Tuesday, June 27, 2006



I guess that is a rather loaded question. Why?
why? – if you keep on looking at it the word starts to become even more questionable. Like what does Why mean?

This is my constant state of being recently. I question things that don’t need questioning and wonder why. Not Why am I questioning – Why am I consumed with Why?

Why is confusion; why is also intelligence because it you never ask why you would never get anyone else’s opinion and why you might not even be able to form an opinion of your own.

Or is it Why: you might never form an opinion?
Why; that is my opinion!

Why, you have an opinion?
Well Why not!
Why do you think your opinion with regards to why is more worthy than why I think my opinion is correct?

See now aren’t you glad I made this post. Why – to make you think? To make you think I am crazy or to know Why?

Monday, June 26, 2006


I would like to assign a true story as an adjunct to my previous post. I have a friend who is 50 years old. He and his wife have a great life with each other. The kids are grown and now it is the time for them to enjoy their life, their pleasures.

In fact, my friend, let me call him Josh for lack of a better name, purchased a big ole’ hot tub last year, and recently an expensive motor cycle. These are the rewards he deserves after 30 years of being a good Husband and Father. 50 and ready to live life fully: spoiling the Grandkids and traveling with his wife.

Josh has a step daughter named, Tina. Tina has had numerous problems with drug addiction. She has an eight year old daughter who is in the custody of her sister and twins that are 1 year old. The husband is an f –up and not able to care for the children. He is what the system might call an absentee Father. Tina was living in a treatment facility with her children; the rules indicated that she could stay and receive treatment if she could pass her mandated drug testing. 2 weeks ago she was kicked out for not being able to pass – 3 times in a row.

The State took the babies away from her and was going to place them in Foster Care. The provisions being that Tina needs to stay clean for 6 months or the children would fully enter the Foster System and be put up for adoption. Josh and his wife know that Tina is not going to be able to do this.

They are now faced with a really hard decision. These kids are blood. They have the money to take care of them – how can they let them go into the foster care of strangers? So at 50 years old, they do what they feel is the only choice and right thing and take custody of these two small children. I am sure that they love the babies, but let’s be honest; the life that they were planning is now over.

It is not just the children who are victims of parents who should never have even considered having children. The Grandparents and family members of these unfit parents are also victims. I once again want to state that I strongly believe that there are some people who should NOT BE ALLOWED to have children. This is a big problem and it is not being addressed. The government can tell McDonalds, Burger King and Starbucks that we are too stupid to know about fat grams and to change their menus. The government can spit in the face of separation of church and State and tell us who can pray and who can’t in schools. The government can tap our phone lines and ransack our homes without warrants. The government can advocate abstinence all it wants but it will never happen. If the government wants to stick its nose in our business why not do it by supplying condoms and parenting classes for pregnant woman and their mates.

“Josh”, if you read this I want to let you know that you and your wife are Heroes. A lot of people would not have taken on this responsibility, I am proud of you both!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

“FEMA fraud paid for football, vacations and Erotica”

Why are people so surprised that this happened? I was listening to Rush Limbaugh’s show today and though I am not in agreement with a lot of things he says, he actually made me laugh out loud with his comments – he was 100% dead on. He asserted that the “drive by media” would have cruicified FEMA if they had not acted quickly in doling out the money. Anderson Cooper would be ranting and Jessie Jackson panting. My verbiage – but Rush made the point.

FEMA was crucified while we all avidly watched thousands of Black men, women and children in front of the Super Dome and Convention center begging for water and food; basically making Post Katrina New Orleans look like a third world country with FEMA and Homeland Security playing the roles of heinous dictators responsible for their oppression.

FEMA indiscriminately giving money certainly was an act attempting to band aid a gunshot wound to the head. Everyone in the world looked at the unfolding situation and felt a sense of guilt which led to overcompensation. The American tax payer bears the ultimate responsibility and burden for all the mistakes made.

Why were people so surprised this happened? I am going to ask that question again. As a long time New Orleans resident, how many times have I gone into a grocery store and wondered about the person ahead of me in line paying for the best cut of meat, the best of all produce and paying with a state supplied debit card? Then commented about the fact that same person was driving an expensive car – with an even more expensive deafening bass stereo?

Subsidized housing, food and welfare checks have created a hugely entitlement oriented class of people in New Orleans. I feel that if a person is smart enough to figure out how to sell drugs and/or get all the free amenities supplied by the State and Federal Government they are smart enough to get out of the system and become a productive member of society.

