Monday, September 04, 2006

Close Call part II

Last labor day I was depressed and displaced.

Back to part II of Katrina 2005- should have evacuated…

When Denise and I walked out of the condo we were traumatized, yet overjoyed to be alive. We made it. Surrealism set in as we went to our “gang’s apartment down stairs. Three gay guys, one very uptight straight guy and they were all drinking pressed coffee out of Royal Dalton cups – saucers and all. The complete lack of normalacy made it seem normal.

We all had coffee and bragged about who had prayed the loudest. We then decided to go take a look around the neighborhood. Half a block up to ST Charles the Methodist church had lost all its stain glass and steeple. Looking down the street car lines on St. Charles was looking into a nuclear bomb explosion. All the lines – gone, all the trees down. We continued around the neighborhood looking at friend’s homes and painfully avoiding the down power lines. Finally I said – I have to go to my house, I have to see what happened. There was a pause as I had actually assumed a leader role in this whole situation and my gang was afraid that if the “news” was not good I would lose it all together.

As we walked the tension rose to an alarming level. One of the 3 gay guys John G looked at John K and said, My God, what if we have to start to eat each other? John K reflected on his wonderful but very Nelly partner T and said well we will have to eat T first! John G, Denise and I looked at him in a sort of profound horror and said – “why he is the thinnest and the most finicky”

The response was a fake T voice saying” Oh my god I could not possibly eat Denise’s leg or Raspootin’s arm, I would rather die”

So we all laughed hysterically as we observed the destruction, but there was still a tension that conveyed that all was not right with the world. There were still no sounds of birds or bugs and we started to become very nervous.

My house seemed okay with the exception of my fence, my orange tree and 3 huge bricks from my chimney that broke through the ceiling. I put a bucket under the hole and some towels down to mop up the water. I thought that I would be able to clean everything up the next day.

It was starting to get dark out so we began our ½ mile walk back to the gang’s house. On the way back we started to see some rather upsetting and disturbing behavior.

No one’s cell phone worked, and our only tie to the media was a crank radio. No electricity or phone lines. How could it get much worse?


Woozie said...

Nuclear Waste in the water?

Raspootin said...

In the water - my skin is now turning green!

Raspootin said...

I just have not had enough time to write anything more. I just spent 45 minutes trying to get a real player thing to play so I could have a post - I can not do it.

Frustrated at lack of computer ability here in N.O.

Anonymous said...

You can just post more pictures of 80's hair icons, then...Flock of Seagulls are good...

Raspootin said...

ah - thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Butchie is Godlike. You should link to his site.

Raspootin said...

I do not know how to do that.

Maybe if I pray really hard it will happen just like a miracle.

I would link (not being a suck up)



Someone set the site up for me and I have no idea how to do changes in the HTML section.

When I first started, I deleted the entire site (no comment please)
The blogger tech people were really nice and fixed it for me.

So, until my friend that set it all up comes back or someone else tells me - I am stuck.

I would have taken the link to my gallery off weeks ago if I knew how...

Challenged - yes.
Learning - always.

Raspootin said...

oh - and even though Buttcheez'site is God like,

Whenever I comment y'all come over here and make fun of me.

What fun is that on my end?

Anonymous said...

I'd make fun of you anyway. This blog totally blows. And 45 year old woman using "Buttcheez", well that's just assinine.

Raspootin said...

I am not 45 thank you very much.

Buttcheez':) I rather like saying it - Butchie's/ Buttcheez not much of a difference.

If my blog blows - then don't waste your time or mine commenting.

Woozie said...

Asinine has one s.

Anonymous said...

and you can't spell Wussie.

Anonymous said...

you look 45

Raspootin said...


You write like you are 10 with the same maturity and IQ level, so what's your point?

Anonymous said...


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