Monday, June 05, 2006

Do people have mirrors at home???

Do people have mirrors at home? I sometimes wonder about this. Ok, I wonder about this a lot because I am always thinking, "Did she/he look in the mirror before they walked out the door?" or " Do they really think they look good in that?". Yes maybe I am a little shallow and I try hard not to be. Over the weekend I was obsessing about how I looked in my bikini bottoms and whether I should have a sarong wrapped around my waist when I go to the pool or the beach. Well here I discovered that some women have no shame and very proud of their bodies no matter what shape. Women who should not be wearing 2 piece swimsuits flaunting them like they were supermodels and men wearing speedos which I firmly believe they should never wear.... no matter how they look. It's not just at the pool; it's at the mall or the grocery or walking on the street. Through my head I kept thinking what are they thinking, how can they wear that and not blink an eye. They have to know that people are wondering about this and yes you can say what you want but you know you have thought this many times. Is it possible that they are this self-confident with no care in the world of what people think or maybe this is looking good to them because they recently lost weight or maybe they are having a mid-life crisis and think they are in their 20s again. I don't know. I would hope if or when I reach this point someone would tell me. My friends and I joke about this all the time saying we would let the other dress like this just for the pure amusement factor. I really hope my friends would speak up and tell me. Ok, so now I'm thinking I may be a little too shallow. I do not need people to tell me this. I am aware that not all people are built the same and not everyone out there can look like the supermodels we see all the time plastered all over the media. Hell, I don't look like the supermodels. So going forward I will try to stop the obsession over looks and try to look at the person under the clothes, swimwear, or whatever they are sporting these days. Maybe that little voice in my head will go away....


Raspootin said...

Wishin are you trying to tell me something?

a girl who hates snobs who laugh at others said...

Yes, no doubt about it. You're shallow. Maybe if you could just try to put yourself in the shoes of the 'ugly'/'fat'/'badly-dressed' people you see, you'd have more sympathy for them.

Maybe they don't have the greatest taste in clothes. So what!!!
As for others telling them about it... Now that would be both rude and incredibly unfeeling!