Thursday, December 20, 2007

Of potty training and men?

I was watching a video on immigration which then led as an odd thread to Japanese potty training. I felt compelled to view the video as I have heard in great detail about my friend’s efforts to potty train their children. I have a friend who is now questioning if he wants to procreate – well this is for you dear :)

Now if I had a child, I would definitely like him to be like this little kid. I would have to return a child that just stood there and did nothing…

Sometimes I wonder if I missed out by not having children. I guess I could adopt, but think it would be cheaper and just a rewarding to marry a wealthy older man with grandchildren – and I can then be the doting young granny. Yup I am liking this case scenario quite a lot.

So if anyone knows a guy in his 40 - 50's with children that are all out of college who is:

Smart & Sarcastic
Well Read
Well Off Financially
and relatively handsome please send him my way.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hallmark Interrupters.

My boss sent this video to all of us. I thought it was really sweet, almost bringing a tear to the eye.

So I am watching it in the spirit of the guy that always was a team player finally got a shot and did well – Happy Ending and all that Hallmark stuff.

My co workers who are all male made fun of the video questioning why our boss would want them to watch a “retarded kid” shoot hoops?

I told them that retarded was a politically incorrect term and they should shut up in case they offended someone.

They responded that the only person that could possibly be offended was standing in the room with them. I am still wondering what they were trying to say to me.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fun Friday

Last year my sister gave my Dad a book on home remedies. We all thought it was kind of an odd gift, but he really embraced the whole concept.

When he got a toe-nail fungus he looked in the book and it said if you soak your feet nightly in Listerine that the fungus would go away. Well as much as my mother tried to tell him to use the clear Listerine, he would only use the green.

My dad is a really good sport!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What next in NOLA? updated


This is an update on the situation.

The lady that says HUD and HANO do not have a right to make decisions for her needs to have a reality check. By virture of trapping herself and her family in the public housing system she has given up her rights to choice with regard to free housing. If she has a problem, why not get out of the system so she can make her own choices about where to live?

I know this is easier said than done, but like the white guy was saying, the residents of the housing developments are never going to get ahead until they are encouraged, forced whatever you want to call it, out of the present system.

Perhaps this is an example of growing pains at its worst. I don't know, but this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Terrorism in New Orleans?

It seems that this city is caught up in a never ending racial socio-economic struggle. An un-named group is circulating posters saying that for every unit in the housing developments that is torn down, they will destroy a condo.

I understand that the people who spent generations of entitlement oriented living in the projects feel that these public housing units are in fact their homes. Bottom line is that they were never owned, cared for or even maintained by the residents. Typically the developments that are being torn down need from a structural sense to be demolished; the city does not have the funds to fix them up and HANO and HUD are not going to come up with the money.

If people are so concerned, why not come back to New Orleans and get Jessie and Al to pitch in with a bunch of Churches to help the people rebuild their rental units in the projects? No, they do not want to have to play a part in the rebuild effort; they just want to complain about it. Section 8 housing is going to replace the developments, but that too will require the home owner to actually have to maintain and pay rent on said property. So – evidently whoever is distributing these posters wants to get their housing, utilities and lawn care for free.

I would like to get my housing, utilities and lawn care for free, and I would really LOVE not to have to pay outrageous property taxes to support the folks that would prefer to be reactive not proactive.

Destroy a Condo for every unit that is demolished, because why should Rich people be able to live here, but not the poor? What type of fucked up logic is that? The Condo owners and Home owners are the tax base that allows the city to support the poor.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the first development goes down. I am somewhat concerned about the rodents that now call the projects home descending in to Up Town New Orleans and taking up residence with me. However, I guess the rodents like the former housing residents will feel that they are entitled if they have no place else to go.

I am going get a cat and a tazer!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Jesus is in him, praise the lord!

Yeah another Jesus sighting! I really do not see it this time. I would be afraid that I had a malignant growth, not Jesus inside my chest.

People are just getting stranger and stranger…

Man sees Jesus in chest X-ray
Man sees Jesus in chest X-ray

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Make It Happen?

I am trying very hard to think that Brad Pitt is the best guy out there. However, as dissenting as it may sound, I can not get away from the term “Self Serving”.

Project MIH (9)


Steve Bing who is co authoring the $5,000,000 backup is a rich ass; what do these guys really knows about the lower ninth?

They know nothing.

I am not being hateful. But why build “green homes” in an area that is just going to flood again? Secondary, why build said “ULTRA MODERN GREEN HOMES” in a self proclaimed historic neighborhood? The home owners in the lower 9th are by and large working class stoop sitters with great community process. The “Pink Project” and green does not represent their nature or their means of culture nor communication.

Brad & Bing are creating a community that is probably well intended, but not going to stand the test of time. Why not try to bring it back on stilts with a historic process, not green? Well then, Mr. Pitt and Bing could not write it off.

I applauded the efforts, but just think it is not going to work, and the money could have been better spent, just making “green space”.

I think that Brad is missing the point of what made the 9th ward what is was, and that was the simple, god loving, hardworking people that were born, bread and loved in the homes that no one can bring back.

Trying to re- manufacture a community that was based on love is hard. I am certain if my house was destroyed I would be overjoyed to get a new one, but somehow, it just would not make it the same.

Hey maybe I am all wrong: the test of time and nature will tell.

Monday, December 03, 2007

A word to the wise

This is what makes dating quite terrifying: you just never know what(who) you are going to get.

