Thursday, December 20, 2007

Of potty training and men?

I was watching a video on immigration which then led as an odd thread to Japanese potty training. I felt compelled to view the video as I have heard in great detail about my friend’s efforts to potty train their children. I have a friend who is now questioning if he wants to procreate – well this is for you dear :)

Now if I had a child, I would definitely like him to be like this little kid. I would have to return a child that just stood there and did nothing…

Sometimes I wonder if I missed out by not having children. I guess I could adopt, but think it would be cheaper and just a rewarding to marry a wealthy older man with grandchildren – and I can then be the doting young granny. Yup I am liking this case scenario quite a lot.

So if anyone knows a guy in his 40 - 50's with children that are all out of college who is:

Smart & Sarcastic
Well Read
Well Off Financially
and relatively handsome please send him my way.


billy pilgrim said...

i don't know how people raise kids without smoking pot.

Anonymous said...

niggah please

Raspootin said...

If I smoked pot my finky little kid would probably turn me into the cops.

Niggah just does not translate when coming out the mouth of a white boy.

Woozie said...

Nigga has no "h" young germanigga. Much to learn you have.