Monday, December 17, 2007

Hallmark Interrupters.

My boss sent this video to all of us. I thought it was really sweet, almost bringing a tear to the eye.

So I am watching it in the spirit of the guy that always was a team player finally got a shot and did well – Happy Ending and all that Hallmark stuff.

My co workers who are all male made fun of the video questioning why our boss would want them to watch a “retarded kid” shoot hoops?

I told them that retarded was a politically incorrect term and they should shut up in case they offended someone.

They responded that the only person that could possibly be offended was standing in the room with them. I am still wondering what they were trying to say to me.


Woozie said...

Ack, it's way too Hallmark-y, almost to the point of repulsiveness. It's a guy thing.

Raspootin said...

I will accept that as a reasoned response to my question. Thanks Woozie!