Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hypocrisy Rules in the US

I have mentioned that I listen to Rush everyday. Typically I find him obnoxious but not really offensive. This week he transformed into the “Talent on Loan from God” to the “Tactless Fool on Loan from the Looney Bin.

His comments about Michael J Fox’s commercials for Democratic candidates supporting Steam Cell research were insufferable. In some ways it reminded me of Tom Cruise spouting his rhetoric with regards to Brooke Shields taking Paxil to overcome post partum depression.

How completely irresponsible and insensitive Rush Limbaugh’s comments were on the subject of Parkinson’s disease and Michael J Fox probably can never be truly measured. Rush is an entertainer not a doctor, yet his HUGE ego allowed him to assert to his minion of doting fans that Michael J Fox was faking the effects of his disease in order to make Republicans look like people that were callus and uncaring about those dying from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

"He is exaggerating the effects of the disease," Limbaugh told listeners. "He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act. . . . This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting."

After a backlash from the “drive by media” Rush changed his tact and gave an insipid apology. He then changed direction to try and back up his egregious faux pas by saying that not him, but Democrats were exploiting Michael’s disease by having him campaign for them under the guise of a terminally ill person who is seeking a cure.

My mother is dying from Parkinson’s. She is also diabetic. I can assure you as her body falls apart her mind remains as sharply intact. My point being, Michael J Fox is a very bright man who is on the fore front of advocacy for Steam Cell Research. The Republican Party led by Bush has taken a moral road leading toward the dark ages of research by claiming that Embryonic Steam Cell Research is akin to abortion and cloning.

Rush to cover his embarrassment is telling the 9,999,999 brainwashed listeners that this is exactly true. Supporting Embryonic Steam Cell Research is like supporting the murder of babies. The stats for Rush’s show are 10 million daily, I am obviously excluding myself from the census number of those who follow his every word with bated breath. Rush is also asserting, because he evidently feels that he is now an expert on the subject of steam cell research, that there is no evidence whatsoever that supports Embryonic Steam Cell research and its effects on possible cures for Parkinson’s , Diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

I guess that there is not as much factual evidence that supports Embryonic Steam Cell Research, because there has been no money put into the Federal Budget to support the research confirming the evidence.

Just like Michael J Fox should be allowed to support any candidate of his choice, I should be able to donate my eggs for embryonic research. Men go into sperm banks every day and make a “deposit” for money. Each month women flush eggs down the toilet. What a profound waste when eggs and sperm could be placed together on a little slide and provide science with a mechanism to prove the validity of Embryonic Steam Cell Research; hopefully leading to a cure for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

It is my contention that if an embryo is not placed in a woman’s womb – it is not a baby. It is never going to be a baby. Also – let me just throw this out as a last thought. Even if the majority of Embryonic Steam Cell research was done with aborted fetuses – so what? Abortion is legal.

George Bush legislates his religious beliefs to the detriment of scientific progress. Rush Limbaugh is jumping on the wagon by pretending to actually know something about Embryonic Steam Cell Research and Parkinson’s. He has the audacity to call Michael J Fox a Faker and the Democrats Users; when that is exactly what he does on everyday on his radio show.

Rush feels that he can say whatever he wants, yet the rest of us are too stupid to state an opinion without being taken advantage of. Not only is Rush Limbaugh a hypocrite, but a hate monger who definitely takes advantage of his listener's ignorance.

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The Reverend Jon Boles said...

I'm not as fond of Al Franken as I had been at one time ( I now see him as being nothing more than a Democratic partisan cheerleader), but I think he said it best when it comes to ol' Rushie Boy: a big fat idiot.