael J Fox probably can never be truly measured. Rush is an entertainer not a doctor, yet his HUGE ego allowed him to assert to his minion of doting fans that Michael J Fox was faking the effects of his disease in order to make Republicans look like people that were callus and uncaring about those dying from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

"He is exaggerating the effects of the disease," Limbaugh told listeners. "He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act. . . . This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting."

After a backlash from the “drive by media” Rush changed his tact and gave an insipid apology. He then changed direction to try and back up his egregious faux pas by saying that not him, but Democrats were exploiting Michael’s disease by having him campaign for them under the guise of a terminally ill person who is seeking a cure.

My mother is dying from Parkinson’s. She is also diabetic. I can assure you as her body falls apart her mind remains as sharply intact. My point being, Michael J Fox is a very bright man who is on the fore front of advocacy for Steam Cell Research. The Republican Party led by Bush has taken a moral road leading toward the dark ages of research by claiming that Embryonic Steam Cell Research is akin to abortion and cloning.

Rush to cover his embarrassment is telling the 9,999,999 brainwashed listeners that this is exactly true. Supporting Embryonic Steam Cell Research is like supporting the murder of babies. The stats for Rush’s show are 10 million daily, I am obviously excluding myself from the census number of those who follow his every word with bated breath. Rush is also asserting, because he evidently feels that he is now an expert on the subject of steam cell research, that there is no evidence whatsoever that supports Embryonic Steam Cell research and its effects on possible cures for Parkinson’s , Diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

I guess that there is not as much factual evidence that supports Embryonic Steam Cell Research, because there has been no money put into the Federal Budget to support the research confirming the evidence.

Just like Michael J Fox should be allowed to support any candidate of his choice, I should be able to donate my eggs for embryonic research. Men go into sperm banks every day and make a “deposit” for money. Each month women flush eggs down the toilet. What a profound waste when eggs and sperm could be placed together on a little slide and provide science with a mechanism to prove the validity of Embryonic Steam Cell Research; hopefully leading to a cure for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

It is my contention that if an embryo is not placed in a woman’s womb – it is not a baby. It is never going to be a baby. Also – let me just throw this out as a last thought. Even if the majority of Embryonic Steam Cell research was done with aborted fetuses – so what? Abortion is legal.

George Bush legislates his religious beliefs to the detriment of scientific progress. Rush Limbaugh is jumping on the wagon by pretending to actually know something about Embryonic Steam Cell Research and Parkinson’s. He has the audacity to call Michael J Fox a Faker and the Democrats Users; when that is exactly what he does on everyday on his radio show.

Rush feels that he can say whatever he wants, yet the rest of us are too stupid to state an opinion without being taken advantage of. Not only is Rush Limbaugh a hypocrite, but a hate monger who definitely takes advantage of his listener's ignorance.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Inconsiderate bastard...

Maybe the point is not to park every f’n night in front of my house.

Tonight after the 5th time I have had to park a block away from my house, I came home and the little bastard and his insipid wife who live across the street were out on their porch. I have not been able to park because this couple likes to park their SUV in front of my house. I gently bumped their fat ass bumper as I attempted with practiced skill to Parallel Park between their car and the car of their friend and the big telephone pole.

These people live across the street from me and have a plethora of parking available but it seems that the most desirable place would naturally be in front of my house.

I skillfully put the SUV in place then moved into ½ inch of his bumper. They sat and stared at me like I had run over their cat.

I noted that if I did not move my car back, that they were going to have the audacity to call me on it. Let me point out there is a huge mini pod in front of their car, so unless I moved mine they would not be able to get out. I should have just gone in and gone to bed and let them stew about it overnight.

After taking my 5 loads of crap out of the SUV then waiting 10 minutes so the couple could get into a fight with each other about what to do with me; I moved my vehicle back 2’.

I must say I did a good thing by moving my truck back as these neighbors do fight – and I diffused their interacting by moving the vehicle. He was saying to her, “I am going over and telling Rapootin Bitch to move her car back”. The Wife was saying,” leave it alone, it is late and she leaves before you in the morning anyway.”

I am now considering going out and moving just a tad closer to make it just that much more difficult for the guy to get out tomorrow morning. Of Course he has been maintaining his position in front of my house for 3 days so who knows maybe he really does not care. As this is not our first run in with regard to him and his wife and all of their friends parking in front of my house I guess he really could give a –it.

