Saturday, October 27, 2007

criss is the Sh*t

Rube how can you say this man is not hot ?

I watched Phenomenon yesterday while I was performing a mindless task at work. (Go to if you are interested) I was disappointed. The show is rather contrived. I don’t think that if the guy with the nail gun actually nailed his head that NBC would have let us see as the show is pre recorded. Pre-recording takes the “thrill” out of the whole act.

The lack of pre- recording and a studio setting is what makes Criss Angel so amazing. I am sure that you have seen some of his work, but the following videos really made me scratch my head. How did he do it?

The very nature of what Criss Angel does then has me thinking about Jesus and his miracles. What if Jesus was an illusionist? That would explain a lot. Couldn’t a mentalist way back when persuade the masses that he was a God?

If Criss Angel wanted to cloister himself in an “Angel Compound” and convince his followers that he was the second coming of Christ I bet that there are some people who would be convinced.

On the other hand I started to wonder if there are some people that are paranormal; oddities of Nature as we know it. If I was a “Freak of Nature” I would prefer to pass myself off as an Illusionist, Mentalist with great talent. Better to be known as the best trickster on record than become a science experiment in some secretive government lab.

Anyway these are the videos that really had me going: enjoy the thrill!


the rube said...

it wouldn't be any fun if us rubes could figure it out. sometimes i'm glad that i can't figure it out.


Woozie said...

Plexiglass (or something else) in the water. A human literally walking on water with such ease defies the laws of physics.

Interesting that they abandon the dash-cam at the point of impact. No real paramedic would let anyone get up and start walking after being hit by a car and slammed through a "brick" wall.

Regarding the wood chipper (who calls it a chipper shredder?) I don't know. Not a magician though, no bodily structures that can facilitate magic. Whatever he did, probably all it takes is practice and rehearsal. It doesn't take an illusionist, or a savior :)

And his music SUCKS >:(

Raspootin said...

His music does suck. With the water I don't see how it could have been plexi glass as he took off his shoes and they immediately sunk to the bottom of the pool.

The car thing I dont know how he did it - and the wood chip machine is beyond me. His wife and mom seemed genuinely upset as did the guy running the machine.

How ever he does it, it is rather thrilling :)