Tuesday, June 27, 2006



I guess that is a rather loaded question. Why?
why? – if you keep on looking at it the word starts to become even more questionable. Like what does Why mean?

This is my constant state of being recently. I question things that don’t need questioning and wonder why. Not Why am I questioning – Why am I consumed with Why?

Why is confusion; why is also intelligence because it you never ask why you would never get anyone else’s opinion and why you might not even be able to form an opinion of your own.

Or is it Why: you might never form an opinion?
Why; that is my opinion!

Why, you have an opinion?
Well Why not!
Why do you think your opinion with regards to why is more worthy than why I think my opinion is correct?

See now aren’t you glad I made this post. Why – to make you think? To make you think I am crazy or to know Why?


Anonymous said...

Your giving me a headache 0 but I am still trying to follow

wishin said...

I vote for crazy

Anonymous said...