Excuse me waiter, where is the restroom? Then make a hasty exit out the back of the establishment and hope the guy can’t find your address on line. I never really thought about it, but the availability of looking someone’s address on line is a good reason never to give a person your last name on a first date.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reality Brain Check

If a person is stupid enough to call the police department and inquire about this:

Dude, where's my weed?
Dude, where's my weed?

then they are probably likely to try this too:

Fake $1 million bill
Fake $1 million bill

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Arnold is having a brain movement...

What is going on inside of Arnie's head?

You fill in the blank:


"George is even dumber than I am, WOW"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

big fat turkey

I wish I could explain why I think this commercial is so funny. It's beyond words. I just watch it and laugh; I guess it some how strokes my mental funny bone.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Vissarion: Jesus of Siberia

“A Russian ex-policeman turned self-proclaimed messiah leads thousands of ardent followers in a remote religious community. He is known variously as Vissarion, The Teacher, and Jesus of Siberia and his followers believe that he really is the Messiah.”

When I first heard about “Vissarion” I thought well here is another Jesus want to be. Now I do not think he is the second coming of Christ, but if you have some time take a look at the following videos that explain the community of The Vissarion. In many ways it really is Utopian. The people are all highly intelligent and skilled with a common vision.

I doubt, that as the community grows, the harmony will be kept, but then again I tend to lean towards cynicism. Perhaps these people’s strong beliefs will sustain them? I don’t know. It is really hard for me to buy into the whole Messiah thing, but I guess that is why I don’t buy into Christianity, the Bible as fact etc.

The videos start off a bit slow, but the concept of the community and the fact that they have actually made the community is fascinating.



Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Wing Man

Even though I occasionally have trouble walking and chewing gum, I thought this might be something I should try before I die.

I saw this one and decided maybe not.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holy Pancake!

Once again, I do not see Jesus and Mary in this pancake. Frankly I don't think granny who made it saw the image either. Her religious EBay oriented daughter saw a way to profit though. Someone paid $338 for it.

I despair about the stupidity of people. At least on the survey "A sign from God" most people thought it was just a pancake; Holy Pancake my arse, mind you it will not stop me from scrutinizing my food before I eat it, just IN CASE I have a chance to profit off of some "weirdo" as quoted by granny.

I think it kind of looks like Hansel and Gretel?


or look HERE

Friday, November 09, 2007

I will fix you: promised.

I wish Chris would play New Orleans. He certainly allowed very liberal rights with this song to the Katrina effort.

What a brilliant musician and lyricist? None better than Chris Martin in my opinion.

Art in destruction

I think the watermelon is the best! Thank goodness that they did not show someone's head or I could not have posted it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Biological does not equate to Bio-Best


"A wandering toddler was taken to foster care Tuesday night after his mother didn't pick him up from New Orleans officials.
The owner of a Chevron station on Crowder Boulevard called officers at about 1 p.m. after the 3-year-old the boy wandered alone, shirtless, in the store.
His mother called police after seeing him on the news, but she never showed up to get him back.
Officials said they're not sure if the boy's mother would be given custody again."

This is a very disturbing story. Toddler runs around in, yes it is in the 50’s here, no shirt and shows up at a gas station. Mom calls and says yes it is my kid, but never picks him up.

Okay I get the fact that given the neighborhood that she might be a drug user and feel afraid of getting tested and arrested. I also get the fact that she is scared of being a non-fit mom.

Bottom line, she is a non – fit mom if she can not be bothered to take whatever rap social services is going to give her for calling, but not picking up.

This is a cute little guy and I truly hope that they take him away from his mom and give him a better chance at life.

If I was in a different place in life, I would Foster, Adopt and make a life for a child that has no chance whatsoever, given his/ her fucked up parents.

The fact that the write up even says “MAY NOT” be given back to the mom makes me want to vomit. Of course he should not be given back to a Mom that only noticed his absence after seeing it on the news, and then did not even bother to show up to collect him.

Biological is not best, no matter what the court system wants to make of it. I think why the court system tries so hard to make biological better is that ( found this out recently) it they take a child out of a family they are responsible for payments and health insurance, even if the child is adopted, until said child is 18. The child removed from a family becomes a ward of the State and is thus treated as a child in a custody agreement with the State being the parent paying child support.

At any rate, “Maybe " is not good enough for his cute little boy. “NO WAY IN HELL” is better.

Even in the system, given his age and looks, I think he will stand a better chance than with a MOM that could not even pick him up after seeing him on TV.

Maybe there is an errant Dad all involved with why Mom did not know he was missing. I will give her credit for that ignorance, but not for neglecting picking him up.

Some people need to be sterilized. Simple and True.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

question marks at the mayfair

The above picture was taken by me on my camera phone, possibly rather worse for wine given the blurriness, but what I want to point out are the series of what look like question marks hovering over the back of the bar. I did not photo shop the question marks.

Perhaps it is just a trick of the light?

Ok so it is almost Halloween and so I am compelled to post some scary videos.
This is of an exorcism performed in church in France. I think the Nuns look more scary than the possessed woman; but nuns like policemen kind of make me nervous at the best of times.

If this really is a recording of an exorcism or even if it is a crazy person in a Russian Church, the voices bother me.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

criss is the Sh*t

Rube how can you say this man is not hot ?

I watched Phenomenon yesterday while I was performing a mindless task at work. (Go to if you are interested) I was disappointed. The show is rather contrived. I don’t think that if the guy with the nail gun actually nailed his head that NBC would have let us see as the show is pre recorded. Pre-recording takes the “thrill” out of the whole act.

The lack of pre- recording and a studio setting is what makes Criss Angel so amazing. I am sure that you have seen some of his work, but the following videos really made me scratch my head. How did he do it?