Evidently I simply need to park at an awkward angle in front of their house and see how they like it. I guess they would probably not again care as they would still be happily parked in front of my house.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Please tell me that someone got the story wrong...

Perhaps someone would like to shed some light on a conversation I just had with one of my friend's mother. To clarify the players, we will call the friend’s mom Wilma, the friend Jenna and Jenna’s daughter Brandy. I will also preface that conversation actually did take place, and has left me confused.

Wilma calls me up this evening and was really distressed. She said that she had just found out that Brandy, her grand daughter was not going to school where her daughter, Jenna had indicated.

The background to this conversation is that Jenna tried to commit suicide 4 times last year. After the 4th attempt she was asked to leave the public school she attended and seek professional counseling. I might add that all of these suicide attempts were on the school grounds. Anyway, Jenna finds a counseling out patient facility for her daughter and sends her off to live with her father in Houston. This facility is geared towards helping kids that have been transplanted from New Orleans into Texas after Katrina.

So Brandy has had 4 suicide attempts, but has gone through all the mandated counseling. I saw her number of times this summer and she seemed like she was doing well. Brandy is 17 and in her senior year in high school. Jenna mentioned to her mother that she thought there might be a potential problem getting Brandy back into the one and only small public school in the even smaller Texas town that they relocated to after Katrina.

As Brandy is a very bright and artistically gifted girl Wilma and I say well lets try to get her in to NOCCA here in New Orleans. Jenna who has become very church oriented since her move, refused to even consider moving her daughter back to New Orleans.

So, here is the conversation Wilma just had with me:

Raspootin, I have to go to see Jenna and Brandy immediately”

“Why Wilma – is something wrong?”

“You remember how we wanted Brandy to come back here for her senior year? Well, you will never guess where she is going to High school”


“Every morning Brandy gets up and puts on an orange jump suit and is required by Texas law to take classes with the juveniles at the prison”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, because attempted suicide is illegal in Texas and as Brandy tried to kill herself 4 times on School property she is now required to go to the prison and attend classes for 80 days.”

Okay I looked all over the internet to see if there is such a law. I promise you I am not making up the conversation. I can not find any information on said law in Texas. If anyone can shed some light on the factuality of this I would be very interested to hear.

If seems inconceivable to me that Jenna would have let Brandy back in the Texas School System if she knew that this was going to happen. It also makes Brandy, who scored in the 1700 range on her SAT’s SOL for getting accepted into a good college.

Wilma can get things wrong. Wilma often gets things wrong. I hate to call Jenna and ask her what is going on as she has spoken to me every week since the school year began and never mentioned it.

I can not imagine that this is true. But if it is, Texas is a very scary place to raise a child.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Religion and School

My daughter came home with her report card last week. The only grades on there are E=excellent, S=satisfactory, N=Needs improvement, and some others that are basically equal to D's and F's. Well everything was great except for her religion grade. She receive an "N" on making the sign of the cross and saying the Angel of God. Now, I am a Christian and I am religious but I feel when I pay to send my child to school she is there for an education with a Christian background not the other way around. I find a huge issue with her receiving this not to mention the first thing listed on the report card is the religion section which makes me think this is before the educational part of learning. Before anyone says anything mean just know Yes, it was my choice to send her to a catholic school and no we are not catholic. Yes I do agree that she must participate with the religious part b/c it is a Catholic school but I do not think so much emphasis should be put on that part. Not to mention they are fully aware she is not catholic b/c they made me pay the non-catholic rate plus the out of parish fee since I don't attend church there. On top of all that I couldn't even get a family discount for my other daughter who goes there b/c we're not catholic. So what do you do now? I have to make her learn it so she doesn't get a bad grade on it. She makes the sign of the cross just fine from what I can tell and she says the Angel of God pretty good to me too. If you know me you know I had a huge inner struggle sending her here b/c I knew the religion was going to be a HUGE part but I guess I had hoped that more focus would be on education. The other issue I have with this school is every time I blink they are asking me to send buy or send something as a "donation". I paid my tuition plus a lot of extra stuff and now they are constantly asking me for stuff. If you want me to "donate" all of this just make up a name for some fee at registration and charge me then. Leave me alone during the year b/c all it does is piss me off that I have to keep putting money out. With that said I will end this post. My daughter seems fine with the school but was highly upset that she receive "N's" on her report card. Not to mention she couldn't get her star at karate b/c of these "N's". I'm patiently trying to think of a nice way to address this with the teacher without making an enemy. It's too early in the school year to piss off the school staff.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bay City Rollers I Only want to be with you

Les McKeown yeah

This was my second Big "crush".

