Tuesday, February 02, 2010

610 Buddy D

This will need an explanation for any of you who are not from New Orleans. There was a parade on Sunday in memorial to a local radio Sport Caster, Buddy D who was an icon for many, many years before his death. He said at the beginning of each football season that should The Saints ever make it to the Super Bowl he would parade down Bourbon Street wearing a dress.

Well not to let him down Bobby Hebert, a former Saints and Atlanta quarter back ( think the 80’s & early 90’s) decided to pay tribute to Buddy D by arranging a parade of Men Wearing dresses :) 80,000 people showed up in attendance with dresses in place.

The 610 Stompers are a takeoff on the young girls who dance and twirl batons during our traditional Mardi Gras parades – Have to say the 610 are without doubt more amusing to watch ! Now if they would have worn skimpy sequined body suits with fishnet tights – well that would have been priceless


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