The very nature of what Criss Angel does then has me thinking about Jesus and his miracles. What if Jesus was an illusionist? That would explain a lot. Couldn’t a mentalist way back when persuade the masses that he was a God?

If Criss Angel wanted to cloister himself in an “Angel Compound” and convince his followers that he was the second coming of Christ I bet that there are some people who would be convinced.

On the other hand I started to wonder if there are some people that are paranormal; oddities of Nature as we know it. If I was a “Freak of Nature” I would prefer to pass myself off as an Illusionist, Mentalist with great talent. Better to be known as the best trickster on record than become a science experiment in some secretive government lab.

Anyway these are the videos that really had me going: enjoy the thrill!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This looks like a promising reality show. Apparently it started in Israel and the American premier is tonight.

Perhaps what is “paranormal” to one person is simply “normal” to another. Laws of Physics are not questioned, just extended beyond our understanding of said laws. Who can say with complete certainty there are not some people who actually have a different type of mental capacity and or biological magnetism that allow the things that the masses would say are not possible to be possible?

I can not paint a realistic painting, or play a violin or belt out a command performance at an opera. I would have no idea how to even try. However just because I can not do it does not mean that it, obviously, can not be done. I think in the same way that certain people are born with a gift for the above things, so are some people born with a slightly less understood yet equally amazing gift for what we call paranormal phenomenon.

Anyway, I am going to check out the show tonight!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Let the games begin

International Philosophy at its best! Perhaps we should put all the world leaders out on a soccer field and see what happens?

Unfortunately I don’t think that GW would be up to muster; we will have to wait for Hillary to get the game going. I can envision her putting some fancy foot work over on Putin and Ahmadinejad.

If nothing else it would definitely validate the clinton soccer-mom directive. I find it insulting that anyone would suggest that as a woman I would vote for a woman just because she is a woman. That is like the republican stance on Quayle, the woman will all vote for him because he is good looking. Political analysts should not underestimate the intelligence of Woman voters.

I want a smart Leader who thinks things through before taking action. The more thought that is invoked, the more chance we have of scoring a goal.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Malfeasance in the Vatican or Hell?

Dead Pope John Paul II is Flaming? As much as that may be a hehe to my gay friends, I some how have to attribute a bit of tongue and cheak-iness to said comment, lest I burn in hell. Well by Catholic rehtoric I shall be seeing my gay friends there and therefore not be in damnation alone: praise be god

"Vatican news director, Jarek Cielecki, believes this image is of Pope John Paul II waving from beyond the grave! How you doin' Pope?

He appeared during a commemoration ceremony at Beskid Zywiecki in
Jarek said, : "You can see the image of a person in the flames and I think it is the servant of God, Pope John Paul II."

The Pope has never appeared to me, but I may say with great clarity: this is not The Pope. Now to make the story more interesting, it could be demons impersonating the pope. Pope John Paul was way too ancient to make the moves the fire demon is making. Not the Pope: a flicker of the eye? Is this a capture of the imagination; or who can really say?

Now this is a great video that I am sure is 100% true. The only problem is why the guard is swearing in English instead of well, his native language? If I heard what he did and saw what he did, I doubt that I would lay back on English. Of course the "ghost" at the station in Singapore was speaking english so may be he just repsonded in Kind?

I just did a picture of my new kitchen renovation, and I am sure I have a twin unit of ghosts over the stove..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Anxious in the Big Easy: dichotomy of terms


"The current usage of the term nightmare refers to a dream which causes the sleeper a strong unpleasant emotional response. Nightmares typically feature fear or horror, and/or the sensations of pain, falling, drowning or death. They can be related to physiological causes, such as a high fever; psychological ones, such as unusual trauma or stress in the sleeper's life; or commonly for no apparent cause. Nightmares can be so stressful as to suddenly wake the sufferer in a state of distress, which may prevent falling back to sleep for some time."

This is what I have in every form. I dream of heads and cutting them off, I dream of people chasing me, I dream of death.

I am now having a problem even wanting to sleep because my dreams are now emancipating into rape (of me) and mutilation where I can not seem to get away. With the “head” dream, I clearly cut them off and hid them in boxes in my luggage. I kept asking my roommate: can you smell anything” I could smell it and was worried about discovery. In my dream I was trying to get rid of the heads. Half way through the dream I woke up covered in sweat.

I think I am too young to be going thru hot flashes so I asked my “doctor that is sensitive to my mind” and he said no – absolutely not. You are just trying to resolve something.

So I go back to sleep and a mini cooper with freaks is chasing me in the desert trying to recover the heads that I am attempting to bury. I am like I so have a four wheel drive you are meat: they back off in the dream. I then try to burry the heads, but the sands keeps blowing and they (the heads)just will not go way. My dream does not back off and repeats over and over as it has done for almost a week.

So last night I thought to take no dr. meds, (lexapro) but ambien so I could sleep.

I woke up in the desert with the heads that I chopped off in the back of my jeep trying to find a place to bury them in the sand. The wind blew and blew and the heads never got covered up.

Nothing resolved Dr. Block..

I now will move on to a real situation that happened on Sunday. I was standing – not a dream real life, in front of my house, smoking a cig. A little gray Mini Cooper strolled really slowly in front of the house, like at 1 mile per hour then stopped for a second. It was odd. An “IT” for a lack of a better term was looking out of the rear passenger window. Why I say “IT” is because of the androgynous state of the appearance. At first I thought it was a sight seer woman looking at my next door neighbor’s home. Sh_IT – looked; well it was weird: a hair doo like Shawn Cassidy in the 70’ s or 80’ s but bleached blonde, Glasses out of “Top Gun” and a smile that was only reminiscent of Jim Carey’s tooth eating macabre grin, but whiter and bigger, in “Something About Irene”.