I must have liked him better than the guy from Pilot as I can remember his first and last name!
Magic - Pilot

This was my first "crush".
(Lead singer Paton)

I even had posters in my bedroom. Now I can not even remember his first name.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Is spastic politically incorrect?

Just a quick post as I am using it as avoidance for walking this evening.

I hate going to the grocery store for a number of reasons. The first reason is because no matter how hard I try I always get the cart suffering from spacsticity. Either the wheels clench up and go no where or they wobble all over the place with the exception of towing the straight line. This never happens when you are outside the store where it is convenient to pick a different cart. It is a cart disease that only comes on when you place items in it and are half way through your shopping experience.

I assume if you pick a cart that is out in the lot far, far from the crowd of carts placed in front of the store that it would mean that some other stupid bastard had taken it for a roll around the store then walked it out to their car. So there is a better chance that the cart does not have spastic problems. I am going to have re-think my selection process in the future.

The second thing that is always a challenge is picking out the correct check out lane. Not only do you then have to deal with the spacsticity of your cart but that of the check out person and most typically the person in front of you. It simply should not take an organized person 15 minutes to check out with 10 items. Ladies are the worst. This is not the time to chat. This is the time to take out you check book and start writing the pertinent information.

If you are standing in front of me, but behind the person that needs the checkout person to go fetch cigarettes or liquor this is the time to raise your hand and say, while you are there would you please get me X too. Not the time to read the National Enquirer and then ask the clerk to repeat the process when it is your turn to check out.

When exiting the store how come everyone that is simultaneously leaving is always parked on either side of my car. I was there first yet now they have squeezed me in between their hideous oversized SUVs. They know unless I was to have the elasticity of a rubber band that I can not squeeze into the space between the cars and open my door until they are finished and pull out.

Today the lady even had the audacity not only take 10 minutes to unload her cart as she had to do it one handed because it was very important for her to talk on her cell, she left her cart behind my car but then banged her door into mine. She sweetly said “oh sorry hon. I can be so spastic sometimes.”

I hate going grocery shopping.

Oops so dark now that I guess I shall have to save the walking for tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good things come to those...

The initial gut

Paranoia at its best

Finally a bit of progress

After 2.5 months I believe that my contractor is finally on track to finishing this weekend!

Picture one is the initial gutting.

Picture 2 has a bit more thought behind it. After the initial gutting the floor was removed. My house is raised, giving me a very introspective view of the ground underneath the house. The room stayed in this same state for over a month. One night while visiting the Kentwood water dispenser I heard a scuttle noise in the bathroom that made me retreat back to my bedroom. After deciding that I was being a pussy I armed myself with a tennis racket and proceeded back towards the bathroom. I stopped half way thinking there is no way I want to get as close as a tennis racket will take me to a rat – so I retreated and armed my self with a large broom.

Back on the scene I knew that there was no way that I was going to open the door to the bathroom, so I opted for the obvious choice by moving the box containing the pedestal sink bottom in front of the door. To make it even more secure I inserted placemats behind the box. You might wonder why the Kentwood water bottle is on top of the box. It was my thought at 3am that if the rat was big enough to get around the box and placemats that I needed a warning system to alert me to its entrance into the rest of the house. Luckily when I woke up in the morning to revisit, the water bottle (which was empty) was still standing erect, meaning the house had not been invaded.

My contractor, who actually, showed up the next morning, seemed really put out that I did not trust his assertion and hand over heart proclamation that he had put enough rat poison under my house to kill an elephant. I informed him that as he was not walking through my house barefoot at midnight that his feelings being hurt were not my problem.

He nicely replaced the box and placemats oh and I forgot just to fill out the space I stacked up his boxes of nails. I guess he did not want to find me dead of a stroke or heart attack should I actually see a rat. The beauty of respect by not paying the contractor until the job is done.

Picture 3 was taken about 2 weeks ago. Today when I got home, I was informed that they would have the bathroom completed by the weekend. I am not holding my breath… Next project is my second bathroom and my bedroom floor. I will post the final results for this bathroom hopefully this weekend and I did actually take “before” shots of the second bathroom to make the whole transformation process more interesting.

