Sunday, September 30, 2007

Magic Underwear

This keeps cutting off half way through for whatever reason. Maybe God is trying to give me a Subliminal message...


A friend of mine sent this to me along with this message:

I'm sending this post from the Bill Maher show to you because as a gay activist/atheist I think it's the excessive mixing of the sacred and the secular in our civil laws that's preventing me and my gay/lesbian brothers and sisters from having our birthright as citizens of the USA being fully recognized.

From our first screaming moment out of our mothers' wombs we have been citizens, yet it's WE who have to make the special arrangements, if possible, to have our loved ones recognized as our legal heirs.

It's WE who have to be better, more deserving, and more knowledgeable about the laws we have to skirt in order to have productive lives.

And sadly many of us don't make it, having succumbed to the mental and physical beatings endured from the hate-filled fundies of the USA.

It's way past time for the 20% percent of us rationalists to speak out and vote accordingly AGAINST religious candidates.”

I think Bill Maher makes a lot of sense in what he says. I hope that I am not offending my religious friends, but I have to err on the side of Rationality.


the rube said...

it's hard to believe only 20% are non-believers.

if children weren't indoctrinated at a young age but were shielded from religion until they are old enough to vote perhaps the figure would be a lot higher.

as a rationalist i don't think santa claus and jesus are the same guy.

Cathy said...

I've always liked Bill Maher; but my ghost is still looking forward to playing with space daddy for all eternity. :o)

Kønig Hasemörder said...

Silly fools! Ghosts are not time dependent. Mine is already playing with space daddy. He likes the cock!

Raspootin said...

Rube: I agree definitely two separate entities.

Cathy: Playing for eternity sounds kind of tiring, but fun.

Konig: you have a ghost that plays with cock? How very interesting :)

bwcubed said...

in my book, (however small it is)bill maher is an ass.

Raspootin said...

That is why this is america, we all have the right to have our own books.