Monday, October 16, 2006

What's up with the Bookies?

I feel the need to interject a point with regard to odds and who wins the football game.

Last year all the bookie's favorites (ones not based on the point spread) meaning that you won each week if you were not giving up the points but definitely it you were picking straight up; gave a process about picking the correct, out right winner.

This year not only can you not trust the bookies, they must be pissed because not only is the point spread off, but the underdog wins which no matter how ya look at it makes them lose.

This week six favorites lost out right to underdogs, no point spread. If you look at the point spread, the figure goes up to 10. That would mean thus far 10/13 which is a 77% failure rate.

I am watching the Arizona/ Chicago game now and find it unbelievable that Arizona is beating Chicago 17 -0 . Arizona has won one game all season and that was against San Francisco. I do not get it. What is up with football this year? What I find even more curious, what is up with the Las Vegas bookies??? Chicago was an 11 point favorite…

If you have never bet on a game because you feel you don’t know enough, I guarantee now is the time to make money.

I would never recommend gambling out of a legal thought set… but a friendly placement of money by friends makes the whole experience even more exciting, especially knowing that the bookies are not predicting the winners; not even giving up points correctly.

I remember my biggest scare in “last man stands” where you pick one team a week, never repeating the team was Indianapolis vs. Tennessee. Indianapolis was an 18.5 favorite and the final score was Indi 14/ Tenn. 13.

Bon Chance in the betting arena, I am back to the last part of Chicago and Arizona.

And of course I must say : GO SAINTS!!!!

The Saints were a 3 point underdog to The Eagles winning 27/24/

I just looked before posting and now the score is 20 zip???? in the Chicago/Arizona game.

Let me do the math: 84.5% failure rate on the odds makers this week if Arizona wins.


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a study in excellence

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Sarcasm suits you anonymous...

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Bears comeback was amazing. A m a z i n g.

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