Sunday, January 06, 2008

what I thought

There was a large, very wealthy man that walked into the gallery on Saturday.

I bonafide this by the limo and the "healthy team of followers" that accompanied him or stood outside, it was all quite impressive.

I was really excited, thinking this is it! Some one is going to buy my William Tolliver pieces ($35K each).

So he unnamed man strolls in with the entourage and says: I am throwing a party tonight for the Saints. I will lease out your Tollivers for the evening for $200.00. I am like no- if you would like to put $60K on a credit card, I will go ahead and refund at no charge the pieces when you bring them back. That would mean in his home at no charge at all.

He told me that was not acceptable and walked out in a huff. I think I did right as I have no floating insurance policy on the pieces. What do you think? Well all I thought about was this song:


billy pilgrim said...

sounds like a scam out of the rockford files.

Woozie said...

I take it him signing a contract making him pay full price for any damaged pieces was impossible.

Raspootin said...

I thought it might be a scam too. If he had gone through an established organization I would have had no problem doing exactly as you suggested woozie.

I have sold a lot of artwork to the offensive coach for the Steelers. If Coach Mitchell had asked I would have done it with a contract immediately as I have done business with him and his players for years.