Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My birthday

My birthday started at midnight as I was born January 1. This is me being safe and walking home from the New Years Eve party. I believe that those are fireworks, but in my state of being at the time, they could have been aliens coming to invade New Orleans.

My friends all asked me the day before the New Years Eve party what I wanted to do for my birthday. I said: Go See Sweeny Todd, is the 11:05 show going to be too early?

They all said no that is great, I said wonderful, I will even purchase the ticktes. We were all supposed to meet at my place at 10:30 am.
I am sitting outside drinking coffee and waiting for 3 people to show up, as the night before I had 3 cancellations due to an overabundance of drink. No problem I am used to this as I have had way too many New Year's day birthdays.

I hear a rather large commotion coming down the street and I think that 2 of my friends must be arguing. Ummm no. They are drunk as skunks (whatever that phrase really means). They stop in front of my house and start yelling " We Love YOU" and "We even got here early" I'm like its 10:30 and they are astounded then in their great shock fall on the ground in front of the gate bathing each other in bloody mary.

My neighbors are finding this most amusing. I kind of found it amusing too - so I reached for my phone and attempted the most important video shot ever. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for them it did not come out. I can honestly say the only thing that bummed me out on my birthday was that the video did not save properly.

Follow the red arrows and this is my friend " Bella " sitting in the Bourganvilla bush. Her Boyfriend is pointing.
This is "Bella's Boyfriend who wanted to prove to me he was okay because he could stand up straight without holding on to the fence.

Well I was down to one last person who did come through and so I went to see Sweeny Todd . The movie was fantasic and made my birthday!

So to round things out I went to the Mayfair where the patrons all put in to buy me drinks and a birthday cake.

I do not want to be critical, as I think getting a cake when you are past 40 is a really nice gesture. However, I can only assume the lady at the cake shop was having a bad day. I am not just questioning the spelling of Birthday, but umm even though my name is not Raspootin - whatever is on the cake is rather off. I see where she was going though.

Anyway, I did have an interesting birthday and encourage everyone to see Sweeny Todd.


bwcubed said...

happy belated birthday. I am glad to have you as a friend.

Raspootin said...

thanks bwcubed :) back at ya!

I think I was kind of jealous of my friends that did the all - nighter. I can't do that anymore :(

wishin said...

Happy Birthday.. again. Yes, I wish I could do the all-nigher too but I can't. Does that mean I'm getting old??

I think the person who did your cake pulled an all-nighter :)

Raspootin said...

I thought about telling the manager at Rouses that their cake person was spelling challenged, but decided against it.

billy pilgrim said...

happy feckin birthday and ditto for the new year

maybe the cake decorator is an artist and misspelling is his/her unique style.