The progression on this project will likely be slow too. I love living in New Orleans post Katrina!!! Contractors were bastards before the storm and now they are have elevated from bastard to self proclaimed demy-gods. Oh well what can you do or say if you have absolutely no handy-skills to speak of. I am just happy that I got someone to do the job.

Monday, October 16, 2006

What's up with the Bookies?

I feel the need to interject a point with regard to odds and who wins the football game.

Last year all the bookie's favorites (ones not based on the point spread) meaning that you won each week if you were not giving up the points but definitely it you were picking straight up; gave a process about picking the correct, out right winner.

This year not only can you not trust the bookies, they must be pissed because not only is the point spread off, but the underdog wins which no matter how ya look at it makes them lose.

This week six favorites lost out right to underdogs, no point spread. If you look at the point spread, the figure goes up to 10. That would mean thus far 10/13 which is a 77% failure rate.

I am watching the Arizona/ Chicago game now and find it unbelievable that Arizona is beating Chicago 17 -0 . Arizona has won one game all season and that was against San Francisco. I do not get it. What is up with football this year? What I find even more curious, what is up with the Las Vegas bookies??? Chicago was an 11 point favorite…

If you have never bet on a game because you feel you don’t know enough, I guarantee now is the time to make money.

I would never recommend gambling out of a legal thought set… but a friendly placement of money by friends makes the whole experience even more exciting, especially knowing that the bookies are not predicting the winners; not even giving up points correctly.

I remember my biggest scare in “last man stands” where you pick one team a week, never repeating the team was Indianapolis vs. Tennessee. Indianapolis was an 18.5 favorite and the final score was Indi 14/ Tenn. 13.

Bon Chance in the betting arena, I am back to the last part of Chicago and Arizona.

And of course I must say : GO SAINTS!!!!

The Saints were a 3 point underdog to The Eagles winning 27/24/

I just looked before posting and now the score is 20 zip???? in the Chicago/Arizona game.

Let me do the math: 84.5% failure rate on the odds makers this week if Arizona wins.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I still think they are being way too literary...

Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh formed Devo when they were students at Kent State University. Jerry explains how the song came together:

"Whip It, like many Devo songs, had a long gestation, a long process. The lyrics were written by me as an imitation of Thomas Pynchon's parodies in his book Gravity's Rainbow. He had parodied limericks and poems of kind of all-American, obsessive, cult of personality ideas like Horatio Alger and 'You're #1, there's nobody else like you' kind of poems that were very funny and very clever. I thought, 'I'd like to do one like Thomas Pynchon,' so I wrote down 'Whip It' one night. Mark had recorded some sketches for song ideas in his apartment, and when we'd get together every day to write, rehearse and practice, we would listen to everybody's snippets of ideas. He had this tape with about 8 things on it, and one of them had a drum beat that was very interesting, it became the 'Whip It' drum beat.

“In 1974, the three-member Pulitzer Prize jury on fiction unanimously supported Gravity's Rainbow for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. However, the other eleven members of the board overturned this decision, branding the book "unreadable", "turgid", "overwritten", and "obscene". The novel was nominated for the 1973 Nebula Award for Best Novel, and won the National Book Award in 1974. Since its publication, Gravity's Rainbow has spawned an enormous amount of literary criticism and commentary, including two reader's guides and several online concordances, and is widely regarded as Pynchon's magnum opus.”

“Devo's music and videos were based on the concept of "De-Evolution," meaning that mankind is regressing. They dressed alike in their videos to convey the lack of individuality in the world. Casale: "I think a lot of Devo is in 'Whip It.' There's Americana mixed with something menacing, there's irony and humor, there's a hook and a big dance beat, there are interesting synth parts, lyrics that aren't the typical lyrics about getting laid or losing your baby. Although we weren't trying, it was a pretty concentrated dose of Devo in Whip It."

“In The 80s - Top Five Songs About Masturbation From the 80s
I understand the term "wanker" has a slightly different meaning in the ... Another theory From John Stephens: Actually, Devo's video for "Whip It" was a ...

This is was always my personal opinion... however if it was of a higher brow, all good, as if nothing else it is a great video pioneer! (excuse the pun)

“Proctor & Gamble, who make the Swiffer, originally had them re-record this for the commercial as "You must swiff it," but their lawyers found out that copyrighting "Swiff It" and the product implications down the line could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, so they changed the lyrics to "You must Swiffer" so they wouldn't have to copyright "Swiff It."”

