Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I need a vacation and I want to go now. I want to go some place sunny and tropical. I want to drink fruity drinks with those stupid paper umbrellas in them and do nothing but lay in a beach chair from sun up to sun down. Why is this not possible? Something so simple yet so unreachable. I'm sure my financial situation makes it hard to accomplish this and much more that I would love to do. All these big plans in my head and well, no money to do them. I have yet to figure out where all the money goes. Yeah, I have bills but there should still be some money somewhere but where. Where is it???? So I am starting to take a close look at my spending habits but it seems that every purchase is an absolute needed item~at least I think it is a needed item~ I want to know how these people who go on these wonderful vacations afford to do so. There has to be some secret that I don't know about. Please Please share it with me. I promise to keep it to myself. Ok, I really just need to get away anywhere before I plunge into the deep end of mass psycho chaos.


Dishin said...

Just don't go postal at work before you actually get away.

Visarian said...

The secret, as far as I can tell, is to make so much money that necessities become something like buying several airplanes, or animals, etc... Then, once you are Bill Gates' financial peer, you can vacation like you want to. For the rest of us, I have no idea, I am in the same boat.


True Void said...

I like the Buddhist approach, aim for zero and you will never be disappointed.