Friday, October 27, 2006

Inconsiderate bastard...

Maybe the point is not to park every f’n night in front of my house.

Tonight after the 5th time I have had to park a block away from my house, I came home and the little bastard and his insipid wife who live across the street were out on their porch. I have not been able to park because this couple likes to park their SUV in front of my house. I gently bumped their fat ass bumper as I attempted with practiced skill to Parallel Park between their car and the car of their friend and the big telephone pole.

These people live across the street from me and have a plethora of parking available but it seems that the most desirable place would naturally be in front of my house.

I skillfully put the SUV in place then moved into ½ inch of his bumper. They sat and stared at me like I had run over their cat.

I noted that if I did not move my car back, that they were going to have the audacity to call me on it. Let me point out there is a huge mini pod in front of their car, so unless I moved mine they would not be able to get out. I should have just gone in and gone to bed and let them stew about it overnight.

After taking my 5 loads of crap out of the SUV then waiting 10 minutes so the couple could get into a fight with each other about what to do with me; I moved my vehicle back 2’.

I must say I did a good thing by moving my truck back as these neighbors do fight – and I diffused their interacting by moving the vehicle. He was saying to her, “I am going over and telling Rapootin Bitch to move her car back”. The Wife was saying,” leave it alone, it is late and she leaves before you in the morning anyway.”

I am now considering going out and moving just a tad closer to make it just that much more difficult for the guy to get out tomorrow morning. Of Course he has been maintaining his position in front of my house for 3 days so who knows maybe he really does not care. As this is not our first run in with regard to him and his wife and all of their friends parking in front of my house I guess he really could give a –it.

Evidently I simply need to park at an awkward angle in front of their house and see how they like it. I guess they would probably not again care as they would still be happily parked in front of my house.


Anonymous said...

WTF? Drunk when you wrote this?

Raspootin said...

mad - not drunk.

If I was drunk I would not have been able to parallel park without knocking off the backside of his car.

Raspootin said...


It does sound a bit drunk.

Maybe I will delete it on your advise.

wishin said...

Well it does sound like you were not in the "right" mind frame when writting this. Although I would be pissed off too if someone always parked in my spot!