I am familiar with Thomas Pynchon but I can not see how “Whip it” is a take off on any of his novels, even “Gravity's Rainbow”. I have not read said book, but hmmm I remember when DEVO came out as a band I thought it was about “wanking” – the press thought it was about whips, chains and women dressed in black. Evidently, I am so under educated that I am simply missing the Pynchon connection. Any literary thoughts on “Gravity’ Rainbow” with comparison to “Whip it” would be appreciated…

DEVO - Are We Not Men?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Month of the Comet.

these are the actual pictures of the comet

Tonight is all about the comet. Russian - astronomer Nikolai Fedorovskiy has predicted that a large comet will penetrate the earth’s atmosphere sometime around the end of October 2006. Yes, that would be this month.

Okay, I will admit that this is going to be my quintessential apoplectic week. What will happen if the comet hits, and where will it strike?

“The impact will cause devastating tsunamis, earthquakes and avalanches, says Fedorovsky. He saw the killer comet in a telescope two weeks ago. He managed to calculate the comet’s trajectory

I do not want to add to the going to hell in a hand basket approach of my last post, but I can not help myself. Do I think unlike the movie Armageddon the other Big Fat comet movie that came out a couple of years ago that the American government would tell us if there was impending doom? Hell No. I do not think we would know the sucker was going to hit us until it was clearly visible in the sky. At that point the government still would not have told us anything, it would be a simple deduction of the eye.

Why would our government keep critical information from the populous? Because just like the Natural disaster that we recently went through here in New Orleans, there would be nothing they could do about it. In fact, there would be less they would have to do if everyone just died.

So who is Nikolai Fedorovskiy?

“Dr. Fedorovskiy is one of the founding directors of the mysterious Paradigm Hedge Funds that protects the assets of a large number of the World’s Organizatsiya, and whose predictive computer programme designed to protect their hedge funds massive assets, and developed with his fellow Scientist-Mathematician Dr. Tatyana Koryagina, gave a predictive warning of the September 11, 2001 attack upon the United States and which enabled many Russians to protect their investments

Evidently he is a known figure amongst Russian Investors and is quite revered with his predictions via mathematical equation on many sites that corroborate the prophecies of Nostradamus.

So what does this all mean? Is the world as we know it going to end at the end of the month?

The world as I knew it as a child ended many years ago. Would it not be sublime to go back to a time where the only thing you worried about was how late you could stay up and how many cookies you could eat after school. To go back to a time where your parents were like mini gods, everything they said being absolute. Santa Claus was flying and The Easter Bunny hopping.

Back to the comet, Dr. Fedorovskiy, says it will hit our Southern Polar Region.

“Lending credence to Dr. Fedorovskiy’s reports are that the precursor events he predicted in August, 2006, of a number of smaller space meteors being pushed into our Earths atmosphere ahead of the arrival of the Great Comet do indeed seem to be occurring, and as we can read from these various reports: As reported by New Zealand’s Stuff News Service in their September 21st report titled "Yellow fireball seen in Waikato sky", and which says, "A bright yellow ball was seen streaking across the Hamilton sky about 6.15pm yesterday, leaving a whispy black line in its wake. Times reporter Aaron Leaman saw the object and thought it was a meteor. He saw the object from the Waikato University tennis courts and said it was heading west toward Raglan. It was visible for about 30 seconds before dropping out of sight."

“For in his past, Dr. Fedorovskiy was indeed correct about the events of September 11, 2001, and whether or not his current prediction of this Great Comet hitting our Earth is correct, or it is instead a subterfuge designed to cover a more serious warning of times to come, either way his words do bear, in our opinion, to be seriously considered, and whatever context they may be in.”

I do not have a telescope, I do not have visionary powers, but I none the less have to wonder if there is truth to this. You can get more information at THIS site. What I find particularly depressing is that even if there is no credence in the comet, there is great credence that we are in a very scary world. I do not think the end of times is now upon us as a result of scriptures from varying religions as much as from our ignorance about not doing anything to stop what some very wise men prophesied.

This is the English translation of the above site…

Monday, October 09, 2006

And the answer is?

"Decisions" by Pavel Aubrecht

Nuclear testing, schools being invaded by deranged child molesters, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, hurricanes and Ebola in our spinach and lettuce the world is becoming a very scary place.

It seems that things have progressively worsened in the past 10 years. The big question what is the answer to fixing the problems?