With one of the highest per capita murder and crime rates in the Nation with a dysfunctional proportion of rich to poor it was a foregone conclusion that there were going be fraudulent acts. Why would anyone ever assume that people who have worked the system for decades and generations would not take advantage of FEMA? I suppose that I would feel a lot better if FEMA and Home Land Security had not allowed themselves to be taken advantage of. It does not give me much hope for survival if there is major epidemic or act of terrorism. The thought that the poor, ignorant people of New Orleans could take the Federal Government for $1.4 billion is ironic.

“This is an assault on the American taxpayer,” said Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, chairman of the subcommittee that will conduct the hearing. “Prosecutors from the federal level down should be looking at prosecuting these crimes and putting the criminals who committed them in jail for a long time.”

Mr. McCaul we have all aided and abetted these crimes by allowing our tax dollars to subsidize people who are obviously smarter than the American Government.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I need a vacation and I want to go now. I want to go some place sunny and tropical. I want to drink fruity drinks with those stupid paper umbrellas in them and do nothing but lay in a beach chair from sun up to sun down. Why is this not possible? Something so simple yet so unreachable. I'm sure my financial situation makes it hard to accomplish this and much more that I would love to do. All these big plans in my head and well, no money to do them. I have yet to figure out where all the money goes. Yeah, I have bills but there should still be some money somewhere but where. Where is it???? So I am starting to take a close look at my spending habits but it seems that every purchase is an absolute needed item~at least I think it is a needed item~ I want to know how these people who go on these wonderful vacations afford to do so. There has to be some secret that I don't know about. Please Please share it with me. I promise to keep it to myself. Ok, I really just need to get away anywhere before I plunge into the deep end of mass psycho chaos.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Brilliant Mistake

For some reason when I reflect on my Saturday nights this song always comes to mind.
Which probably does not say much about my Saturday Knights – but it is a great song!

Brilliant Mistake

by Elvis Costello

He thought he was the king of america
Where they pour coca cola just like vintage wine
Now I try hard not to become hysterical
But Im not sure if I am laughing or crying
I wish that I could push a button
And talk in the past and not the present tense
And watch this hurtin feeling disappear
Like it was common sense
It was a fine idea at the time
Now its a brilliant mistake
She said that she was working for the abc news
It was as much of the alphabet as she knew how to use
Her perfume was unspeakable
It lingered in the air
Like her artificial laughter
Her mementos of affairs
Oh I said I see you know him
Isnt that very fortunate for you
And she showed me his calling card
He came third or fourth and there were more than one or two
He was a fine idea at the time
Now hes a brilliant mistake
He thought he was the king of america
But it was just a boulevard of broken dreams
A trick they do with mirrors and with chemicals
The words of love in whispers
And the axe of love in screams
I wish that I could push a button
And talk in the past and not the present tense
And watch this lovin feeling disappear
Like it was common sense
I was a fine idea at the time
Now Im a brilliant mistake

Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Knights?

Why is Friday much more depressing than Saturday? I shall post all the glory of Saturday as I am a Knight - in search of the quest.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fantastic Fiction

I can't remember the last time I had a good Saturday Night. This is not due to black outs from excessive alcohol or hard core mind erasing drugs. I am a lame ass with no money to go out. Oh sure, I could get a bottle of night train and kick it with my hobo hommies but I chose to stay indoors. Thanks for having me onboard Raspootin. I will do my best to fill it with fantastic fiction of my Saturday Night dreams.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Kiss my ring. I have entered the circle of trust.

Well hello Raspootin, thanks for axin' me here to your blog. Nice place although rather dark.. Good thing im a spector.

Do people have mirrors at home???

