Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wafa Sultan

A co worker sent this video to me, writing:

The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles. Watch it ASAP because it is not known how long the link will be active. There likely is already strong pressure to remove it.”

My co -worker and I do not not share the same political thought process. In fact, he typically emails me the sappy “proud to be an American” missives that are written by the mother’s of American Troops expounding on how glad they are to have their 18 year old sons and daughters fighting for our rights. Why in the world would you be happy to have your 18 year old fighting in Baghdad is beyond me. Anyway, so I typically do not take the time to look at what my co- worker sends.

I am not sure if the co- worker really understood the full depth and merit of Ms. Sultan" interview or fowarded it becasue:

“This is definitely a must see. Click on site below, sit back and watch this lady kick Muslim butt!!!!!!!”

Wafa Sultan gives an intelligent and educated slap at fundamental Jihad Islamic teachings. Stating that is a not clash of religions that we are seeing but that of opposite mentalities; one placed in the Middle Ages and one placed in the 21st century.

“Brother you can believe in stones as long as you don’t throw them at me” Is one of my favorite quotes from her interview with al-Jazeera.

I also do not think that my co-worker knew that Wafa Sultan is a prominant advocate for Muslim Women's rights...but I will definately give him the benefit of the doubt:)

I highly recommend taking the time to view the video.

This is a link to a Time Magazine Article that is also VERY informative.


Anonymous said...


Stick to Hurricane Updates said...

you should stop trying to be deep. it doesn't work for you.

Raspootin said...

Just because Wafa Sultan is more intelligent than you, does not mean that it is too deep.

My post is about her message, not about me.

Given comments like yours, well maybe it could be me in 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Very unlikely. You flip flop and pander too much.

Raspootin said...

flip flop and pander?

I am interested in many different subjects and try to look at issues uniquely as opposed to generalizing on any given topic.

I am also open-minded which allows me to understand different perspectives based on the source of any given issue.

Anonymous said...

I have viewed the video and read the short article regarding Ms. Sultan and I must say I was very impressed by her fortitude. She is a very brave woman for voicing such strong and impressive views. Thank you Raspootin for blogging about such a perceptive, interesting and outspoken woman.

Anonymous said...

that last comment is so damn bogus....hilarious, though.

keep up the good work.

The Reverend Jon Boles said...

I'll have to look into more stuff from her. It certainly takes guts to do what she's doing. I just hope she doesn't become the target of a fatwa like Salman Rushdie.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that would suck. At least you know the exposure from this blog won't make her anymore high profile.

Dakota said...

Butchieboy said this blog is funnier than his. He's right.

Woozie said...

She gonna get blown up.

Kønig Hasemörder said...

She claims that Islam is the source for the violence in world, that she doesn't see other religions spreading their supernatural beliefs in such a way. I think she's forgetting to check her history book. All religions have used violence and prejudices to promote there filth and control many of the civilized governments of modern time. What would a rational person except with a Religious State created from the Zion laws of the Torah, in the middle of Islamic madness? Madness X Madness = Mass Madness.... I found it amusing that she claimed that Jewish scientists gave us many of the wonderful technological advancements in the 20th century. Being Jewish had nothing to due with it except perhaps that wealth within that segregated religious group gave their children the opportunity for better educations. Who needs stones when ya' got nukes? Science and testable truth is what gives us advancements to society, mans law gives us a Humanistic value system, Religion with it's God law is what is barbaric. I'll be glad when reason eradicates it with the peaceful wisp of unavoidable truth.

Raspootin said...

Many of you have missed the point, yet again.

Wafa Sultan is a pioneer, an activist for a cause that many of her peers are unable to champion.

Given that she is a "secular Humanist" I feel that it is even braver of her to come forth and publicily jab al-Jazeera in the eye.

Her eye is only for the rights or women who are being subjugated by oppressive regimes of Islamic fundamentalists.

May I add Sadam Hussen as crazed as he may have been still supported women doctors and Lawyers in Iraq.

I have to say again I am very surprised by the lack of appreciation for the risks that this woman is taking.

Woozie and Reverend, you are of course exempted from my above rant as obviously you understand the importance.

Maybe I should just stick to less deep thoughts as advised.

