Thursday, December 06, 2007

Make It Happen?

I am trying very hard to think that Brad Pitt is the best guy out there. However, as dissenting as it may sound, I can not get away from the term “Self Serving”.

Project MIH (9)


Steve Bing who is co authoring the $5,000,000 backup is a rich ass; what do these guys really knows about the lower ninth?

They know nothing.

I am not being hateful. But why build “green homes” in an area that is just going to flood again? Secondary, why build said “ULTRA MODERN GREEN HOMES” in a self proclaimed historic neighborhood? The home owners in the lower 9th are by and large working class stoop sitters with great community process. The “Pink Project” and green does not represent their nature or their means of culture nor communication.

Brad & Bing are creating a community that is probably well intended, but not going to stand the test of time. Why not try to bring it back on stilts with a historic process, not green? Well then, Mr. Pitt and Bing could not write it off.

I applauded the efforts, but just think it is not going to work, and the money could have been better spent, just making “green space”.

I think that Brad is missing the point of what made the 9th ward what is was, and that was the simple, god loving, hardworking people that were born, bread and loved in the homes that no one can bring back.

Trying to re- manufacture a community that was based on love is hard. I am certain if my house was destroyed I would be overjoyed to get a new one, but somehow, it just would not make it the same.

Hey maybe I am all wrong: the test of time and nature will tell.

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