I looked at the car as it slowed, the “thing IT” looked at me. I noted the other people in the car all looked clean cut and in suits. I could not make them out as the Mini Coopers’ windows were tinted.The really odd thing is that as this car moved slowly in front of my house, I could see the odd Shaun Cassidy “its" teeth and hair and glasses shined clearly, but only see the shadows of the driver, front passenger and back seat person.

Okay down to the cut of the worse of my nightmare: which is I swear 100% true, this Mini Cooper with the grinning weirdo in the back passenger seat goes by slowly. The car gets to the stop sign around 20 yards away and them immediately goes into reverse.They reverse the car straight back to me. I am not very defensive as I feel more dumbfounded than defensive.

At first I thought they are going to look at my neighbor’s house again: knowing that all along that is not when then slowed down to begin with. So they back down the street and stop directly in front of me.

All I can see is this crazy looking person with whitish blondish hair and huge sunglasses with an even larger toothy grin looking directly at me. I backed towards the door, but before I got there, a Flash went off. At first I thought shit she"IT "shot me. Turns out, I guess, they just took my picture.

The whole incident has me unnerved and rather scared. I shared it with a cop friend and a bounty hunter friend and they said I should be scared: do a sketch or why did I not get a plate number? Not kind: but practical advise.

What to do about nightmares though? I am used to being scared awake, but waking up in a deep depression of sweat anxiousness from a dream ? This is not anything I know what to do with; ergo why I am asking everyone that reads this blog to comment and put my fears to rest or remedy the situation with advise.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Boo Boo

With all the “American Bashing” that goes on in the “blogosphere”, this is a refreshing really funny look at a woman who embodies the term: “Salt of the Earth”.

One of my best friends basically called me a liar yesterday. I was incredibly insulted and upset. I am still upset with the friend, but this video sort of got me out of my funk.

It is kind of long, but got a hearty laugh out of me which was well worth the wait and watch!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Something Ironic in the tool used for these two...

I might have reached my all time depraved low with this post. However, after discussing it with a woman co- worker we decided that it was the funniest “gross / ewww” thing that we have seen in a while.

I kind of had to do an “O-o” as a friend of mine likes to a put it: a slight smile as it brought to mind all the times that people have come into the gallery and touched the art work.

You can see them priming themselves and then when they think you are not looking: out pops the index finger and they are touching the wet paint. I have to shake my head and tell them if they ruin the piece, they are buying it.

They are usually too embarrassed to ask me for a Kleenex to wipe off the index finger and they do not want to get oil paint on their clothes so they typically do a quick retreat out of the gallery.

If they decide to hang out with their paint encrusted finger they always ask: “how does the artist do that? Surely not with a brush?” My main artist uses a pallet knife. I must say it would make my day to see the clients face after they touched the work if this was the tool used to produce the artwork…


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Magic Underwear

This keeps cutting off half way through for whatever reason. Maybe God is trying to give me a Subliminal message...


A friend of mine sent this to me along with this message:

I'm sending this post from the Bill Maher show to you because as a gay activist/atheist I think it's the excessive mixing of the sacred and the secular in our civil laws that's preventing me and my gay/lesbian brothers and sisters from having our birthright as citizens of the USA being fully recognized.

From our first screaming moment out of our mothers' wombs we have been citizens, yet it's WE who have to make the special arrangements, if possible, to have our loved ones recognized as our legal heirs.

It's WE who have to be better, more deserving, and more knowledgeable about the laws we have to skirt in order to have productive lives.

And sadly many of us don't make it, having succumbed to the mental and physical beatings endured from the hate-filled fundies of the USA.

It's way past time for the 20% percent of us rationalists to speak out and vote accordingly AGAINST religious candidates.”

I think Bill Maher makes a lot of sense in what he says. I hope that I am not offending my religious friends, but I have to err on the side of Rationality.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

crazy characters uptown.

I had a very odd thing happen on Thursday. I was diligently chopping away at my Bougainvillea Bush while waiting for the termite guy to come when I pricked my finger so I briefly went inside to get a band-aid. The thorns are about ½ to 1 inch long and very sharp.

When I was walking towards the front door to continue my dangerous task there was someone frantically knocking? I thought WOW that termite guy is really anxious, and timely which is a big deal in New Orleans these days.

Well it was not the termite guy, who never did show up mind you, but an old lady dressed in a house coat and slippers clutching a whimpering little lap dog. So I open the door which was not locked as I only planned a brief stay inside before going and finishing the cutting and picking up of the deadly bush.

She immediately starts yelling at me and pointing her finger in my chest. I am thinking what in the world is up with this old lady? So I ask her politely to stop yelling and pointing her finger: Just tell me what is wrong.

Apparently her dog decided that the best place in the whole world to do its business was on the pile of Bougainvillea bush pieces on the ground. While she was taking her dump a thorn on the bush poked her in the butt. (The dog, not the old lady) So anyway apparently there was a bit of blood on the dog’s posterior which she made me look at. She also made me look at the pile of branches with the little dog shit in the middle.

I am thinking out loud at this point and say, well ( I was trying not to laugh) I am really sorry your dog got poked , but what does that have to do with me? She responds that it is my fault for not picking up the branches and that she is going to make me pay the vet bill.

She then wanted my name and number. I’m like lady go away. I am not paying your vet bill and now I have to clean up your dog poop on top of the pile of branches.

She grabbed hold of my arm and said that I was a hateful person and a dog hater and she was going to report me to the SPCA too.

