Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin Wins OMG?

my photoshop is crap: the paint tool the everything tool is not functioning.
Ahh maybe I will pay for a legal copy not the one I got a million trillon years ago.

I can not deny: Sarah Palin did this to Biden:

Good Lord the woman literally ate his:

I still have no common ground with Sarah Palin, but I will declare her with the victory in this debate. She out talked, out shined and basically did everything Biden did not.

What a shame Hillary was not there, but then again I know she is way too smart to have ever put herself in that situation. That meaning second to Obama, she would have nawed the crap out of Palin, Joe Biden Failed IMHO.

So those that think I am bias, not fair and too liberal, know now what that really means; It means I am intelligent enough to know and state who does the best job, regardless of a personal opinion of the content.

More of us should strive to be JUST LIKE ME! heheheee

Damn Joe needed some makeup or something tonight whats up with this thang? He almost looked like he was flirting with her.

He smiled his white smiley smile and she just ate his nuts. Ya kind of have to respect that on many different levels.

Hello? that respect would be on Sarah's part not Joe's. Joe was a Jerk tonight.

I'm so confused about America that I would love to leave.

If I am confused, imagine what they rest of people are feelin' ? Nevermind let us not go there as then I would not be confused, but terrified.


yellowdog granny said...

i dont think she won at all..i think he did everything they wanted him to do..she didn't answer the questions went off on her own little tangent and attacked him and he was a gentle man and just stayed with the answers..if he had attacked her, everyone would have felt sorry for listening to the pundits and they are all saying she did ok, but he won..

billy pilgrim said...

i think palin was a total idiot with her cutesy act. it was embarrassing to watch.

Anonymous said...

Where was Gonzalez?

Woozie said...

Have I mentioned Biden answers questions? Cause he does.

Raspootin said...

Oh bah humbug. She came across well without saying a damn thing.

Biden should have taken her, it was all too pleasant, smiley flirty and yes I will agree with you YDgrand kinda embarassing.

So lets go watch Saturday Night Live now.