Do people have mirrors at home? I sometimes wonder about this. Ok, I wonder about this a lot because I am always thinking, "Did she/he look in the mirror before they walked out the door?" or " Do they really think they look good in that?". Yes maybe I am a little shallow and I try hard not to be. Over the weekend I was obsessing about how I looked in my bikini bottoms and whether I should have a sarong wrapped around my waist when I go to the pool or the beach. Well here I discovered that some women have no shame and very proud of their bodies no matter what shape. Women who should not be wearing 2 piece swimsuits flaunting them like they were supermodels and men wearing speedos which I firmly believe they should never wear.... no matter how they look. It's not just at the pool; it's at the mall or the grocery or walking on the street. Through my head I kept thinking what are they thinking, how can they wear that and not blink an eye. They have to know that people are wondering about this and yes you can say what you want but you know you have thought this many times. Is it possible that they are this self-confident with no care in the world of what people think or maybe this is looking good to them because they recently lost weight or maybe they are having a mid-life crisis and think they are in their 20s again. I don't know. I would hope if or when I reach this point someone would tell me. My friends and I joke about this all the time saying we would let the other dress like this just for the pure amusement factor. I really hope my friends would speak up and tell me. Ok, so now I'm thinking I may be a little too shallow. I do not need people to tell me this. I am aware that not all people are built the same and not everyone out there can look like the supermodels we see all the time plastered all over the media. Hell, I don't look like the supermodels. So going forward I will try to stop the obsession over looks and try to look at the person under the clothes, swimwear, or whatever they are sporting these days. Maybe that little voice in my head will go away....

quite amusing - I am bert who are you?

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Friday, June 02, 2006

OMG We're all going to die...

Well if you haven't heard it's hurricane season around here and there is no way you couldn't know that unless you lived in a cave in some remote location half way across the world. I would even have to say that I'm sure in some remote location you would still know what season it is on the Gulf Coast. Am I the only person who thinks that the news and government is trying to scare us half to death or even more so make us so anxious that we have a complete mental breakdown and can't figure out how to evacuate. I have stopped watching the "Hurricane Specials" on every news channel out there because quite frankly they are causing me great distress. I have even resorted to changing the channel whenever I hear the phase, "Are you prepared...". Yes I'm prepared. Yes I'm aware that I live in an area that has the possibility of being washed away and YES I know where I'm going should I have to leave... AGAIN!!! I am not one of those people who wait for someone to tell them what to do and where to go. I am not above nature and I do not believe that I can ride out a storm in my house much less in my attic. I do not make a survival kit and hope it helps me survive. I pack up my shit and get the hell out of town. As a matter of fact, I still have some of my stuff packed up from last time only because I didn't feel like unpacking it just to repack it. What's the point? Well, there is no point. Just me wondering are people around here this stupid that they have to wait for some great leader they elected to tell them when to leave and where to go. We are all adults around here and yes some of us are smarter then others but if you don't know what to do by now I truly believe you will never know what to do and all the preaching will do you no good. Soooo in the end, just RUN. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Prime Time Disgrace ( revised version)

Politicians and people legislate and pontificate on the behalf of the not born but take no responsibility for that of the living. How dare they try to make abortion illegal when not one proponent is stepping up to help with the victims of the parent who should never have been allowed to propagate?

Should you take the stance my body my choice and turn it around to the pro life thought – you have fucked up people with the right to have as many children as they want – to “fuck them up too”.

My body my choice the other way around is something for thought. Though I believe most women who should not ever have children would abort given the chance – those that can afford to do. The women who should not ever have children who are drug addicted or I will not apologize for this: just plain stupid and ignorant have children and do not give them up for adoption.

I watched Prime Time tonight which deposed this very subject. Anyone with a mind and a soul who watched what the children of the women who should have either had an abortion or given their child up for adoption are going through: how they will end up when placed out of “fostered care” should sob. I did. It truly is a travesity.

The time is finally here in the United States of American where there is a majority of legislators who believe in pro life that a responsibility is taken. I believe we need to take care of unwanted unloved children. This is absolute. It should come from the heart and by people who want to adopt and love children.

Those people who are too stupid to know not to conceive, those people who are drug addicts and sexual offenders who profoundly scar their child should be held to the same standard as any woman who is supposedly too stupid to know what to do with her body when she makes the decision to abort. Protect the child that is born.

Because we do not have any proponates of the “Lets sterilize parents who abuse their children and still have the right to make more – “

I will take this responsibility as a tax payer and responsible citizen:

I will pay for serialization of sex abusers without exception.

I will advocate the serialization of Mothers and Fathers who have lost custody of children time after time because they are drug addicted, sexual offenders who are pleading pity cases for rehabilitation but keep being fucked up individuals who have no regard for the life and well being of their children.

I will pay tax my tax dollar for any woman whose choice it is to terminate her pregnancy within the first trimester.

I am so saddened by seeing a bunch of kids this evening on Prime Time – who if, we had forced their mother and father to give them up at birth, would be so much better off. To this end our judicial system will never allow this to happen so I am sticking to my advocacy.