She finally went away. I have not heard from her lawyer or the SPCA. New Orleans is filled with eccentric people; I just don’t know why I have to keep on meeting them all.

Let me just pose one question, why would you let your dog go on a big pile of Bougainvillea thorns? It was not like it was a large, determined dog. She could have picked it up? I also thought that it was illegal to have a dog off a leash and let it poop in people's yards. Perhaps I am mistaken?

Friday, September 21, 2007

God answers Law Suit

I understand the point the State Senator Ernie Chambers is trying to make; however, I think all he did for his cause was give Christian’s a laugh at his expense.

Perhaps there was a better way to go about it all? I really don’t know. As Jim Morrison would say:

“People are strange when you’re a stranger” or perhaps

“Time to live, time to lie, Time to laugh, time to die”

The Associated press story:

"A State legislator who filed a lawsuit against God has gotten something he might not have expected: a response. One of two court filings from "God" came Wednesday under otherworldly circumstances, according to John Friend, clerk of the Douglas County District Court in Omaha.

"This one miraculously appeared on the counter. It just all of a sudden was here — poof!" Friend said.

Chambers, a self-proclaimed agnostic who often criticizes Christians, said his filing was triggered by a federal lawsuit he considers frivolous. He said he's trying to makes the point that anybody can sue anybody.

Not so, says "God." His response argues that the defendant is immune from some earthly laws and the court lacks jurisdiction.

It adds that blaming God for human oppression and suffering misses an important point.

"I created man and woman with free will and next to the promise of immortal life, free will is my greatest gift to you," according to the response, as read by Friend.

There was no contact information on the filing, although St. Michael the Archangel is listed as a witness, Friend said. "

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alien cooties?

LIMA: Hundreds of villagers have fallen ill from mysterious gases that spewed from a crater after a meteorite landed in south-eastern Peru, but no radiation has been detected, officials say.

The BBC reported that 600 people required treatment after the object fell from space and that one of Peru's leading geologists, Honorio Campoblanco, had called on the authorities to stop people going near the crash site.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whatever you want me to say Officer…

Wow I guess you have to really keep your questions quiet and polite if you attend lectures at Florida State.

I have to scratch my head and wonder why it took that many cops to suppress one unarmed student. The fact the student was arrested and the police went undisciplined for tasering him well – that does not seem right.

Whenever I even stand next to a cop the hair my arms stands on edge. Cops make me nervous as I think a lot of them are intimation freaks who will let loose and over react to even the most benign situation. I remember a friend and I recently got pulled over for a burned out brake light. The police took both of our driver’s licenses and ran them. I was sitting in the passenger side of the vehicle and when I went to hand the cop on my side of the car the registration and my license she yelled at me and told me to give it to the cop on the driver’s side of the car, who had asked for it first.

I thought that it was all a bit of an overreaction to a situation that should have just been: “Mam, your tail light is burnt out, get it fixed.” I would have replied, “Thank you Officer – I appreciate you telling me.” Instead my friend and I had to wait 20 minutes while they ran our licenses. When I tried to call work to say I was going to be late the cops told me to put the cell phone away. I had the feeling that if my friend or I had made any rapid moves they might have shot us. Maybe not, but that is how I felt.

Monday, September 17, 2007

FAS : Katrina NOLA style pros and cons

Tonight was the series premier of: K – Ville,

They ran a pre – series option to watch the show through FOX, The Times Picayune: its site - Only for people who knew about which I guess is just us guys in NOLA.

As I missed watching on line and did not want to be jaded by what I knew were going to be negatives about the small things: where we eat and what we drink, I waited to watch it this evening.

Surprisingly, the accents were good. The “daddy’s plantation girl was very contrived within the setting of the show: the issue of the city 2 years later with her as an insider tying to buy into “black neighborhoods” is wrong and somewhat insulting: could it happen SURE but who would really be dumb enough to buy out the 9th ward and hire Black Water to orchestrate it? Hmmm maybe I should not go further with that plot line:)

What is happening here: is a city open and welcome to conventioneers and to tourists. We are all set with great hotels and wonderful shops. The French Quarter down through Magazine Street show cases that we are still very viable.

The main concern with K- Ville is that it does not show the viability just the anxiousness and destruction on the lead cop’s home and mental stability.

We are ready to roll, so don’t take K – Ville literally.

I give K -Ville a reluctant B- waiting to see what they will do next.

I also think they could have cast some:”hotter cops”. (The Pics I posted were way hotter than what they look like on the show) When the story line drags, hot cops make it up, and we are very much lacking in this area with K- Ville.

Take the fact that the Florida Coast is still coming back from Ivan in 2004 and the World Trade Centers have not been resurrected since 2001 and conclude, progress in this century still takes time.

New Orleans is a Unique and vital place: it is not just about the major port or the fact we infra structure so much like 40% of domestic oil. It is about the people, the culture and the love. To an extent I don’t think renovating certain public housing projects, so people have a place to live, work and feel good about being a New Orlenian is wrong.

What is wrong is that the media and shows like K-Ville make “literal TV oriented folks” not want to visit.

I understand if ya thought we were scummy before Katrina, you may feel happy and justified about the “god revenge that happened in 2005”, but we really don’t need you to visit if that is your thought.

We need people with insight, culture and money. We also just want to welcome open minded individuals who realize we are a major cultural Hub. Altanta has the airlines, Texas has the companies, but the sprall of no zoning.

New Orleans has 300 years of History. We need more companies like Shell to support us and more than anything, we need people who do not stereo type, but just want to give us a fair chance of survival and have a wonderful time while doing it.

