Friday, October 05, 2007

Boo Boo

With all the “American Bashing” that goes on in the “blogosphere”, this is a refreshing really funny look at a woman who embodies the term: “Salt of the Earth”.

One of my best friends basically called me a liar yesterday. I was incredibly insulted and upset. I am still upset with the friend, but this video sort of got me out of my funk.

It is kind of long, but got a hearty laugh out of me which was well worth the wait and watch!


Kønig Hasemörder said...

Did he basically call you a liar or pretty much call you one? Maybe he was just playing possum.

Kønig Hasemörder said...

Perhaps you knew about the Grand Prix checkered flag from conception. That would explain your prematurity. Don't play chicken and crash into a wall, even though they look great.

This is equestrian philanthropist madness!

Raspootin said...

The liar thing was all in the eyes. I try to pickup on advert, negative body language.

Crash and burn? Perhaps.

the rube said...

things may not be as they seem.

to much salt in a human's diet invariably leads to high blood pressure.