Friday, August 10, 2007

South Park and Scientology

I thought this would make an interesting 200th post. Actors and Religious groups have too much power. Why should people with money or spiritual pull or even worse both ruin things for the rest of us?

South Park is an equal opportunity offender regardless of race, religion or rehabilitation status; that is what makes the show so funny.

See the South Park episode on Scientology here!See the amazing episode that has been stopped by Tom Cruise! Episode available online here (RealMedia) and here (web streaming) and here (AVI).

rolling stone



the rube said...

it ain't easy battling the powerful lobby of psychiatrists. it takes a hollywood action star to take on freud and his ilk.

i liked the passion of the jew.

Woozie said...

Why doesn't Tom Cruise make a 1984-esque movie about the U.S. being taken over by an evil Xenu-Psychiatry alliance, and it's up to him and his Magic Jesus powers to save 'Murrika?

I liked Fat Butt and Pancake Head.

Raspootin said...

Passion of the jew ( more like passion of the EWWWWWW) Nasty gross bloody business I had to close my eyes and then decided to just turn it off.

gracias woozie

very amusing.