Vive La Novelle Orelans!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mormon Marketing

In order to dispel the Mormon myth of “squeaky, geeky “ clean guys in white shirts and ties riding bikes The Church is coming out with quite an unique calendar; attempting to change the stereo type.

I was watching an MSN video and the female presenter made me laugh. As she was doing her interview with the Calendar guys, she kept blushing and inadvertently fanning herself. Her male counter kept laughing at her too. Her reaction made it irresistible to not go and find the YouTube video.

I only wish that I could find the MSN video again, as that was actually more amusing than the Youtube propaganda: though I must admit these guys are really HOT sizzlin’!

All right then: I am off to Salt Lake City to see what I need to do about converting!

I just really like this song a lot!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

America is so great 9/ll post


"And I’m proud to be an American,where at least I know I’m free.And I wont forget the men who died,who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,next to you and defend her still today.‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,God bless the USA. "

I wonder about people who are so Proud to be Americans. The group of gene pool rejects that tortured this woman are all no doubt very Patriotic. A senseless disgusting crime that makes me along with the war in Iraq not proud to be an american. In fact let me say: not proud to be part of the human race.

God Damn the usa...

Just because the victim was not white does not make this crime more heinous. If a white woman suffered the same torture: I would be equally appalled.

I say that, and I suppose I am lying, as if it was all about skin color, that does horrify me more. However, regardless of skin color, if this bunch of “____________” had done the same thing to a white woman they would be looking at 1o -15 years; as it is a black woman, they are looking at Life; it is going to be tried as a hate crime.

So fry them? I really don’t care, but I think if it had been my"white" daughter – I would want equal sanctions based on the crime; regardless of skin color.

What I am trying to convey is the following:

Hate crimes should not always be racially or sexual oriented or religiously based, as crime in the nature of an attack (on this scale) is HATE and HORRIFIC as defined by the assailants actions.

Regardless of skin color this bunch of inbred “ __________ “ place your own words, as I can not seem to find the words to manifest my thought – this group of repulsive humans must be eliminated from the gene pool now.

Dark or Light don’t make it right.

The Associated Press
LOGAN, W.Va. --

A woman was sexually abused, beaten and humiliated while being held captive in a home for at least a week, sheriff's officials said Monday after making six arrests and calling the FBI to investigate it as a possible hate crime.

Those arrested, including a mother and son and a mother and daughter, are white. The victim, a Charleston woman who was being treated at a hospital Monday, is black.
"The things that were done to this woman are just indescribable," Logan County sheriff's Sgt. Sonya Porter said.

Deputies found the 23-year-old victim Saturday after going to the home in Big Creek, about 35 miles southwest of Charleston, to investigate an anonymous tip. One of the suspects, Frankie Brewster, was sitting on the front porch and told deputies she was alone, but moments later the victim limped toward the door, her arms outstretched, saying "help me," the sheriff's department said in a news release.

Besides being sexually assaulted, the victim was stabbed four times in the left leg and beaten, Porter said. Both of her eyes were black and blue. Deputies said the woman's wounds were inflicted at least a week ago.

During her capture, the victim was forced to eat rat and dog feces and drink from the toilet, according to the criminal complaint filed in magistrate court. The woman also was choked with a cable cord and her hair cut, it alleges.
One of those arrested, Karen Burton, is accused of cutting the woman's ankle with a knife. She used the N-word in telling the woman she was victimized because she is black, according to the criminal complaint.

Deputies say the woman was also doused with hot water while being sexually assaulted.
"We have called the feds," Chief Deputy V.K. Dingess with the Logan County Sheriff's Department said Monday. "They may pick this up as a hate crime."

A call seeking comment from the FBI was not immediately returned Monday.
The six suspects were arrested Saturday and Sunday. Deputies were still trying to determine whether the victim knew her assailants and how she came to be at Brewster's home, Porter said.

Frankie Brewster, 49, is charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and giving false information during a felony investigation. Deputies said she was the woman on the porch.

Her son, Bobby R. Brewster, 24, is charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and assault during the commission of a felony.
Burton, 46, of Chapmanville, is charged with malicious wounding, battery and assault during the commission of a felony.

Her daughter Alisha Burton, 23, of Chapmanville, and George A. Messer, 27, of Chapmanville, are charged with assault during the commission of a felony and battery.
Danny J. Combs, 20, of Harts, is charged with sexual assault and malicious wounding.
All six were held Monday in lieu of $100,000 bond each, and all have asked for court-appointed public defenders.

How nasty are these people? - Let us execute and go forth. I am not even pro capital punishment, and I think they need full frontal lobotomies or death: am I the sick one here?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sales techniques 101

A must take course for all potential sales personnel.

A new refreshing approach to honest sales; I can not think of how many times at the gallery I have wanted to say: Just buy it for gods sake!!!!!!!!!!!!

The clients will prattled on, make you move the painting all around the gallery, turn the lights off, turn them on, take a picture of the piece, drink wine, eat all the cheese, drop cracker crumbs on the ground, use the bathroom and then buy nothing.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mueck Marvels

When I saw Ron Mueck’s sculptures they pretty much blew me away! The detail and the sheer dimension of his pieces, whether small or large, boggle my mind. When I see an artist like this it makes me wish I were a famous gallery owner with 20,000 sq ft in a Manhattan Loft gallery. I think it would help out the contemporary works of my current very talented artists enormously as well. Hey guys, please keep your fingers crossed that I win the lottery and we are on our way out of the Big Easy to the Big Apple!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

leggin's and such shit

Leggings are the insinuated factor that made thin women in the 90’s fat in the year 2000. All I can say is that they were very comfortable and hid a multitude of sins.

