Saturday, September 29, 2007

crazy characters uptown.

I had a very odd thing happen on Thursday. I was diligently chopping away at my Bougainvillea Bush while waiting for the termite guy to come when I pricked my finger so I briefly went inside to get a band-aid. The thorns are about ½ to 1 inch long and very sharp.

When I was walking towards the front door to continue my dangerous task there was someone frantically knocking? I thought WOW that termite guy is really anxious, and timely which is a big deal in New Orleans these days.

Well it was not the termite guy, who never did show up mind you, but an old lady dressed in a house coat and slippers clutching a whimpering little lap dog. So I open the door which was not locked as I only planned a brief stay inside before going and finishing the cutting and picking up of the deadly bush.

She immediately starts yelling at me and pointing her finger in my chest. I am thinking what in the world is up with this old lady? So I ask her politely to stop yelling and pointing her finger: Just tell me what is wrong.

Apparently her dog decided that the best place in the whole world to do its business was on the pile of Bougainvillea bush pieces on the ground. While she was taking her dump a thorn on the bush poked her in the butt. (The dog, not the old lady) So anyway apparently there was a bit of blood on the dog’s posterior which she made me look at. She also made me look at the pile of branches with the little dog shit in the middle.

I am thinking out loud at this point and say, well ( I was trying not to laugh) I am really sorry your dog got poked , but what does that have to do with me? She responds that it is my fault for not picking up the branches and that she is going to make me pay the vet bill.

She then wanted my name and number. I’m like lady go away. I am not paying your vet bill and now I have to clean up your dog poop on top of the pile of branches.

She grabbed hold of my arm and said that I was a hateful person and a dog hater and she was going to report me to the SPCA too.

She finally went away. I have not heard from her lawyer or the SPCA. New Orleans is filled with eccentric people; I just don’t know why I have to keep on meeting them all.

Let me just pose one question, why would you let your dog go on a big pile of Bougainvillea thorns? It was not like it was a large, determined dog. She could have picked it up? I also thought that it was illegal to have a dog off a leash and let it poop in people's yards. Perhaps I am mistaken?


the rube said...

let me know when your case comes up on judge judy. i'd be happy to testify that only a defective dog would do it's business on a bougainvillea bush.

i hope you're counter suing.

Raspootin said...

I think the lady was 100 and her poor dog blind and a 101...

bwcubed said...

at least she did not try to lick your toes

Raspootin said...


I might have ended up in jail when I then kicked her in the face.

Only kidding, as gross as an old lady licking my toes would be I would have held back on kicking her.