Not a chance in hell 

Thanks to all who took the time to comment.

Anonymous said...

"Many of you have missed the point, yet again."

OK, now that's damn funny, coming from you. You never make a point. Ever. And if someone disagrees with you, you jump to their side.

Dumbass. Hell with this stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

Dag. Yeah. She gonna get blown up.
Am I on your good side now?

How about this: FUCK ALL RELIGIONS!

Kønig Hasemörder said...

Fuck all religions indeed! My point was that the cause of violence is religion not Islam in particular. I still find it odd that a Secular Humanist would take sides where religion is concerned. That leads me to believe that she isn't so secular after all. The Jews are just as bad as the Muslims for they are both following the guidelines of idiotic books. If these superstitious fuck nuts don't wake up soon they will bring the end times. The wrongs committed in the holocaust didn't justify the wrong that is Zionism.

She states that Muslims give names to people that are not of there faith....
Muslim and non-Muslim

Non-Jew... "Gentile"

Non-Christian... "Heathen"

She claims to end this war they must reexamine there Islamic books. Their core of books is identical to Jews and Christians. I fail to see how 2000 more years of examination is going to change the fact that they all cause hate and violence.

"Humanity owes most of the discoveries and science of the 19th 20th century to the Jews"

If you look at it that way, the Jew gave us the Nuclear bomb. Great!!!! At what point did the Torah lead us to Evolution or the micro processor?

"Muslim Women's = rights"????

"women have rights similar to those of the men over them, and men are a degree above them." (Qur'an 2:228).

She does have a big set of biased sectarian balls, I'll give her that.

Anonymous said...

The cause of violence is
1) Men
2) Religion
3) Greed
4) Fear

Raspootin said...

She is not taking sides with religion. She is merely making the following points:

Culturally if you nurture a child to believe solely in religious rhetoric that advocates non tolerance of other religious then you form an oppressive and backward civilization.

She advocates a scientific approach saying that Civilizations that let people examine then form their own beliefs allows for creative free thinking which then results in major discoveries/ and or contributions to human kind.

I think she uses the Jews simply as an example of a civilization who earned the western civilization’s respect by giving back to humankind with major scientific discoveries in the 19th and 20th century. Her point being that you have to earn respect through achievement not through oppression, dogma and violence.

Raspootin said...

Many of you have missed the point, yet again

A clarification

Missed WAFA SULTAN's point.

OK, now that's damn funny, coming from you. You never make a point. Ever. And if someone disagrees with you, you jump to their side.


Your point would be exactly WHAT???

What is really damn funny is that you keep commenting on my blog.


The fact that you never have anything intelligent to say.

Kønig Hasemörder said...

The cause of inhuman violence
3)mental illness

"I think she uses the Jews simply as an example of a civilization who earned the western civilization’s respect by giving back to humankind with major scientific discoveries in the 19th and 20th century. Her point being that you have to earn respect through achievement not through oppression, dogma and violence."

The Jews have giving civilization nothing but Dogma, Segregation and The Law of "God". Scientists have givin us the discoveries throughout civilization, it has absolutely nothing to do with what religion an individual scientist subscribed to. At best Religion has giving artist the funds and some subject matter of masterpieces, yet it's not the godmind of the religion that gave us the art, it was the imagination and hands of the artist. The natural world can be found surrounding the imaginary gods in religious of art. Rationality is the real "thing" that deserves our respect because it is what gives birth to science. The natural world is the subject of rationality, a polar opposite of supernatural.

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Sikhism, Juche, Spiritism, Judaism, Bahá'í, Jainism, Shinto, Cao Dai, Zoroastrianism, Tenrikyo, Unitarian Universalism, Rastafari.....

These are cults, not civilizations..

Anonymous said...

I thought not having anything intelligent to say was a prerequisite for commenting here.

Butchieboy said...


Anonymous said...

this blog blows. one minute a cartoon...one minute ray nagin...one minute a list of tv shows a 13 year old wouldn't watch.

you suck.

Raspootin said...

I do not think a 13 year old would understand a lot of the shows and probably not the cartoon either.

How old are you?

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Raspootin said...

So you are crusty with a certain amount of credibility?

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Anonymous said...

I love you Butchie.