I was thinking about this with a conversation with 4 women who said the same thing – so now it must be bonafide!

Hello Madonna, we hate you for the fashion influences that with out money allowed us to expand.

Glad that Guy Ritchie made ya reach your border line.

I had every hew of leggings out there and am assured said leggings with the elastic contributed to a LARGER than life waist line in 2000.

My favorite Madonna song is one where she is the best looking ever – in fact it inspired me off those legging’s.

When this song came out I purchased a Madonna dress then understood about the leggings; burning them all in a bonfire in the back yard (that would be another story) I still have the little black dress but still hold resentment, ( got arrested for the burning leggin's and gained 40 lbs)

Love the song.

Madonna is so hot in this video that it questions my: not sexuality; but therein the lack of it on a regular basis.

It definately questions my hair dresser and my personal trainer,

The more I watch it I wonder no longer about the Guy Ritchie thing. Who could not give up credibitiy for a woman like that?

HMMMM a pondering question with out doubt

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In memory of the 2nd anniversary

I had never seen the following 3 videos before. They are all very different in perspective with one perhaps going at bit over board racially.

None the less they are all very interesting and worth the time it takes to watch them.

The first video is: well it is quite self explanatory

The second video makes good points about the Bush Administration’s response to Katrina, perhaps the slow response was due to the fact that 80% of the people at the Superdome and Convention Center were Black.

The third video is taken in Chalmette, which is just outside of Orleans Parish, and shows what a family that decided to ride out the storm went though.

As a long time New Orleans resident nothing really surprises me anymore. I stayed during Katrina and had no problem getting out of the city 3 days after the storm. This makes me very surprised that the American Military could not get in and help out all the folks stranded at the Superdome and Convention center; not even get them water for 6 days. How hard could that have been to do? None of the area around the Convention Center was even flooded.

We wonder why federalists are stock piling weapons and canned foods; they probably have a good idea. If a nuclear weapon goes off do not expect the government to help you. You are basically going to be on your own as they will hope the causality rate is 100 %. That way they can simply send in the National Guard to recover your body, which is apparently easier than air dropping MRE’s and Water.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Year of the cat 2008

The 2008 presidential race is expected to be the first in decades that won't include a sitting president or vice president in the field of candidates vying for the White House. A large group of contenders are already putting together campaign operations and visiting the early primary states.'s Presidential Field database will include full coverage of the candidates as the election season unfolds.

Hometown: New Castle, Del.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/31/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Current Job/Position: Senator from New York
Hometown: Park Ridge, Ill.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/22/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Chris Dodd
Current Job/Position: Senator from Connecticut
Hometown: East Haddam, Conn.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/11/07
Profile Finance Tracker
John Edwards
Current Job/Position: Director for Center on Poverty; Trial Lawyer
Hometown: Robbins, N.C.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/3/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Mike Gravel
Current Job/Position: Lecturer
Hometown: Springfield, Mass.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 4/14/06
Profile Finance Tracker
Dennis Kucinich
Current Job/Position: Representative from Ohio
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Status: Statement of Candidacy 12/29/06
Profile Finance Tracker
Barack Obama
Current Job/Position: Senator from Illinois
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia; Honolulu, Hawaii
Status: Statement of Candidacy 2/12/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Bill Richardson
Current Job/Position: Governor of New Mexico
Hometown: Pasadena, Calif.; Mexico City, Mexico
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/22/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Republican Candidates
Sam Brownback
Current Job/Position: Senator from Kansas
Hometown: Parker, Kan.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/22/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Rudy Giuliani
Current Job/Position: Lawyer
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 2/5/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Mike Huckabee
Current Job/Position: Candidate
Hometown: Hope, Ark.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/29/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Duncan Hunter
Current Job/Position: Representative from California
Hometown: Alpine, Calif.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/25/07
Profile Finance Tracker
John McCain
Current Job/Position: Senator from Arizona
Hometown: Alexandria, Va.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 11/16/06
Profile Finance Tracker
Ron Paul
Current Job/Position: Representative from Texas
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 3/12/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Mitt Romney
Current Job/Position: Candidate
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/3/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Tom Tancredo
Current Job/Position: Representative from Colorado
Hometown: Broomfield, Colo.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 4/12/07
Profile Finance Tracker
Fred Thompson
Current Job/Position: Actor
Hometown: Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
Status: Unofficial
Profile Finance Tracker

I forgot about Biden - so look him up on your own. He got cut of of the "list" As I cut and pasted from a source that I can not now find~

Anyway I think Mrs. Clinton has it in the bag.

This was the song that I kept hearing over and over in my mind when I was 19, it made no sense outside of drugs then, but makes quite a bit now. In fact there is a sense of wonder of why I never listened to it the first place.

Listening would have saved me a ton of heart break ? Maybe at 19 you can not be spared, but hopefully 20 years later one might have learned at bit? Time Passages pretty much defined my life in the 80' & early 90's.

To be honest I think I still live in Time Passages - OMG what a real waste. (Good Tune - even if it dates who cares if I am now a "Time Lord"?) Thank you Dr. Who.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

hOw do they get them Believers???

Jesus Drinks, Smokes and Claims to He's the Second Coming

I was not going to post about De Jesus, but the subject was too compelling to let go.

I never heard of this guy, Jose De Jesus until I watched Prime Time last night.

How in the world can an ex- heroin addict from Puerto Rico establish a ministry where thousands of rich Miami socialites follow his every word? At first he was the reincarnation of Apostle Paul (my least favorite of all if ever he did exist) and then emancipated into Jesus then God.

