Friday, August 17, 2007

Pardon Moi :) ???

As I am a fan of “potty” humor I found this to be tooooooo tempting not to have a bit of fun with.

Potty humor ; that does not say much about me I guess. However better to laugh than to cry in most situations: no one likes to attend funerals but especially me as the pressure mounts (no I don’t have gas) I start to giggle. The more serious and horrible the situation the more I laugh. Definitely something I should discuss with my shrink.

I am glad to see I have one thing in common with Prince Harry!


Woozie said...

What they don't show is Mr. Wasn't Me changing his crappy pants in Ye Royale Bathroom.

Raspootin said...

La de da - glad to know that blue blood does not affect the gastric system... crappy pants are taken care of by the crabby butler, the butlers make more than sharks in the NY garment district - just no Ye Royale Toilet Stories are allowed. Off with your head then!

Woozie said...

Well before you use Ye Olde Hatchet to chop off my Olde Head, I put up Ye Olde New Post because you were Ye Olde Shocked and Awed that I still had Ye Olde Hulkamania up.

Raspootin said...

Jolly good !

Talle Ho!

the rube said...

i guess inbreeding causes flatulence.

i understand their distant relative adolf passed a bit of wind in his day.