I will start with nuclear testing as that is the most recent example. I occasionally get a complex miscalculation in my brain. Why should some people have the right to nuclear weapons and others not? Is this based on the regime of who is more likely to actually use the weapons than those who are not? If that is the case, then the US should not have nuclear weapons as we are the only nation that has used them not once, but twice. Then in the complexity of thought, if the US did not have nuclear weapons and had not shown that they are not afraid to use them would some other nation have already blown up the world? Is the fact that we can bomb anyone faster and more times than they can bomb us a correct deterrent? It would seem the logical thing would be for everyone to disarm. But then how can you trust that everyone will do that? No answer to this big question.

Deranged child molesters coming into school and killing children, seemingly should be preventable. However if you are on a large spread out school campus would you really want to place an armed guard at every entrance? Should schools become little mini day prisons with no open campus rights? Once again it would be nice to think that a deterrent could be found that would not infringe on student’s freedom yet unfortunately I can not think of an answer to this big question either.

Natural disasters are definitely not something that is preventable, but you would like to think that the loss of life could be reduced by proper planning. Is the deterrent in the case of Natural disaster simply not to build in susceptible areas? It would seem that any area that you build in is susceptible to having something atmospheric or geological destroy it. Is the problem that we have too many people in the world so the populating of areas that previously would not have be ideal for habitation is now acceptable making more people vulnerable to the effects of the Earth? Telling people to leave their homes and stop having babies seems a rather high deterrent to enact trying to keep the population safe. So once again no answers to this big question either.

The recent Ebola in spinach and now the scare with the lettuce is another indicator that the world is becoming increasingly scary. I would like to think that there are FDA deterrents already in place to stop people getting sick. Evidently this is not the case or the outbreak would have been caught before it started. Is the deterrent in a case such as this to impose such stringent requirements on fresh produce that it puts farmers out of business or at the very least raises the cost of spinach and lettuce so only the rich can afford to eat it? No answer to this big question.

Hypothetically speaking, how about infusing spinach and lettuce with the Ebola virus, shipping it to all the countries insist on dabbling in nuclear technology that we do not want dabbling and making the school child molesters deliver it? Then anyone who does not do as we say, we will banish them to the most susceptible areas in the world for Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis. Do you suppose that this would be a deterrent to the scary world we live in, or would it act as a confirmation of said scariness? That is the big question…

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Laura, leave Harry alone!

Laura Mallory, a mother of four, told a hearing officer for the Gwinnett County Board of Education on Tuesday that the popular fiction books are an "evil" attempt to indoctrinate children in the Wicca religion.

I can not believe with all the recent school shootings that this woman is actually focusing her attention on book banning. You would like to think her attentions would be more focused on actual evil against children instead of that perceived.

The Harry Potter books are intelligent, amusing and exceptionally creative. I wonder if Laura has ever even read one. The concept of humans and non humans living in a two dimensional world with the non-muggles being aware of the muggles is a very innovative theme on which to base a fantasy series. I can not think of any other books in this gender that have uniquely expressed this type of interaction with obvious success of author J.K Rowling.

Mrs. Mallory should get off her religious kick and realize that Harry Potter in no way advocates any religion, even more to the point that of the Wicca’s. What the Harry Potter books do is stimulate the imagination of children and adults alike. The books are about loyalty, friendship, bravery. If children read more fiction I think that we would have less frustration, less potential for school shootings. Reading is a wonderful escape into any world of your own choosing, experienced at what ever pace makes you comfortable.

“An evil attempt to indoctrinate”

Mrs. Mallory is making an evil attempt to force her religious beliefs on others by banning a book that she obviously is too narrow minded to understand.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Not while I am eating.

You may ask why a picture of children, well that just means you don't know my ex's and mine emotional ages when interacting.

I am the acting CFO for ex husband’s computer business. Though we do not run into each other very much we do occasionally cross over at the office.

While I was attempting to each my lunch this afternoon, he came into my office and insisted that I watch THIS video.

Is there a name for people who like to kiss Sharks besides umm STUPID?

I then said, Jim I am eating I don’t want to watch this stuff and he laughed and said well THIS one is really good. Come on you have to watch it.

Is there a name for someone whose mouth is so large they swallow a microphone? I cannot think of a name besides umm DEEP THROAT?

I gave up eating my lunch and said to Jim, well maybe you should watch THIS one, because I am not sure what that lady is saying, but I definitely know how she feels.