Thursday, August 30, 2007

leggin's and such shit

Leggings are the insinuated factor that made thin women in the 90’s fat in the year 2000. All I can say is that they were very comfortable and hid a multitude of sins.

I was thinking about this with a conversation with 4 women who said the same thing – so now it must be bonafide!

Hello Madonna, we hate you for the fashion influences that with out money allowed us to expand.

Glad that Guy Ritchie made ya reach your border line.

I had every hew of leggings out there and am assured said leggings with the elastic contributed to a LARGER than life waist line in 2000.

My favorite Madonna song is one where she is the best looking ever – in fact it inspired me off those legging’s.

When this song came out I purchased a Madonna dress then understood about the leggings; burning them all in a bonfire in the back yard (that would be another story) I still have the little black dress but still hold resentment, ( got arrested for the burning leggin's and gained 40 lbs)

Love the song.

Madonna is so hot in this video that it questions my: not sexuality; but therein the lack of it on a regular basis.

It definately questions my hair dresser and my personal trainer,

The more I watch it I wonder no longer about the Guy Ritchie thing. Who could not give up credibitiy for a woman like that?

HMMMM a pondering question with out doubt


bwcubed said...

i need a cigarette

Woozie said...

Here ya go. Now, he dropped Madonna either because a, her ass wasn't big enough or b, he loves it in the ass.

Decisions, decisions.

Cathy said...

I've always liked Madonna. Oh I remember that video, it's one of my favorites too. Isn't that the one that got the Pepsi panties in a twist? If I recall she'd just signed a big endorsement contract and then she torpedoed um. I might have it wrong, I'm getting old. Madonna's 9 months younger than me, but damn what a difference those 9 months make!

Kønig Hasemörder said...

Brad Pitt is bisexy because "he has a woman´s ass". But Madonna isn't even a real person.

Madonna's moleage is 100% Morpharotic

Kønig Hasemörder said...

Posted the wrong morpharotic link

the rube said...

was it her video crucifying jesus that set her up with those kabbalah guys?

Raspootin said...

bcubed - I almost needed a smoke

woozie - decisions decisions that is what makes life so unpredictable

Cathy - at least we can reflect that this video was done over 10 years ago so maybe she does not look at good now??? Yeah right :(

Konig- Brad Pitt is Bisexy so is Johnny Depp

Rube - Ha good response!

Woozie said...

Johnny Depp maybe, but not Brad Pitt.

wishin said...

I love that song. Yes raspootin, that song was during my childhood.