Friday, January 12, 2007

eXpectaions make you bite nails

Scoops and Puffs along with dip are my culinary expertise. This is all for the Saints playoff game for NFC championship Saturday night.

I realize that some of the people who read my blog are not into football, and could give a crap. Let me fill you with an insight to what this game really means.

This game means New Orleans matters
This game is going to have white and black people dancing in the streets
This game is going to have our city pull together

If the Saints win this game, the momentum, the joy and the feeling of pride will pull the people who are murdering into the mindset of making our city a better place: because maybe then they will have pride in home. Stats show that the only time the crime rate slows with 911 calls is during a Saints Game.

I think that much more is riding on this game than a win. We can be proud of the Saints for achieving the first NFC championship playoff with home field advantage ever, but more we must look to the city and hope that it and we as residents can achieve the same amount of pride in where we live, regardless of win or loss…

Personally I will go into a deep depression if The Saints lose, as my hopes are for a win and a community unity.

A lot to place on a football team, but these guys have big shoulders and even bigger hearts. As should the residents of New Orleans.

GAW SAINTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bosh said...


How are you holding up on not eating your “culinaryaaaaaaaaaay” loves of Puffs and Scoops and Dip?

I shall be routing 100% for the Black and Gold.

Raspootin said...

If I could eat a puff or scoop I surely would have found heaven on earth -

If I could dunk them in dip - I don't think I would care about heaven or heavy - just about taste saint- sensation.

yaw - bad I know, I do like dips and puffs and scoops though... VERY TEMPTING - like should I put them in a bowl so no one knows i ate any?

Woozie said...

Whoever wins this game is going to get crushed by the Bears.

Raspootin said...

baaa humbug Woozie!

lets see who wins before I say any more about the Saints(too emotional:))

If Seattle beats the Bears - and the Saints beat the Eagles well then...

Bet the Saints can take the Seahawks - but the Bears can too... so if I were to make a gentleman's bet:

Chargers for the Super Bowel win?

Kønig Hasemörder said...

May God be with the saints...

Raspootin said...

thanks konig - i think you made it happen with this one wish

wishin said...

Hell might have froze over. I even watched the game from beginning to end. I was even yelling at the t.v.