Thursday, September 07, 2006

Viny, Vince... VINCENT!!!

Marinello charged with murder

Local radio personality: New Orleans, LA

See we are not racist – we have white crime conspiracy here too.

When I first heard about this case and was apprised that Vince and his wife were going through a divorce. My immediate thought was “HE DID IT”

A couple of weeks ago we heard that he made a restraining order after she attacked him. Mrs. Marinello was charged and arrested. Now, I have heard from friends of the family that this was but a scratch on the cheek. So, She got arrested, not him, were is the motive? I would be pissed if got arrested and publically embarrassed - but then again, this happened to the wife, not the husband/

Apparently, Vince Marinello disgused himself, got on a bike and then shot his wife Elizabeth not once but twice in the face. It was at that time assumed a robbery attempt went wrong.

Then, it came out that Vince had hired a hit man to do the job on his wife. Now, for what ever Robert Blake thought process that runs through the mind, I can believe that.

Today Harry Lee, JP Sheriff comes out with a statement after saying he would like to “castrate” the journalist that leaked the story, that yes they have issued a warrant for Vince Marinello.

Now this is all good until I hear that apparently there was no hit. “Vince Marinello” how connected does that sound to you? No hit, He did it all on his own.

Now comes into the strangeness, at least I think it is strange. Supposedly Vince details the site in front of where there are bank security cameras. He then buys a moustache. He then drives his obvious white Taurus ford car 1 block from the murder sceen. He must be in costume as all witnesses describe a shabby white man on bike. This is not done at midnight, but at 4:00 pm – bright day light.

He circles the bank strip mall (supposedly) – which I must say is all very upscale white for 30 minutes- getting caught as a “ dark figure” in the back on the bank video tapes.

His wife finally comes to her car. He shoots her 2 times in the face. He takes nothing. He then bikes back to his car, where witnesses do not have a licencse plate, but place a person that is scruffy putting a bike in the back on of a white car. No one places Vince nor the Taurus just an off thing in a very wealthy white neighborhood.

Well, then Vince says that he was not in town at the time of the murder. He was in Jacskon, MS visiting friends and watching the Saints game. The friends cover for the story, then later recant. Saying that maybe he was not there until 7:00pm.

Now this is were the conspiracy theory comes in. Vince is a connected man. If he wanted to take his wife out, I am sure it would be easy. The police go to his trailer (his house is gone because of Katrina and he is in his FEMA outside) they ransack the house and find: No Gun, No Bike, No disguise – BUT they do find an entire list of what he needed to do to orchestrate his wife’s death all checked off.

Now, I am not a policeman, nor an FBI guy, but does this not sound like a set up? I have watched Vince on TV and listened to him on the radio for years. Robert Blake? Perhaps, but I really think if Vince did this, he would have done it better. Maybe someone was shaking him down with regards to his sports picks, I have no idea, but I know that if I was connected and going to kill my spouse I would have done a much better job.

I think – Vince might have been framed.
I think I am glad to not be married.


wishin said...

I think he did it. I don't think he was framed. I just think he is insane...

Sometime I wonder if I should be married too but I wouldn't kill anyone over it. Just walk away... slowly with everything they own!

Anonymous said...

I agree with wishin, I think he did it. I dont think he is insane. I do believe he is guilty of this heinous crime. He made a checklist, what more do you need.

It seems to me that he was tired of Elizabeth. I get the impression that she wasnt feeding his ego anymore and he didnt want her anymore. Killing her was the only way he could think of to remove her permanently from his life.

From all the forensic crime shows I have watched, spouses that kill usually kill very violently. He shot her twice and watched her die. All he could think of was himself. Selfish bastard.

Raspootin said...

Well noted.

Probably true as well.

Thanks for your well written comment.

I still hope in my heart that there is something more interesting than a jaded, self centered bastard killing his wife.

It is a hard thought to think you can marry, share a child, not have a billon $$$ of common property and still your spouse chooses to shoot your face off.

Stay single. Don't bring strange men home at night.

Bosh said...

Face it Raspootin * sounds funny saying that*

He is a bastard that killed his wife. Most arses are not capable of killing a fucking rat. These men with huge egos are not stable. Their ego out weighs the brain 10-naught - he did it and did it stupidly

Anonymous said...

He did it...
I knew Liz and met Vince when they dated and eventually married. He puts on the "connected" act, but he is a nobody. He was very intimidated by Liz. She knew all about his past wives and cash flow problems. He was going through a divorce and she was going to air all his dirty laundry. The ego of this man made him do it. What a jerk!