This guy drinks, Smokes and has many women. His thought was ,well Jesus made wine because he is like me – why drink water? The other odd contention is that well Dewar’s had not yet been invented so wine was the next best thing. Jose hangs at the local corner bar as habitual spiritual place because Jesus hung out at taverns. He then tours communities from Miami to Houston where there is a rich Hispanic populist to help his mission.

He hopes that soon he will have a “big white following” in these areas too.

Disturbing is what he calls all the children of his followers: The children are called the “Super Raza” and have to salute with a 2 finger nudge to the head when he walks by.

The Super Race of children spawned from a want to be who claims he is anti Christ as well as Jesus and god Incarnate is very Scary. Oh as a devote follower it is appropriate to tattoo 666 on your arm.

Precepts of the Religious teachings, by De Jesus, are that you are absolutely guilt free on any thing you do in this life. God does not punish you for murder, adultery, chopping off the head of the family pet then force feeding it to your children. Then lets proceed further with chopping off the heads of your kids and eating said heads and saying YUMMY yummy I have dog and kid in my tummy.

No Jose De Jesus died 2000 years ago for your sins so you will never again be judged at a higher level in god's system you have a 10-4. Now the criminal element does come into play as you are then allowed to be judged by secular court systems for your sins. This of course is only for the short time you live on earth. All is well in Heaven.

Anyway I thought the whole thing was hideous and scary. Not a few followers, but many. Not a few children Raza (The super race in translation) but a million folks buying into the good life based on a false story – BIBLICAL IN PROPORTION.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who let the dogs out?

I was listening to WWL today and they devoted quite a bit of the show to Dog Fighting and Michael Vick. The host Garland was saying that when he heard about it his first reaction was that Michael Vick must be sick. (Like sick in the head).

So Garland gets a psychiatrist on the show with the premise that the shrink it going to agree with him. He started the interview out with saying that as a society would we not think that there was something wrong with a kid (9-12) who tortured animals. Would that not be an indicator that the child was going to turn out to be a mass murderer / pervert? The Shrink said well that is what one would typically think, but in the case of dog fighting or cock fighting that was not necessarily so.

He contended that Dog and Cock Fighting are cultural. If a child is brought up in an environment where this is common place that they do not see anything wrong with it as an adult. A caller brought up Bull Fighting in Spain, which is definitely cruel to the bull, yet accepted as a cultural tradition.

After taking a look at the Michael Vick situation from a different perspective Garland agreed that perhaps Vick is not a cruel and sadistic person. They also talked about kids that grow up on farms and think nothing of wringing a chicken’s neck and watching the body run around – laughing the whole time.

I certainly think Michael Vic should have found a better "hobby" to spend his $100 million on. I personally find any sort of cruelty to animals repulsive. So much so that I find it very difficult to eat meat that is prepared for me and certainly will not prepare it for me or anyone else.

I just thought this was an interesting perspective on things; of course based on a strictly visual opinion, Michael Vick does look rather cruel and sadistic, but what do I know?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pardon Moi :) ???

As I am a fan of “potty” humor I found this to be tooooooo tempting not to have a bit of fun with.

Potty humor ; that does not say much about me I guess. However better to laugh than to cry in most situations: no one likes to attend funerals but especially me as the pressure mounts (no I don’t have gas) I start to giggle. The more serious and horrible the situation the more I laugh. Definitely something I should discuss with my shrink.

I am glad to see I have one thing in common with Prince Harry!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


OMG! another Jesus sighting; this time in Connecticut on The Smith family’s kitchen cabinet.

I don’t know about Jesus, but it sure looks like a Dead, Jerry Garcia to me. Let the creative juices flow...

I wonder if The Smiths are fans.

Anyone else see the resemblance?


Monday, August 13, 2007

blame it on the rain?

I was just thinking about yesterday at the gallery. I know that I should leave the door locked, but unlocked seems so much more inviting to the few who browse during a 112 heat index.

Anyway, yesterday I was sitting at my computer doing somewhat intense accounting work and not paying attention to anything that was more that 5 inches from my nose – meaning the computer screen.

Before I could react a very good looking and very f***up Latino man with shirt wide open had opened the door to the gallery. He immediately got on his knees and started to do the catholic thing umm jeflix (don’t know how to spell it): the crossing thing? He then moved his way bowing to me as he moved toward the desk.

I understand that I must put myself between the door and the odd person at all times, so I got up and walked towards him.

He said “no speak anglesish I nee moneeeee to go to floriiiiiiiida i no wer to liva har” I’m like well that’s fine you must move backwards out of my gallery.

Before I could do anything this guy shirt open and brown eyes fluttering is licking my toes. I had taken my shoes off while working.

Gross if you have ever seen my lack of pedicure. So I tell him he should really stop licking my toes if he wants money.

He then says: “Goddess my love my goddess “and takes my hand and starts licking it.

Hmmm the sword, knife and phone are at the desk or in the bathroom.

I tell him you are a lovely man but if you want a dollar you must back out of the gallery.

He’s all odd and looking even odder when he says: Lic palm for luc and cum back you I come back for”


“queen ya”


“I come back for you – you my queen”

On his knees he backed out of the gallery, but would not let go of my hand. When we got right by the door I told him he had to let go of me. Another licking episode –but he let go and backed outside, still on his knees.

I blame it on the 115 degree heat index, but maybe the lack of rain had something to do with it too

I immediately locked the door.

Call me stupid, but I did hand him $5 out the mail slot. He was not happy with that, but took it and bumped on his butt down the stairs.

He never came back so I guess I did the correct thing? What would you done?