Saturday, September 30, 2006


Skeet Ulrich
( is a part of my fascination with the series!)

Jericho is a recent CBS series that I think really works. Of course this is all purely subjective so I will list my ten favorite TV shows. Maybe if you like any of the things that I have found entertaining, you too will like Jericho.

Top Ten going in order of lest to best (as I did like them all)

10. The New Avengers
09. Femme Nakita
08. West Wing
07. Malcolm in The middle
06. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
05. Grey’s Anatomy
04. The X files
03. Northern Exposure
02. Medium

Tie for first: see below

Well I do not know if Jericho rates with my Number 1 Favorite show, but happily they let you watch it on line after the episode airs on regular TV.

This is the only season new show that has brokered any interest to me.


You can follow the above link to the first 2 episodes

Please give it a once over!

A lot of my favorites have stood ground against the opposition of the Nielson Rating system, However many more good shows have been lost.

I would like to know your top 5 and especially your recommendations for this season’s notable series.

How do you get picked to be a Nielson “rater?” If I watch “Jericho every week on line, does that mean that I am some how not contributing to the census of who is watching; Or does it mean I am a countable census? I guess what I am asking, is how do they track how many people are watching a program and if you are watching it on line, does that make you not count? Maybe 25 million people watch it on line and only 5 million on the tube, so does the fact that it has a large on line viewer ship keep it safe from cancellation?

My favorite programs end in a tie

The Simpson’s, Absolutely Fabulous and 24


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your list...and I love Jericho too. Skeet is a babe. I am going to go out on a limb and think you were also a Miracles fan. If not, I HIGHLY recommend getting the DVD of the short-lived Skeet series. He was AWESOME in it, and it was very much like X-Files, just without the alien subplot ( a plus for me.)

The rating have been awesome for Jericho, and I agree with your assessment of it.

take care,

go team jericho

Raspootin said...

Miracles was my favorite pick there in of that season!

That is why I am wondering if I need to adjust to a viewing schedule that will let the powers that be know I like: Jericho.

It is so disappointing that many good shows get canceled based on a really unknown censes.

What some of us tape because we work and then have household demands that prohibit watching at the same time, should not punish us as viewers with cancellation.

I guess it must be about advertising?

The only show I can think, of is Party of 5, that was brought back by viewer demand vs. the ratings.

yes indeed, go team jericho

Raspootin said...

Oh, and anonymous,

Thanks for being one of the first people ever posting under anonymous on my site that has addressed the subject, been insightful and not insulted me.

Butchieboy said...

Uh...that's a top TWELVE list.

Anonymous said...

gay shit.

Raspootin said...

Top 12 list?

Okay I will rate the last 3...

10. Simpsons
11. Absolutely Fab.
12. 24.

Raspootin said...

My post is not gay, unless you are a guy and think Skeet is a hot as I do, and that just means you have good taste!

Anonymous said...

it's gay

Woozie said...

My favorite show on now is Weeds. That show got me hooked since the first episode. Then again, South Park starts up tomorrow night.

Raspootin said...

South Park is great! Posted after watching it!