Thursday, June 01, 2006

Prime Time Disgrace ( revised version)

Politicians and people legislate and pontificate on the behalf of the not born but take no responsibility for that of the living. How dare they try to make abortion illegal when not one proponent is stepping up to help with the victims of the parent who should never have been allowed to propagate?

Should you take the stance my body my choice and turn it around to the pro life thought – you have fucked up people with the right to have as many children as they want – to “fuck them up too”.

My body my choice the other way around is something for thought. Though I believe most women who should not ever have children would abort given the chance – those that can afford to do. The women who should not ever have children who are drug addicted or I will not apologize for this: just plain stupid and ignorant have children and do not give them up for adoption.

I watched Prime Time tonight which deposed this very subject. Anyone with a mind and a soul who watched what the children of the women who should have either had an abortion or given their child up for adoption are going through: how they will end up when placed out of “fostered care” should sob. I did. It truly is a travesity.

The time is finally here in the United States of American where there is a majority of legislators who believe in pro life that a responsibility is taken. I believe we need to take care of unwanted unloved children. This is absolute. It should come from the heart and by people who want to adopt and love children.

Those people who are too stupid to know not to conceive, those people who are drug addicts and sexual offenders who profoundly scar their child should be held to the same standard as any woman who is supposedly too stupid to know what to do with her body when she makes the decision to abort. Protect the child that is born.

Because we do not have any proponates of the “Lets sterilize parents who abuse their children and still have the right to make more – “

I will take this responsibility as a tax payer and responsible citizen:

I will pay for serialization of sex abusers without exception.

I will advocate the serialization of Mothers and Fathers who have lost custody of children time after time because they are drug addicted, sexual offenders who are pleading pity cases for rehabilitation but keep being fucked up individuals who have no regard for the life and well being of their children.

I will pay tax my tax dollar for any woman whose choice it is to terminate her pregnancy within the first trimester.

I am so saddened by seeing a bunch of kids this evening on Prime Time – who if, we had forced their mother and father to give them up at birth, would be so much better off. To this end our judicial system will never allow this to happen so I am sticking to my advocacy.


Raspootin said...

My first attempt at expressing myself fell a bit short - so here it is re- written

Dishin said...

the first was okay
this makes sense though I don't agree on abortion or serelization

you have a point - just not mine